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Adithya Ram

15 August 1991 +91 9582231237


Year Course Institution

2013-2014 PG Diploma in Print Journalism Asian College of Journalism

(ACJ), Chennai

2009-‘13 B-Tech, Computer Science Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala

2008-‘09 CBSE (Senior secondary) The Choice School, Tripunithura, Kerala

2006-’07 CBSE (Secondary) The Choice School, Tripunithura, Kerala

Senior Product Researcher at Economist Intelligence Unit, Healthcare (March 2019- Present)

* Part of six-member team that developed Surgical Gateway, a first-of-its-kind database on 150 surgical procedures and 89 surgical
devices across 27 markets

* Conceptualised surveys for primary research in the field

* Analysed and quality-checked raw primary data from surgeon/buyer surveys to obtain meaningful insights
* Managed vendors for trade interviews across five different markets
* Conducted first-hand interviews to extract market intelligence relevant to data product
* Extensive secondary research in the field of healthcare
* Combined data insights and market expertise to inform clients’ business decisions

Deputy Industrial Editor at Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Gurgaon (January 2018-March 2019)

* Wrote first drafts of the EIU’s quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports on Telecom, Automotive, Healthcare and Consumer Goods
industries across 60 different markets

* Edited and fact-checked reports for Automotive and Financial Services industries
* Extensive secondary research and data collection as part of profile
* Wrote news and analysis pieces for Competitor Intelligence and industry regulations sections of the EIU website
Sub-editor at The Hindu, Delhi (October 2016-January 2018)

* Edited and fact-checked stories for the city pages

* Coordinated with designers for graphics to be used as part of the reports
* Used the software CCI to design pages for the newspaper
Sub-editor at The Indian Express, Delhi (June 2014 – October 2016)

* Edited and fact-checked stories important for the city and nation pages of the newspaper
* Was tasked with curating stories and designing pages for ‘The World page’, ‘The Conflict Zone’ and ‘The Economist’ pages.
* Wrote on numerous occasions for ‘The Explained’ page of the Indian Express.
* Contributed opinion pieces and original reports for the paper.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Haver, NICA, CCI, Quark Express

* Music: Have been practicing the guitar for 2+ years.

* Reading (Mostly history, economics or fiction)
* Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Chess


Nawaid Anjum, Assistant Editor, The Indian Express, PH: +91 9871716372
Sushma Prasad, Senior Assistant Editor, The Hindu, PH: +91 9910985745

Shveta Sharma, Head of Industry reports, EIU, PH: +91 9711485303