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Sojan Chandy Therakom

Telephone no: +65 81572104,

11 Flora Road, #03-06 Avila Gardens, Singapore – 509732
Career Objective

To secure a position where by hard work, dedication and the ability to acquire new skills
will advantage any company I work for. I am a highly motivated and flexible team player,
with excellent management, along with substantial knowledge on software technologies, A
person who can work on various development platforms, who also has the potential to meet
challenges on critical stages.

I am a person who can rapidly change with the environment on necessity to bring a prolific
result. I am highly motivated to give my full commitment to my work.

Executive Summary

I have 4 years of hands-on-experience in the IT industry, specialized in the arena of

developing application using Microsoft Products as well as few open source technologies.

 Development of web applications using Visual Studio (2003/ 2005/ 2008) and
windows applications using visual basic as well as c#.
 Development of mobile applications using windows CE.
 Development and management of websites using PHP
 Development of relational database using SQL Server (2000/ 2005/2008) and
 Perform backup and recovery operations using SQL SERVER
 Customization of tools like moodle with plugins, and joomla with external packages
like virtuemart,hikashop.
Professional Experience

1. Sage [2010 June – now ]

Designation: Software Engineer
Job Responsibilities: Development service and support of a customer relationship system
called License central which is php. Assist in systems planning, scheduling and
implementation. Developing interactive site features including the evaluation of potential for
the application, and Return on Investment. Customizing an opensource learning software
called moodle.

2. Pentasoft [2009 January -2010 May]

Designation: Analyst programmer
Job Responsibilities: Development service and support of insurance softwares, for the banks
like Al-rajhi, Hong Leong,. Since most of the clients are outside Malaysia, i have taken part
in chatting, online sessions with the clients. Working on PHP and .net is my part.

3. Ascendsys [2007 August - 2008 December]

Designation: Software Engineer
Job Responsibilities: Analyze system requirements and existing business processes and
information systems, Assist in systems planning, scheduling and implementation. Initiates
corrective action to stay on schedule, Involve in development (using VB 6, Object View,
.NET - VB.NET & ASP.NET and Microsoft Scripting. Developing interactive site features
using AJAX, Assessment risks and risk mitigation related to your use of Information
Evaluation of potential for new application of Information Technologies, and Return on
Company is actively on mobile application development; Application development for mobile
devices is being developed in C#. Along with that they will also provide services with other
technologies according to the requirements. [Web applicatation development using .net 1.0,
2.0, 3.5]

4. ALCIM Technology [ 2006 august - 2007 july]

Designation: Software Engineer
Platforms: .Net , Comos
Brief Explanation: Took part actively on the development of intelligent drawing platform
called COMOS, which is used to manage documents and as well as drawings of various
pipelining, electrical plants.
The platform enables electrical as well as instrumentation engineers to make drawings of
their plant models. The Oracle and MSSQL will serves as backend for this application.

Project Work Experience

Client: Office Automation System

Platform: Asp.Net,C#
Brief Explanation: Office Automation System is a web based system, which can facilitate the
full automation of a project, process as well as the other processes in an organization. OAS
keeps track on all the activities, carried out during an entire project . With the help of OAS,
authority can easily evaluate the progress of work and provide the necessary assistance to
the development team . The development process can easily be co- coordinated which results
in an efficient outputs. This system makes use of the pioneering ideas in order to reduce the
workload of the organization’s staffs.

Student’s Project Assessment System

Client: Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
Platform: Asp.Net, C#
Brief Explanation: The Application will enable the lecturers of college, to manage the
students doing Final Year Projects during their academic years. Students will receive SMS’s
on successful completion of particular tasks which they have done through the system. The
students were also able to check the status of particular tasks through WAP enabled devices.

Central Purchase Department & Warehouse

Platform: VB.Net
Brief Explanation: The system has been developed to manage all the resources of Perwira
Niaga Malaysia (PERNAMA). It is an enterprise which carries out the business activities
related to wholesale, retail, hire-purchase of goods and provision of management services,
in Malaysia. The Central Purchase department (CPD) allows the user to control all the
purchase order of the products. How many products has been ordered and how many
delivered by the vendor’s. The system keeps track of the goods purchased and supplied and
on the basis of that the system will generate invoice. The warehouse system allows the user
of the system to keep track of the entire sale made by them (PERNAMA). Since the system
was used by canteen of defense Malaysia, So all the product were available to soldiers of the
army on subsidy.

Client: Module Co-ordination System

Client: Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology.
Platform: Asp.Net,C#
Brief Explanation: The system has being developed to aid the college admin people to add
details of new programs, new levels, new specialization, scheduling the exam dates, adding
and uploading the deliverables, details, files etc.

Signature Application
Platform: Windows CE Mobile, Net, c#.
Client: Astro
Brief Explanation: The Major challenge in developing the system was, it should enable the
user to put his/her signature on the mobile device (PDA, Pocket PC) directly with a stylus
and should update the database. And it was successful. it also had the features like scanning
the mykad (Malaysian IC) to easily get the details to the screen.The project was done as the
solution for astro packages on mobile.

Equipment Tracking System

Client: Dialog
Platform: .Net and Windows CE Mobile, C#.
Brief Explanation: The system had been developed for the company named Dialog. It has
been developed to track all the equipments of the company which are out for certain
projects. Each equipment will be tagged with an RFID. Retrieving the identity number of the
RFID tag from its memory location was a challenge.

Database Interaction using Web Services

Client: Astro
Platform: Windows CE & .net Web services, C#.
Brief Explanation: The system can send and retrieve data using web service and can update
the remote database. (PDA, Pocket PC)

Customer Relationship Management.

Client: Pentasoft
Brief Explanation: The application will enable the clients to submit the issues. The
managers whoever is concerned to that client will assign the issue to an available developer
under him. The application is too reliable that, the administrator can even create a
customizable screen for each particular project.
Sage License Central
Client: Sage
Brief Explanation: The application will enable the partners as well as the users of the
company to make purchase orders for the licenses of company’s particular software, through
online. The partners will be served with a function to approve and reject purchase orders
made by the users, If the purchase order does not meet the company’s minimal requirements,
they are able to change the status of purchase order made by the customer to stand by.

Insurance Applications for banking companies.

Brief explanation: the application will enable the insurance companies to propose policies
to customers. I have worked on the web based part of the application. Both the applications,
i.e., frontend and backend will interact through web services.

Project Hub
Client: Ministry of Health Department, Malaysia
Platform: J2EE [Struts, Hibernate], JSP
Brief Explanation: System was developed to manage all the projects which will come under
the ministry of health departments in all over Malaysia. i was one among the four in the
team, who developed the project.

Comos development
Client: Petronas,MMC,MALAKOFF
Platform: .Comos software
Brief Explanation: COMOS is a intelligent platform to manage the documents and as well
as drawings of various pipelining electrical plants. The platform enables electrical as well as
instrumentation to make drawings of their plant models. The Oracle and MSSQL will serves
as backend for this application. The system also enables users to access the database
through Web services online.

Technical Skills

 Web application with server side scripting language[ASP, PHP, JSP]
 Stand alone applications with Microsoft Visual Studio
 Mobile Application Development on windows CE[c#]

Educational Qualifications

2002 - 2006: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Computing,

2000 - 2002: Higher Secondary with Accountancy, statistics, Business Studies and

Personal Profile

Gender : MALE

Nationality : INDIAN

Marital Status : SINGLE


Contact No : +60129165404 (Mobile),

DOB : 31-12-1983