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To Kill A Mockingbird: Book Review

Famous Novelist Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, portrays an accurate

reflection of people's affair in the United States during the 1930s. Woven from
the strands of small town life, Harper Lee lets the readers walk in the shoes of one
gully realized character after another.
The story, which is set around a single-father in rural community Alabama,
includes a vast display of symbolism to connect the main plot with numerous
Jem and Scout see the heart of their town laid bare-- divided not just by black
and white but also the prevailing racism. When a drunken lowlife named Bob
Ewell accuses a black field hand named Tom Robinson of raping and beating Bob’s
daughter Mayella, when in actuality, Bob beat Mayella in a drunken state. Atticus
Finch, a lawyer and the father of Scout and Jem agrees to defend Tom in court, a
decision that provokes animosity from his community.

To Kill a Mockingbird highlights tons of themes and represents a general story

from a local viewpoint. The overall dispute contains the obvious cry for justice,
but at the same time mocks the civilization of Southern society.
Ultimately, this books’ purpose is about standing up for what you believe is right-
and teaching those values to your children, because obviously Atticus’s behavior
had a huge impact on Scout and Jem. It’s about family and trying to hold
everything together when the world seems to be falling apart. And it’s about
compassion for everyone’s humanity.
With unmatched power of loving wisdom about the human heart, To Kill a
Mockingbird is a book that no one should miss.
We Were Liars: Book Review

We Were Liars is a contemporary, sophisticated suspense novel from National

Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

It follows the Sinclair family who are perceived as being perfect and beautiful, and
the eldest granddaughter of the family Cadence is the protagonist of the story.
Nobody is a failure, a criminal or a drug addict but the 3 cousins---Cady, Johnny
and Mirren and an outsider Gat, who join the Sinclairs’ every summer on their
private island - are known as the liars. The story revolves around these four
characters and how they uncover the ugly secrets of the ever immaculate Sinclair
family. As we read the book we realize that the Sinclair family is not as glorious
and flawless as it seems. There’s an accident, a secret and lots and lots of lies.

What makes this book such a page-turner is that we, the readers, are desperate
to find out what happens next in the characters’ lives. The writing style of this
book is utterly exquisite and makes this book impossible to put down. There’s also
the brilliant character development of Cady as she opens her eyes to the people
around her.

It is an incredibly beautiful tragic story that this book tells. It shows how greed,
power and discrimination can cause one to lose their loved ones and tear up
families; this is probably one of the many reasons why thi book is worth reading.
It is realistic and a thrilling coming of age novel which will make you think about
these issues in the society without even realizing it.