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Joshua S.

94 Bayview Ave. • Great Neck, NY 11021 • Cell: (516) 242-2391

To obtain a position as a mechanical engineer specializing in fluid/thermal and structural analysis.

THE CITY COLLEGE (CUNY), The Grove School of Engineering, New York, NY
M.E. Mechanical Engineering Presently enrolled

BOSTON UNIVERSITY, College of Engineering, Boston, MA

B.S. Aerospace Engineering May 2007
Dean’s List 2 Semesters

Ansys, Abaqus, Pro-fe, FEmap/Nastran, Fluent, Star-CCM+, Autodesk Inventor, Catia, Solidworks,
Matlab, Machining-CNC, Linux, Microsoft Office


CD-adapco, Melville, NY October 2007 – Present

Associate Engineer
• CFD experience includes analysis and redesign on air ducts feeding burners at an Exxon/Mobil facility in
Tulsa, OK. Thermal management for Daimler done in STAR-CCM+.
• FEA analysis for automotive and aerospace designs using ANSYS
• Analysis to obtain stress and strain from thermal, pressure, and acceleration affects. Analysis types include
static and transient thermal analysis, liner and non-linear with contact, buckling, and modal analysis.
• Onsite work at ITT corp. for the CH-53K Sikorsky helicopter program as stress support on metallic parts
under static and fatigue loading conditions and analysis on composite structures. All initial analysis is done
in Ansys with final analysis using FEmap/NASTRAN. Most analysis is static loading. Some buckling
analysis involved.
• Have done projects for GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, Teledyne, Modine, Tulsa Heaters Inc.,
Ramgen Power Systems, ITT/Sikorsky, ITT corp., Daimler

Bill-Jay/Genmech Aerospace, Ronkonkoma, NY May 2006 – Jan 2007

• Engineered methods for processing and manufacturing of aircraft parts
• Inspected aircraft parts as part of quality control
• Assembled various parts for use on various aircraft


Instrument and tail-wheel rated single/multi-engine land private pilot and single engine commercial pilot with 400+
hours, 50+ hours helicopter training including 10 solo hours, FIRST Robotics mentor at Plainview Old-Bethpage
HS, hockey, scuba diving, bicycling, bass player in a band, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT: “Next Generation Close Air Support Vehicle”

Goal – Design a replacement vehicle that goes farther and cruises faster than the current close air support
vehicle. Personally designed the aerodynamics of the aircraft to ensure high lift at low combat altitude,
low drag, and high cruise velocities. With use of various design tools and computational analysis these
goals were met along with satisfying cooperative requirements set out by other members focusing on
different aspects of the design.