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J.P. Rizal St., Sta. Barbara, Baliwag, Bulacan

December ___, 2019


Dear ______________________,

Love Jesus with Joseph and Mary!

In line with DepEd Order no. 30, s. 2017 known as Guidelines for Work Immersion of
Senior High School. Work Immersion is one of the course requirements for graduation. A
Senior High School student has to undergo Work Immersion in an industry that directly
relates to the student’s postsecondary goal. Through Work Immersion, the students are
exposed to and become familiar with work-related environment related to their field of
specialization to enhance their competence.

Specifically, the students are able to:

(i) gain relevant and practical industrial skills under the guidance of industry
experts and workers;
(ii) appreciate the importance and application of the principles and theories taught
in school;
(iii) enhance their technical knowledge and skills;
(iv) enrich their skills in communications and human relations; and
(v) develop good work habits, attitudes, appreciation, and respect for work.
We believe that Work Immersion is the key feature of SHS Curriculum, and to make this
program operative and effective, we would like to request your good office to allow our
Senior High School students to perform their work immersion on your institution/company.

For questions and inquiries please contact us at 09338138955.

Thank you so much and God Bless Us!

Very Truly Yours,

Mr. Erwin L. Reyes,LPT

Immersion Focal Person

Noted by:

Dr. Jewelson M. Santos,LPT,GDCE,FDrRIProT

Principal, Senior High School Department