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Group 10 3.

What strategy in which there is more tendency to

Questions: retrieve the lesson because it will be saved in your
memory as you hear it?
1-2 What are the two categories of skills? a. Listening Strategy
b. Reading Strategy
3. Listening and speaking skills belong to what medium? c. Writing Strategy
d. None of these
4. Writing and reading belong to what medium? 4.What strategy in which you need to reduce
5. Give an example or an activity integrating listening a. Listening Strategy
and speking skills. b. Reading Strategy
c. Writing Strategy
Give atleast 5 examples of activity you can do in d. None of these
Integrating collaborative learning? 5. What strategy in which you have to test if you really
understand the lesson by clarifying it to your teacher?
a. Listening Strategy
Questions: b. Reading Strategy
c. Writing Strategy
1. To what category does Listening and Reading Skills d. None of these
belong? 6. What strategy in which there is repetitive reading for
A. Reception skills B. Receptive Skills C. Received Skills the content to register in your mind?

2. To what category dies Speaking and writting skills a. Listening Strategy

belong? b. Reading Strategy
A. Production skills B. Receptive Skills C. Received skills c. Writing Strategy
d. None of these
3. Listening and speaking skills belong to what medium? 7. What specific strategy in Reading Strategies which
A. Oral Medium B. Verbal Medium C. Communicative considered as the most effective way of understanding
Medium the text?
a. Attentive Listening
4. Writing and reading belong to what medium? b. Scamming
A. Expression Medium B. Response Medium C. Written c. Re-read
Medium d. Read aloud
8. What specific strategy in Reading Strategies in which
5. This is an example or an activity for integrating you have to rewrite the story after you have read it but
listening and speaking skills. in as shorter form wihout looking into the whole story?
A. Charades B. Message Relay C. Drama a. Re-read
b. visualize
Group 2 Questions c. Skimming
d. Summarize the story
1. What strategy in which you are able to maitain your 9. What specific strategy in Reading Strategies in which
focus and pay attention to the teacher? you can associate your understanding of the text to an
a. Listening Strategy image?
b. Reading Strategy a. Re-read
c. Writing Strategy b. Visualize
d. None of these c. Skimming
2. What strategy in which you have to be aware of your d. Summarize the story
surroundings and not be absent-minded? 10. What specific strategy in Listening Strategies in
a. Listening Strategy which it helps you understand the lesson more, not just
b. Reading Strategy hearing it but listen wells.
c. Writing Strategy a. Re-read
d. None of these b. Listen to the words
c. Be attentive
d. eye contact D. None of the above
11. What listening strategy which helps you to have
more tendency to retrieve the lesson because it will be 3. It is an act of making vocal sound
saved in your memory as you hear it? A. Writing
a. Re-read B. Speaking
b. Eye contact C. Reading
c. Be attentive D. Listening
d. Listen to words
12. What strategies that helps you understand the
lesson by listening?
a. Listening Strategy 4. It is what we do when we talk to each other, either
b. Reading Strategy out loud or through sign language
c. Writing Strategy A. Listening
d. None of these. B. Writing
C. Reading
13. What specific listening strategy in which you have to D. Speaking
aware of what is happening inside the classroom?
a. Be attentive
b. Listen well
c. Visualize 5. The act of composing a text.
d. none of these A. Writing
14. What specific strategy in Listening Strategy in which B. Speaking
you have affiliate your understanding to a thing for you C. Listening
to remember it more. D. Reading
a Be attentive
b. Visualize
c. Re-read 6. It is a tool to make language readable
d.none of these a. Writing
15. What specific strategy in Listening strategy in which b. Reading
you could formulate questions regarding the topic to c. Speaking
assess your understaning? d. None of the Above
a. Evaluate
b. Listen well 7. Writing represents with what?
c. Ensure understanding a. Questions and punctuation marks
d. none of these b. support system
c. Signs and symbols
Group 3 d. human interests
Difference between speaking, reading and writing
8. All are the kinds of writing,EXCEPT
a. Letters
1. "We use our eyes to receive writtten symbols and we b. Textbooks
use our brain to convert them into words, sentences c. Telegram
and paragraphs" what language skill is being described? d. None of the Above
A. Listening
B. Writing 9. It is is the medium of human communication
C. Reading a. semantics
D. Speaking b. pragmatics
c. Writing
2. It is also a productive skill in that we are both d. None of the Above
receiving information and transmitting it
A. Reading 10. Writing is a form of nonverbal communication
B. Writing a. True
C. Both A and B b. False
c. Not sure a.chinese pinyin
d. None of the Above b.chinese pinyin consonant
c.chinese language
11. All are parts of language skills, EXCEPT: d.All of the above
A. Writing
B. Painting 2.What are two letters in suwahili alphabet?
C. Reading
D. Speaking a.R and Y
b.Qand X
12. It represents language with signs and symbols C.Y and Z
A. Listening d.A and B
B. Reading
C. Writing 3.What do you call the Korea Alphabet?
D. Speaking
13. We use our mouth to deliver a message b.Mongol
A. Reading c.Alibata
B. Speaking d.none of the above
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above 4.One that is spoken internationally, learned, and
spoken by numerous as a second language?
14. Speaking is a the act of composing a text
A. True a.American language
B. False b.World languages
C. Maybe c.chinese
D. All of the above d.Suwahili

15. The following are the examples of writing 5.It forms part of a language family called ___of
EXCEPT languages?
a. Drawing b. Essay c. Dance D. LETTERS
b.Sino tibetan family og language
Test 1:Read the instructions carefully, write your
answere in one half length twice.True or false.Write T if
d.none of the above.
the statement is true and write F if the statement is
6.Chinese includes many regional language varieties this
1.The basic sentence patterns in chinese is VSO.
a.Mandarin,Wu,Yue and Min
2.Suwahili is an arabic word "of the cost".
c.both a and b
3.The most spoken world language today is spanish
d.b only
4.The basic sentence patterns in korea is SVO.
7.Suwahili language is borrowed from what country?
5.A materials to use in order for us to learn suwahili
african language is using musical instrument.
Test 2: Choose the letter of the correct answere.
Product vs. Process
1.It is a group of language used by chinese people in
I. Encircle the letter of the correct answer
Group 7.
1. it is a series of steps in choosing learning materials
a. process c. procedure
b. product d. evaluation "TEACHING CULTURE"

2. it is the outcome or the goal of a process. Test 1. TRUE OR FALSE

a. project c. product
b. learing materials d. process ____1. There are tangible benefits to teaching in urban
schools, Theyre having average salary.
||. True or False. Write T if the statement is true and
write F if the statement is false.
___2. Rural communities often face higher teacher
3-4. In choosing materials, do we really need to take the shortage dangerous or long journey to school.
5-6. A project must be the outcome of the process
___3. Most achievement of teachers in urban schools is
7-8. Without deep foundation, product would be a that they honor students experience.
9-10.Learning happens during the process. ___4. A teacher also faces many challenges. Though tjis
11-12. Product is a series of steps to take. problem is typical both urban and rural schools. In rural
13-14. Process is merely the proof of product. areas teacher get the most challenging experience.
15. Product is where the learning happens.
___5. Urban teachers curriculum is purposefully design
COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE to promt future teacher to tackled issues of race and
equity in their own family, friends community and

1-4. Enumerate the 4 learning competences.

5. This refers of using the language in an appropriate Test 2.
6. This includes grammar, syntax, vocabulary and etc.
LINGUISTIC 6. For teachers whose experiences differ from those of
7. This is the repairing the communication breakdown. their students, it is critical to experience sensitivity they
STRATEGIC must bring the following to the effort.
8. This is knowing how to interpret larger context.
DISCOURSE A. An asset base view of youth and unfamiliar identity
9. This involves working around with gaps. STRATEGIC groups
10. Relationship has something to do with the delivery
of language. SOCIOLINGUISTIC B. A commitment to avoiding and challenging
11. This is exchanging thoughts and idea. DISCOURSE stereotypes
12. This concerns the nature of sentence structures. C. A sense of openness and friendly society
LINGUISTIC D. A willingness to let students define their own
14. It destroys the language barrier. STRATEGIC identities
15. This is knowing how and when to use a certain
7. All schools are categorized into four locales Except;
A. Size
B Population
C Density
D. National

8. A type of teacher should manipulate teaching in a

urban schools now adays is;
A. Interactive Activity 6. It is less effective because it doesn’t present
B. Social activity real language
C. Culture Identity 7. It creates a gap between what learners in the
D. Activities
classroom and real life English because it
9. In terms of the materials use the teacher should presents artificial materials.
consider tye objective; 8. The prime teaching content of it doesn’t fulfill
the learners’ needs for communication skills.
A. Need of the students 9. It focuses on accuracy.
B. Aligned to the level of the students 10. It focuses on fluency.
C. Skills
D. None of the above

10. To create a condusive learning environment, II. Identify the following statements with the
teachers need to have this skill; correct answer.
a. Communicative competence
A. Skillfully teach the cultural identity
b. Grammatical competence
B. Skillfully provide safe spaces
C. Skillfully explore issues in their personal and social c. Strategic competence
identity d. Socio-linguistic competence
D. Skillfully draw on students experience to enrich the e. Discourse competence
11. It emphasizes the ability to manage the
communicative situations for example when
Test 3. ESSAY (5points)
things go wrong and the conversation needs to
Differentiate Culture strategy of Urban to Rural School. be repaired.
12. It emphasizes the use of a language socially.
GROUP 1 13. It puts the emphasis on grammar and
I. Write TB if the following statement is about 14. It refers to the use of language within a
textbooks and AM if it refers to authentic communicative context.
materials. 15. It refers to both the knowledge of a language
and the ability to use it comprehensibly.

1. It presents an accurate source of language

2. It reflects the natural language as it is spoken.
3. It made a significant contribution to the failure
of many learners to even acquire basic
competence in language and most failed to
develop the ability to use it successfully.
4. It is deemed as to be the main resource for
providing learners with the necessary
communication skills.
5. It is considered as the heart of language
learning and teaching process as they are the
gateway not only to the linguistic elements of a
specific language but also to its cultural norms.