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Poetry Rubric

Writing and illustrating a poem.

Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary Score

1 2 3 4

Uses an May use an Effectively uses Creatively uses

Form inappropriate appropriate poetic an appropriate an appropriate
poetic form. form. poetic form. poetic form.

Student’s use of
vocabulary is
Word Usage Student’s use of Student’s use of Student’s use of precise, vivid,
vocabulary is vocabulary is and paints a
vocabulary is
more telling than routine and strong clear and
very basic.
showing. workable. complete picture
in the reader’s

Uses some poetic Uses poetic Effectively uses

Poetic Uses few poetic techniques to techniques to poetic techniques
Techniques techniques. reinforce the reinforce the to reinforce the
(elements) theme. theme. theme.

May contain
Has mainly grade- Has grade-level
frequent and
level appropriate appropriate
Language numerous May contain many
spelling, spelling,
Conventions errors in errors in spelling,
grammar, and grammar, and
(spelling, spelling, grammar, and/or
punctuation; punctuation;
grammar, grammar, and punctuation that
contains some contains few, if
punctuation) punctuation may interfere
errors that do not any, errors that
that interferes with the reader’s
interfere with the do not interfere
with the understanding.
reader’s with the reader’s
understanding. understanding.
Student’s work
demonstrates a
Student’s work Student’s work
Effort Student’s work complete
lacks demonstrates
demonstrates an understanding of
understanding some
understanding of the assignment
of the understanding of
the assignment. and goes beyond
assignment. the assignment.
Effective and
Uses an Uses an
creative use of
Lacks an illustration that illustration to
an illustration
illustration. may add to the enhance the
enhances the
poem’s meaning. poem’s meaning.
poem’s meaning.

Written by Christine Lewy. Last updated 05/03/01 .