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Summit 1 - Unit 7

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1. adevertise promote 27. (v.) to handle or use skillfully; to manage or manipulate

control for person gain or advantage
2. advertisements presented on internet internet pop-ups
28. v. to let ourselves have or do something we indulge
3. advertisements presented on magazine ads
enjoy ourselves
29. advertising
4. advertisements presented on radio radio ads
5. advertisements presented on trains, ads on trains,
buses buses, or blimps
6. advertisements presented on TV TV commercials
7. convince persuade
8. give provide
9. give proves of something prove
10. go to different stores in order to shop
A written or spoken media message designed
compare the prices and quality of around/comparison
to interest consumers in purchasing a product
things so one can decide which to buy shop
or service
11. it amazes me blows me away
12. it makes me laugh cracks me up
13. it makes me very emotional chokes me up
14. it really annoys me gets on my nerves
15. most common form of outdoor ads. billboards
results in good reach and frequency
and increases purchase rates
16. negotiate for a lower price bargain
17. A person who purchases goods and consumer
services for personal use
18. persuade convince
19. puchasing more than your budget overspending
20. support endorse
21. to suggest imply
22. v. buy something indulgent and splurge on
23. v. do too much of something go overboard
24. v. look around for goods that one can bargain-hunt
buy cheaply or for less than their
usual pric
25. v. look at goods in store windows window-shop
without going inside or intending to
buy them
26. (v.) to argue in a petty way, especially haggle
about a price