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Strategic Management

PGP | 2019-20 | Section-B

Dec 26, 2019

Chirantan Chatterjee
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Just a Little Bit About You

Age Distribution
IITian 27 32%
Sr No Age No of Students Non IITian 58 68%

1 21 8
2 22 17 Fresher 36 42%
Experienced 49 58%
3 23 19

4 24 21 Background
Non_Engineer 20 24%
5 25 11
Engineer 65 76%
6 26 6
7 27 3
Male 65 76%
Total 85 Female 20 24%

What Does This Tell You About How The

Conversations Will Go?
It’s a Boat Race Not a Road Rage
Just a Little Bit About Me
Why do
Exist ?
The Company

What is Travis Kalanick planning to do next?

The Object of Study: Company
The Mechanism: Management
The Mechanism: Management
The Mechanism: Management
Ultimately, TCE
What is Strategy ?
What is Strategy ?
Let’s See The Video
The Chief Strategy Officer
CSO Global Distribution
Traits: The Chief Strategy Officer





Generating Superior Profits (MP)
A 3-D View
Do you think
Strategy Matters ?
What is
Business Strategy ?
What Business Strategy is NOT?
● Strategy is different from Aspirations
○ Our Strategy is the be the #1…
○ Our Strategy is to grow...

● Strategy is different than a particular Action

○ Our Strategy is to merge…
○ internationalize...

● Strategy is not the same as Vision/ Values

○ Our Strategy is to meet the needs of our customers...
○ serve...highest standard of integrity...
So What is Business Strategy ?

Strategy defines the company's

distinct approach to competing
and the competitive advantages
on which the company is based.
Challenges for Business Strategy ?
Challenges for Business Strategy ?
We begin with a
Structured Approach
Course Overview
Has Anyone Worked in Any
of These Companies?
11 Cases - 11 Industries
Case Industry

Starbucks Coffee-retail

Progressive Insurance Insurance

P&G-Colgate FMCG

Nucor Steel industry

Ola Cabs Taxi industry (multi-sided platforms)

Walt Disney Entertainment and Media

ICICI Banking

Havells Electrical and Lighting

Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals

Transworld Auto Parts Automotive

Arvind Eye Care Healthcare (eye care)

Session Plan
Session Module/Topic Case Readings
Introduction to the Starbucks 1) Porter M.E. (1996) “What is Strategy?” Harvard
course and the Business Review
concept of 2) Hambrick D.C. and Fredrickson J.W. (2001) “Are
competitive strategy You Sure You Have a Strategy?” The Academy of
1-2 Management Executive, 15 (4), November p.48.
3) Porter, M. E. (2008) “Five Competitive Forces that
Shape Strategy ", Harvard Business Review,

Arena and Innovation at Progressive 1) Hambrick D.C. and Fredrickson J.W. (2001) “Are
3-4 Positioning (A): Pay-As-You-Go You Sure You Have a Strategy?” The Academy of
Insurance Management Executive, 15 (4), November p.48.

Competitive Dynamics P&G Vs. Colgate 1) Competitive Dynamics as Action and Response,
5-6 Note by Darden Business School, USA

Industry Analysis and Nucor 1) Porter, M. E. (2008) “Five Competitive Forces that
Competitive Entry Shape Strategy ", Harvard Business Review,
7-8 January

Strategies in a Olacabs: Riding on a High 1) Hagiu,A. (2014) Strategic Decisions for Multisided
9-10 New Age Platforms. MIT Sloan Management Review 55(2)
Session Plan
Session Module/Topic Case Readings
Growth through Product Walt Disney: The 1) Markides C. (1997) “To Diversify or Not to
Diversification Entertainment King Diversify”, Harvard Business Review, November-
2) Collis, D. J., & Montgomery, C. A. (1998). Creating
corporate advantage, Harvard Business Review,
May-June, 71-83
Growth through ICICI's Global Expansion 1) Ghemawat,P. & Hout,T. (2008) "Tomorrow's Global
13 Internationalization Giants: Not the Usual Suspects", Harvard Business
Review, November
Growth through mergers Havells India: The Sylvania 1) Quest for Strategic Advantage through Mergers and
14-15 & acquisitions Acquisition Decision Acquisitions (Clemente et. Al, Chapter 2
Growth through Alliances Innovation Without Walls: 1) Dyer J.H, Kale P., Singh H. (2001) “How to Make
16-17 Alliance Management at Eli Strategic Alliance Work”, Sloan Management
Lilly and Company Review, Summer

Mapping Strategy Transworld Auto Parts (A) 1) Kaplan, S.K. & Norton,D.P.(2000) "Having trouble
18 with your strategy? Then map it", Harvard Business
Review, September-October
Systems and Processes Aravind Eye Care System: 1) Waterman Jr. R H, "The Seven Elements of Strategic
in Strategy Execution Giving the Most Precious Gift Fit", Journal of Business Strategy, 2, 69-73
19-20 2) Donald C. Hambrick and Albert A. Cannella, Jr.,
(1989) "Strategy Implementation as Substance and
Selling'' The Academy of Management Executive,
pp. 278-285.

➔ Presence, Preparation & 30%


➔ Group Assignments & Quizzes 30%

➔ End-term examination 40%

Expectations from you

• Dos • Donts
☑ Read the case ☒ Miss classes
☑ Participate ☒ Participate partially
☑ Listen ☒ Interrupt colleagues
☑ Reflect ☒ Have a rigid position
☑ Read the articles ☒ Free-ride on the group

• +91-96200-46388
• Harshit Khameshra
• Office Hours: 6-8pm Wed/Fri ->Wing 15F
• Class slides (not case slides) w/be shared
• Attendance, Timings, Electronic Devices
• Mutual Respect, Facilitation
Process Issues on Cases
Skills We Would Like to Sharpen
What is the
of our Study?