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Book Name Author Price

1. Integrated Cost Accounting (Principles and Applications) By Marlon Oyzon Flores P 570.00
2. Basic Accounting Concepts and Procedures By Percy Garcia, Benjamin Mojar 320.00
3. Basic Accounting for Non Accountants By Raquel Monte Galanza (CPA, MBA) 240.00
4. Accounting Principles and Procedures for a Sole Proprietorship By Raquel Monte Galanza (CPA, MBA) 325.00
5. Bookkeeping for Servicing and Merchandising Firm By Saturnino Yadao Ebusca (CPA, MBA, PhD. 485.00
(Applied Basic Accounting - Practice Set)
6. Management Accounting 1 By Leonardo E. Aliling (CPA, MBA) 336.00
7. Fundamentals of Basic Accounting By Leonardo E. Aliling (CPA, MBA) 365.00
8. Basic Approach in Income Taxation By Justice Japar Di Maampao 645.00
9. All the Tax Payers Need to know about the Train Law By Eric Recalde 399.00
10. Business Mathematics 475.00
11. Basic Accounting 2: Partnership and Corporation By Roberto Z. Palma 557.00
12. Management Accounting 2 (First Edition) By Antonio Eriberto C. Cabug 547.00
13. Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business & Mgt. 2
14. Business Mathematics for Filipinos
15. Business Finance

1. Strategic Management Made Simple (OBE Aligned) By Felina C. Young 404.00
2. Organization and Management
1. Human Resource Management By Ranulfo Payos 591.00
2. Human Resource Management (Revised Edition) By Crispina Rafol Corpuz (PhD.) 343.00


1. Employers and Managers Labor Code By Atty. Josephus B. Jemines 1,034.00

2. Business Correspondence By Esther L. Baraceris 470.00
3. Probability and Statistical Concepts By Alex Bolanos 352.00