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18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…

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18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Circuit
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Power supply 0 to 30 V at 2 A circuit

Output voltage (Vout) 0 ….. 30V DC
Output current (Iout) 0 ….. 2A DC
Consolidation Load 0.008% (Dion = 1.5a)
Stabilization Network 0.01% (DIi = 20V)
Stability of Vo (Vo = 15V, Io = 1A) 0.2% (DI = 15? C, Dt = 90min)
Ripple and noise of 1mV pp (20HZ. .. 10MHZ)… 2/9
18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
Output impedance (Vo = 10V, Io = 1A) 20mO at 1KHZ, 250m at 200KHZ
operating temperature (ambient) 0-40 ° C

The basic requirements of a laboratory power supply, is to provide the voltages and currents of operation required by conventional devices have low output
impedance, low noise, low ripple and good stabilization. The above requirements are met, the circuit’s power supply.

Many power supplies have an electronic security protects them from destruction when the output is shorted. The circuit can be configured to use the higher power
output at any one value from 0 to 2A and not to exceed, even if the load is greater demand. This not only protects, but als o can prevent and device supplies , though the
latter tends to draw more power than projected.

The power s upply circuit can be used even for testing components, the profiling voltage / current and used as an ideal s ource of constant voltage, current, sufficient to
provide 0-30V and 0-2A, continuously adjustable, rather than in steps. For the power circuit, the transformer T1 has two secondary windings . A winding s upplying the
output circuit with high current through D1-4, C2, and the second coil, which feeds the IC1, as rectified by D1, C4 and stabilized by the D7, C5. The current pass es
through LED D6, which serves as an indicator.

The C7 offset frequency do within circuit IC1 and R2/D8/D9, to protect against voltage spikes of the network. Me pontes ometer R3, regulate the output voltage at the
point where we want. By pontesometer R8, adjust the threshold current, we want to exit. At the exit of the feeder is a multi Darlington, cons isting of Q1, Q2 and Q3, Q4,
connected in parallel. The resistors R14, R15 ensure uniformity of the collector currents, the R10 to R12 improve the stability DC output, which is ess ential especially at
high temperatures , the reverse currents begin to become appreciable. The netting R9, C10, C11 achieves frequency offset in the amplifier output of IC1 and the D13, its
protection. Through the R19 passes the output current. The voltage drop occurring at the ends of degraded at a rate and applies to entry 11 of IC1.

In the second entry 10 of IC1 is applied a constant voltage, the price of which is regulated by the R8, the desired maximum current output. Once the output exceeds
this value, the voltage drop at R19, 10 is applied to the input of IC1, thereby activating the differential amplifier in IC1 and prohibit the further increase in power output. The
capacitors C13, C14, C15 disconnection make the exit, while the D15 to protect against reverse voltages.

With this instrument, VA1, we can measure both the voltage and current output, where the position is located s witch S2. The position is shown in the circuit, the switch
meas ures the current by sampling the voltage drop onto the R19, by means of R17, R18. To measure the output voltage s hould move the switch to another location by
sampling the output voltage. Fine adjustment is made by R21, R22.

The transis tor Q2, should be placed in a small refrigerator, and Q3, Q4, a heatsink with thermal resistance of 2.6 ° C / W, and well insulated. The arrangement of the
feeder can be easily done by using a multimeter, which will connect the output of the feeder. Moving and adjusting the trimmer in conjunction with the main potesometer
regulating voltage and current, you can limit the scale will affect the R3, R8. H.N 6-7/77

Electronic Part List

R1= 1.2Kohm 1W
R2-12= 100ohm
R3= 47Kohm Lin.… 3/9
18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
R4-7-21= 10Kohm trimmer
R5= 8.2Kohm
R6-10= 12Kohm
R8= 470ohm Lin.
R9= 1.2Kohm
R11= 820ohm
R13= 560ohm
R14-15= 0.68ohm 2W
R16= 330ohm
R17= 470ohm
R18= 470ohm trimmer
R19= 0.22ohm 2W
R22= 56Kohm
R20= 3.9Kohm
C1-3= 330nF 250V D8= IN5236B
C2= 4700uF 63V D9….14= 1N4002
C4= 68uF 63V
C5= 47uF 40V
C7-12= 100nF 100V Lin.
C8= 680nF 100V
C9-14= 1uF 40V
C11= 10pF ceramic
C13= 220uF 40V 2W
F2= 2A slow Fuse
S1= 2XON/OFF 10A/250V switch
D1-4= 15A Bridge trimmer polyester
D5= 1N4002 VA1= 500?A polyester
C10= 220pF ceramic
S2= 2X2 ON 1A
F1= 1A/250V slow Fuse
T1=220VAC/ A:34V/4A B:36V/50mA
C6-15= 10nF 100V polyester
D15= MR501
Q1= MPSL01
Q2= 2N4923
Q3-4= 2N3055
IC1= MC1466L Motorola
D6= LED 5mm RED… 4/9
18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
D7= 1N5252B

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November 1, 2010
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18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
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18/11/2010 Power Supply 0 to 30V 2A variable with IC MC1466L Cir…
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