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What is Knox Guard?

Cloud-based service that allows carriers/banks to remotely control and
lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risks while running installment plans

Message Notification

Periodical Screen Lock

Device Lock
Remote Device Control for Devices with Installment Plans

“ Reduced Financial Risks Larger Consumer Base ”


Step 1 : Message Notification

Notify device users of overdue payments by remotely
sending message notifications to their devices

(Carrier/Bank) Message Notification
· Customizable notification message
· Real-time delivery

Use Cases
· Notification of overdue payments
· Reminder of payment terms & conditions
Device Users · Advance warning of upcoming restrictions

Step 2 : Periodical Screen Lock

Warn device users of overdue payments more strongly
by periodically locking screen

(Carrier/Bank) Periodical Screen Lock
· Full screen size notification
· Notification frequency: 24 hours ~ 3 seconds
· Customizable screen message

Use Cases
· Periodical restriction of device use
· Advance warning of upcoming restrictions
Device Users

Step 3 : Device Lock

Prevent unpaid devices from being resold in the gray market
by fully locking device

Device Lock
(Carrier/Bank) · Blocked access to Home Screen
· No factory reset & binary flashing allowed
· No USB/Bluetooth/Tethering/NFC allowed
· Customizable Lock Screen message

· Real-time location monitoring
· GPS always-on

Use Cases Outgoing Call Restriction

· Persistent device lock-down Exceptions:
· Enforced location tracking : Call to Customer Call Center, Emergency Call
Device Users

Additional Features

Automated operation Flexible Device

Lock Methods SIM Control

- Status Inquiry
- Device ID Upload
- Action/Control
- License Order

Offline Lock Based on MCC/MNC/GID1

- Prevent call-only fraud - Lock device
- From 15 to 200 days - Apply Restriction
- Warning before locking (Call/SMS/Data)

Knox Guard vs. 3rd Party Solution

Criteria Knox Guard 3rd Party Solution

IMEI falsification Protected Vulnerable

Protected ( Status information of device, PIN, etc. are

Data safety Vulnerable
into TrustZone)

TrustZone security Supported Not Supported

Vulnerable (No Secure Bootloader based technology –

*Unofficial binary flashing Protected
Only OEM can manipulate)

Protected (Any attempt to disable or delete KG agent

APK disable Vulnerable
will automatically lock device)

Firewall app attack

Protected Vulnerable
(Network Filtering)

Device lock on Android GO Supported Not supported

* Unofficial binary(custom ROM) flashing is the most common way to root devices


Customer Consumer

Reduced Operating Costs Increase Customer Base Lower Interest Rates Wider Product Portfolio
Eliminate costs Places the Customer(finance Lowered interest rates are Consumers have a wider
associated with manual companies, carriers, etc.) at favorable for consumers range of devices to choose
labor and fees incurred an advantage against other as total costs associated from, including premium
through SMS and/or call device channels with higher with financing a device is devices that are not
reminders interest rates and operating lower available for financing
costs. elsewhere.

Pricing and Licensing

■ Per Device

‐ Each device has own license period based on the

enrollment timing of the device
‐ Non-transferrable, Irrevocable from activated
devices Samsung Knox License End
$ Reseller $ Customer
‐ License period : three years

■ Maintenance fee included

- License order is neither exchangeable nor refundable
‐ SLA-based technical support nor revocable after invoice is issued
‐ Software maintenance - License key is generated when an order is placed

Global Practice Best Case

■ USA, Carrier A ■ Best Case in Southeast Asia (Thailand)
- Failed to reduce fraud rate even after using their own
anti-fraud solution, and requested Samsung - Carrier launched Knox Guard
to provide Knox Guard, the more robust solution. to eliminate down-payment(30%→ 0%) and
to change pre-paid to post-paid
■ USA, Carrier B - Their Samsung device sell-out has been increasing
- SBNA(Sold But Not Activated) rate was very high. dramatically (G/R 430%↑, 1Q 2019)
Tried to reduce it via a 3rd party solution which works on
many Android devices, but it was hacked. Thus, they are < Device Sell-out Performance >
requesting Knox Guard for their devices. Growth Rate 430%

■ Thailand, Multiple Carriers

- A solution provider approached multiple carriers
but failed to pass most of hacking tests.
All the major 3 carriers are now using Knox Guard.

■ Poland, Solution Provider ‘17 ‘18 ‘17 ‘18 ‘17 ‘18 ‘18 ‘19 ‘18 ‘19 ‘18 ‘19
'18 Oct Nov Dec '19 Jan Feb Mar
- Integrated Knox Guard for their anti-fraud solution offering
to enhance security KG Launching
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