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l S. Rama Mohan, Professor, IITRAM

l Prashant Srinivasan, Engineering Manager, GE Power
l Dilip Kumar Pratihar, IIT Kharagpur, India
l Shubhabrata Datta, SRM Inst. of Sci. and Tech., Kattankulathur, Tamilnadu
l Anil Kumar, Professor, Power and Infra. Management, UPES, Dehradun
l Amit Kumar Mishra, Associate Prof., Uni. of Cape Town, South Africa
l Vaskar Sarkar, Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad
(ICIIF) (18-19 May 2018)
l Dipak Adhyaru, Professor, Insti. of Tech., Nirma University, Ahmedabad
l Manjiri Akalkotkar, Associate Prof., Uni. of Texas, San Antonio, TX, USA
l Pandian Vasant, Petronas University of Technology, Malysia
l Alphose Zingoni, University of Cape Town, South Africa
l Michio Sugeno, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
l Premkumar Pachaikani, Lead Engineer, GE Global Research, Bengaluru
l Sanketh Bhat, Lead Engineer, GE Global Research, Bengaluru
l Vipin Kumar Tripathi, Professor, College of Engineering, Pune
l Axay Mehta, Associate Professor, IITRAM
l Yogesh Shah, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Trudeep Dave, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
International Advisory Committee: l Abhishek Rawat, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Ahmad Taher Azar, Benha University, Egypt l Dileep Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Alberto Borghetti, Professor, Fellow IEEE, University of Bologna, Italy l Kannan Iyer, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Amit Prashant, Professor, IIT Gandhinagar l Manish Sharma, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Arturo Bretas, Professor, University of Florida, USA l Mahesh Mungule, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Biswanath Dutta, Professor, Northern Illinois University, USA l B. Siva Kumar Reddy, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l C. Nash, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, UK l Pramod Bhingole, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l PL.Ramkumar, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Chihab Hanachi, IRIT Laboratory, University Toulouse, France
l Dan Ralescu, University of Cincinnati, USA Publication Committee
l Gang Tao, Professor, IEEE Fellow, University of Virginia, USA l Dipankar Deb, Associate Professor, IITRAM
l Goutam Chattopadhyay, Professor, California Inst. of Tech., USA l Valentina Emilia Balas, Professor, Romania
l Gabor Kiss, Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary l Rajeeb Dey, Assistant Professor, NIT Silchar
l Florin G. Filip, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
l J. Paulo Davim, Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Publicity Committee
l Janusz Kacprzyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
l Ajit Kumar Parwani, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Kalyanmoy Deb, Professor, Michigan State University, USA
l Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Rajeeb Dey, Assistant Professor, NIT Silchar
l M.P. Aghababa, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran
All accepted and presented papers will be
l Mehdi Roopaei, University of Texas at San Antario, USA Finance Committee published by Springer as a Book chapters.
l Nitin Tripathi, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand l Krupa Shah, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Praveen Edara, Professor, University of Missouri, USA l Ketan Solanki, Senior Accountant, IITRAM
l Radhakant Padhi, Professor, Dept. of Aerospace, IISC, Bengaluru
l Rajendra Acharya, Professor, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
Registration Committee Sponsored by
l Kashyap Patel, Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l Rama Yedavalli, Professor, IEEE Fellow, Ohio State University, USA
ng itie
l Gautam Borisagar, Assistant Professor, IITRAM

l Ravi Sinha, Professor, IIT Bombay

l Manjunath K., Assistant Professor, IITRAM
l S. K. Barai, Professor, IIT Kharagpur
l S. P. Mehrotra, Professor, IIT Gandhinagar Industry Liaison Committee Gujarat Science and Engineering
l Shahnaz Shahbazova, Azerbaijan University, Baku, Azerbaijan l Navneet Khanna, Assistant Professor, IITRAM Research Board
l Sudhir Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar l S. Saravanan, Training & Placement Officer, IITRAM
Institute of Infrastructure Knowledge
Society Department of Science Indian Space
Research Organisation
l Tapan Misra, Director, SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad Technology Research and Management and Technology
Government of India Government of India
l Tsung-Chih Lin, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan
Website Committee (An Autonomous University established by Government of Gujarat)
l Traian Mazilu, University Politechnica Bucharest, Romania
l Kshitij Bhargava, Assistant Professor, IITRAM Organized by
l Raghavendra Bhalerao, Assistant Professor, IITRAM Near Khokhara Circle, Maninagar East,
l V. Setty Pendakur, Professor Emeritus, University of BC, Canada
l Valentina Emilia Balas, Professor, Aurel Vlaicu, Uni. of Arad, Romania
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380026 Institute of Infrastructure Technology
Hospitality Committee Tel.: 079-67775488 / 6777 5499 Research and Management
l Vikram Gadre, Professor, IIT Bombay
l Manisha Mehta, OSD, IITRAM (An Autonomous University established by Government of Gujarat)
l Vijay D. Rao, Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses, DRDO, Delhi l Vijay Parmar, Office Executive, IITRAM
Papers Presentation Who can participate?
Paper submissions are invited in modern areas of innovations in Young teachers/research scholars/UG-PG students and
Infrastructure typically the following but not limited to:
professionals working in the field of Electrical / Electronics &
l Innovation in Telecommunication Infrastructure
Communication / Instrumentation and Control / Mechanical /
l Innovation in Control Engineering
l Innovation in Power system Infrastructure Mechatronics / Robotics / Computer / IT / Civil engineering are eligible
l Innovation in Smart Infrastructure to participate.
l Innovation in Waste Management
l Sustainable Solutions for Infrastructure Development
l Innovation in Thermal Engineering
l Innovation in Manufacturing
l Innovation in Industrial Infrastructure
l Innovation in Renewable Energy
l Innovation in Hybrid Vehicles
l New Optimization Techniques
l Innovation in Mechatronics
l Innovation in Machine Learning Key Advisors:
The First International Conference on Innovations in Infrastructure l Innovation in Indigenous and Rural Technologies
l Innovations in Infrastructure Management
l Anju Sharma, IAS
(ICIIF), 18-19, May 2018, is being organized by the Institute of Principal Secretary (Higher & Technical Education),
l Innovations in Transportation Infrastructure
Infrastructure Technology Research And Management (IITRAM), Plenary Speakers: Government of Gujarat
Ahmedabad, in collaboration with Gujarat Knowledge Society, l Valentina Emilia Balas l Millind Torawane, IAS
Government of Gujarat. It is funded by the Student Start-up and Professor, Aurel Vlaicu, University of Arad, Romania Secretary, Finance Department,
Innovation Policy (SSIP) initiative of Government of Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat
l Padma Shri Ajoy Kumar Ray
conference provides a forum for discussion on issues, concepts, skill Director, IIEST, Shibpur, West Bengal, India l K. K. Nirala, IAS
Director, Directorate of Technical Education,
development and possible innovations in the infrastructure sector.
Government of Gujarat
ICIIF aims at bringing the best technical minds working in the field of
infrastructure development on a common platform to share their Patrons:
knowledge of technical expertise, experience and forthcoming
Key Take-aways: l Shiva Prasad
challenges in this area. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity for the l Network with next generation Innovators Director General, IITRAM
enthusiastic students and research scholars to learn from the l Exhibit products to targeted audience l A. U. Digraskar
l Interact with potential recruiters Director, IITRAM
experiences and vision of eminent scientists and innovators dedicated
towards the development of infrastructure in the country. The
l Delve into the latest infrastructure trends in regional and l N. N. Bhuptani
The Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and global arena Registrar, IITRAM
conference is expected to include presentations on latest research
Management (IITRAM), is an autonomous university established by l Excellent opportunity to explore the future offers in
trends showcasing the important achievements and upcoming Government of Gujarat in the year 2013 by enacting a state act to infrastructure sector Program Chair:
challenges in the development of the infrastructure sector. The provide quality education in the field of Infrastructure Research and l Meet the stakeholders of Government representatives of Infra l Dipankar Deb
conference invites researchers to showcase their work in any given its Management. IITRAM provides Engineering Education with sectors in a single forum. Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, IITRAM
area that somewhere relates to the overall progress of specialization in Infrastructure and Management of Infrastructure (M) +91-7203954452
infrastructure development in the country. equipped with centers of excellence to organize advanced studies
Registration Fees Program Co-Chair:
and to promote research in collaboration with industry leaders. Until 19-Apr-18 After 19-Apr-18 l Jiten Shah
Currently, the Institute is offering Under Graduate, Post Graduate For Students : ` 3,000/- ` 4,000/- Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, IITRAM
Key Dates and Ph.D program in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. For Indian Delegate : ` 6,000/- ` 8,000/- (M) +91-9712982750
Paper Submission Open : 1st February, 2018 The Institute has state-of-the-art laboratories and the For Foreign Delegate : US$ 200/- US$ 250/-
Full Paper Submission : 7th March, 2018 infrastructure in all the major areas/specialization of each branch l All the papers will be peer reviewed and the acceptance
20th March, 2018 to carry out experiments and research. The Institute has set up will be informed for participation in the conference.
Notification of acceptance : 2nd April, 2018 Siemens-Center of Excellence and Quanser-Centre of Excellence. l Registration includes: 2 Plenary Talks; 2 Theme Based Talks;
The Institute has ambitious plans to expand its academic and 1 Semi-Plenary Talks, Oral Presentation, Banquet Dinner and
Registration Opens : 3rd April, 2018
research activities in collaboration with Industries. Networking
Early Registration Deadline : 19th April, 2018 l Each Profession Registrant is entitled to upload a maximum of
Camera Ready Paper Upload : 23rd April, 2018 2 accepted papers and each Student Registrant can upload
Paper Submission Link : 1 accepted paper.