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IB Psychology Lesson Plan — Danku YR 1 YL Week 22, Days 1-5

Weekday Monday 2/10 (A) Tuesday 2/11 Wednesday 2/12 Thursday 2/13 Friday 2/14
Topic UNIT TEST – Getting Started on Writing the
The Biological the IA introduction and
Approach making procedure
Objective Demonstrate Select a study to Review
SWBAT knowledge of all replicate with a requirements for
topics and group and write a introduction and
research related proposal for begin writing
to the Biological approval
Approach in a

Administrative -print menus -hand out IA

-print proposal checklist and IA
forms grading rubric
-Writing your
Subtopics -all unit topics and -Bargh, Chen & -background
subtopics, and all Burroughs (1996) theory explained
relevant research -Labban & Etnier -replicated study
(2011) explained
-Elliot et al (2007) -experimental and
-Glanzer & Cunitz null hypotheses
(1966) operationalized
-Landry & -consent forms
Bartling (2011) -procedure
-Kruger (2005) approval and
-Kargopoulos et al materials
-Peterson &
Peterson (1959)
-Loftus & Palmer
Thomson &
Buchanan (1975)
-Bransford &
Johnson (1972)
-Rogers, Kuiper &
Kirker (1977)
-Sparrow et al
-Tversky &
Kahneman (1973)
-Nisbett & Wilson
-Wason &
Shapiro (1971)
-Strack &
Guided -n/a -students select -students review
Instruction, working groups checklist and
Activities & -students review rubric
Differentiation research and -students prepare
select experiment materials for the
-write proposal procedure and
for approval decide on
Skills & Use of -application of -InThinking -apply knowledge
Technology knowledge, recall, of quantitative
evaluation and research
critical thinking -collaboration
-create original

Homework -Read A. Getting Read B.

Started in Introduction in
InThinking InThinking