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ae THE ASSEMBLY DEPUTY SPEAKER STATE OF NEW YORK Conurre ALBANY oj ears February 18, 2020 Dennis Waleott President and CEO Queen Public Library 89-11 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11432 Dear Dennis, 1am writing today in support of the Court Square community's request for increased bookmobile service due to the closure of the library branch. Currently, Queens Public Library has scheduled bookmobile service for one Monday per week to serve all of Court Square. I agree with ‘community members that access during an eight-hour window, one day per week, is not a community-minded policy; it is grossly inadequate, especially as bookmobile service will be ongoing for an undetermined length of time. In addition, as Queens Public Library charges its customers §.25 for each item that a customer requests and is unable to pick up, residents in Court ‘Square will face an unfair barrier to reasonable access to library materials. As always, | offer my support and necessary funds in order to help address this challenge. Sincerely, Cath, Felon Catherine Nolan ce: Bill DeBlasio, Mayor, New York City Sharon Lee, Interim Queens Borough President Jimmy Van Bramer, Councilmember, 26" NY City Council Carolyn Maloney, U.S. Representative, New York's 12th Congressional District, Michael Gianaris, Senator, New York's 12th State Senate District Haeda Mihaltses, Chair, Queens Public Library, Board of Trustees oss 087 Sheila Lewandowski, 2" Vice Chair, Community Board 2 Frank Wu, President, Court Square Civic Association ‘Meghan Cirrito, President, Friends of Court Square Library Kadie Black, Co-Chair, Gantry Parent Association CN:me