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Summit 1 - Unit 8 - Family Trends

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1. act up misbehave, behave awkwardly or badly 27. rebellious resisting control or authority, acting against
the authorities
2. birthrate the number of live births each year per
1,000 people 28. roll up eyes move your eyes upwards as a way of
showing that you are annoyed or bored after
3. burden A hardship; something difficult to bear, a
someone has done or said something
heavy load
29. shape up develop in a positive way / improve to reach
4. burgeon to grow and flourish
an acceptable standard, learn to behave
5. courtesy Politeness originating in kindness and
30. shift change
exercised habitually.
31. smart move an intelligent way to solve a problem
6. democracy a family where everyone can express their
family opinions 32. split up separate, break up, get divorced, end a
7. didn't work out not able to be fixed up
33. spoiled pampered, get anything one wants, ruined,
8. disrespectful not polite; rude; not courteous
when parents do or give everything their
9. elderly appearing old, old aged child want
10. extended closely related people of several 34. stork good luck, a bird that has traditionally
family generations associated with childbirth. In the story the
11. generation The cultural seperation (different opinions stork delivers the newborn babies to their
gap and behavior) between children and their mothers
parents 35. strict exigent, severe, expecting kids to obey rules
12. get back restart a relationship 36. talk back reply rudely back to someone:
together "Don't talk back to your elders, your parents
13. having a have a serious argument or grandparents."
falling out 37. trend a pattern of change over time, tendency
14. immediate consists of parents, children, brothers and 38. troublemaker person who often causes problems
family sister
39. well- a. good-natured, willing to do what to be
15. intent purpose behaved told
16. lenient inclined not to be strict 40. You have it If you say this to someone you mean things
17. life average number of years an individual can easy! are so easy for that person
expectance expect to live given their present age.
18. make ends to have just enough money to pay for the
meet things that you need
19. maturity The state of being fully grown or
20. more and increasingly
21. the more, the said when something will get better if
better something else is added
22. nursing homes homes for the elderly, or people with very
serious health problems
23. outnumber be larger in number
24. overprotective too concerned about someone
25. patch things repair the friendship
26. pose present, position or attitude