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Third/ Fourth/ Fifth Semester


(For the candidqtes admitted during the academic year 201 5 - 201 6 onwards)
(D Part - A should be answered in OMR sheet within first 45 minutes and OMR sheet should be handed
over to hall invigilator at the end of 45ft minute.
(ii) Part - B and Part - C should be answered in answer booklet.

Time: Three Hours Max. Marks: 100

Answer ALL Questions
1. A continuing stream of innovations is transforming the traditional business world.
(A) Social (B) Technical
(C) Informationtechnology (D) Smart
) has actually accelerated the development of new systems worldwide.
(A) Outsourcing (B) Customer care
(C) Market (D) Globalization
J. By we mean that data have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to
human being
(A) Knowledge (B) Processed
(C)- Integration (D) Information

4. assets are those assets required to derive value from primary investment
(A) Regulatory (B) Complimentary
(C) Distributary (D) Managerial
5. are computer consisting of a circuit board with processors, memory, network
connections that are stored in racks.
(A) Blade servers (B) Clients
(C) Mainframe (D) Super computers
6. software is produced by a community of several hundred thousand programmers
around the world.
(A) Web service (B) Cloud service
(C) Open service (D) Licensed
7. At the bottom of reference model the layer is responsible for placing packets on and
receiving them from the network medium.
(A) Application (B) Network interface
(C) Internet - (D) Transport
8. set of standards for wireless LAN and wireless intemet access is known as Wi-Fi.
(A) 802.11 (B) 802j2
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(c) 802.13 (D) 802.14
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9. Enterprise system features a set of modules that enables data to be shared by many
different business process. 20. The observation of people at work that would reveal the one best way to do a task is known
(A) Data (B) Information as

(C) Hardware (D) Integrated software (A) Classical management (B) Scientific management
(C) Human relation management (D) Creativemanagement
10. is a network of organizations and business process for procuring raw materials
transforming distribution customers. PART-B(5x4:20Marks)
(A) Information system (B) Supply chain Answer ANY FM Questions
(C) Product chain (D) Consumer chain
21. How are information systems transforming business and why are they essential for running
11. The removal of organization or business process layers responsible for intermediary steps in and managing a business today?
a value chain is called
(A) Personalization (B) Disintermediation 22. What are business process? How are they related to information system?
(C) Customization (D) Dynamic pricing
23. Write the current trends in computer hardware platforms.
12. Knowledge residing in the minds of employees that has not been documented is called
24. What are the different types of networks?
(A) Explicit knowledge (B) Tactit knowledge
(C) Wisdom (D) Knowledge system 25. What are the unique features of e-commerce digital markets and digital goods?

13. The software builds rule to guide service representatives through a single view of a 26. Explain new approaches for system building in digital firm era.

customers information that was maintained in multiple systems.

(A) Customer (B) Server 27. Short notes on "Collaboration at Procter and Gamble".
(C) Client (D) User
14. The systems _ lists the specifications that will deliver the functions identified during Answer ALL Questions
system analysis.
(A) Developer (B) Designer 28. a,. Explain strategic business objectives of information system
(C) Analyst (D) Processors
15. The information system steering committee is the management group with b. Write in detail about the relationship'b.#.., ethical, social and political issues in an

responsibility for system development and operation. information society.

(A) Senior (B) Middle
(C) Project (D) Operational 29. a. Explain the components of IT infrastructure.

16. The growth of trade has radically altered domestic economies around the globe (oR)
(A) International (B) National b. Explain business inte lligence infrastructure.
(C) Multi national (D) Sector
30. a. Explain enterprise systems and its characteristics.
17. Procter and Gamble was founded in which year?
(A) t837 (B) 1838 (oR)
(c) 183e (D) 1836 b. Write in detail about customer relationship management.

31. a. What are alternative method for building information systems?

18. Why is digital network preferred over an analogue one?
(A) It is newer (B) It has low power consumption (oR)
(C) It is samller (D) It has higher capacity for same bandwidth b. Explain major dimension of international information system architecture.

19. Behavioural targeting should not have such a sided capacity to influence consumers. 32. a. Justifi on "Best digital strategy followed by mobile network providers"?
(A) Two (B) One (oR)
(C) Three (D) Multi
b. Summarize on "You're on social media: watch out".
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