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Logan Bateman

October 25, 2019

Professor Shkorupa

Philosophy of Education

Without a doubt teaching is one of the most underappreciated jobs in our world today. No

one seems to realize how much work and consideration goes into teaching and it is a shame that

this crucial and wonderful profession does not get the respect it truly deserves. I for one believe

that more should be done to improve education and that education is such an important part of

our society that is often forgotten about and it’s such a shame that that is the case. Education is

here to improve and to better our society as whole while trying to brighten the future for the

future generations that come after us as well as the current one. Education represents all that we

have achieved and all that our future holds as a society and is around to help us advance and

become more efficient as a society. I believe that education and teaching is based on mutual

respect between teachers and students and in my future classroom I will make it my goal to help

students reach their full potential that I believe all students have no matter how much they may

doubt themselves.

Education is such an important thing and one of the most important role is education is

the teacher’s. When I am a teacher I must truly care about my students and the success of those

students because I know that they may not have another person like that in their life who is a

positive role model or influence. I think students need positive influences both in their in-school

and out-of-school lives who give them respect and who they give respect to in return because

without people like that students begin to not care and to doubt themselves without someone to

care and believe in them when they cannot. I want my future students to achieve their maximum
potential and to put in as much effort as possible because even if they do not believe in

themselves, I most certainly do. No matter how much extra effort, no matter what obstacles they

must overcome, and no matter how hard the past has been I know that they have it in them.

However, I believe that there is a role even more important than that of the teacher, the

student. Students are at school to learn and to feel safe while doing so. They can have the very

best teacher but to some extent I believe they must be responsible for their own education. I have

seen over and over again examples of students who put little to no effort in their own learning

process and still expect to succeed while blaming their educator for their own failures like dogs

who bite their owners hand but whine when they are no longer pet. They should be at school to

put forth effort and to ask questions when they don’t know something, they are around to learn

and to better themselves as well as society as a whole.

Similarly, I think students have just as many responsibilities as it is assumed teachers do.

Students remain responsible for putting in the maximum amount of effort possible and to take a

sense of responsibility for their own success. Students are also responsible for treating both their

peers and teachers with respect. I believe that students are responsible for putting the effort

needed to make the society around them better. I am of the belief that if you do not put in the

effort then you cannot expect anything in return. Basically, you cannot rely on others, though

there isn’t anything wrong with asking for help, completely for your success. I believe in taking

control of your own fate and success and i believe that students can achieve anything they set

their minds to.

Diversity, especially in our world today, is such an important aspect of teaching. A point

driven into every aspiring teacher, myself included, like a nail to board concerning diversity is

that a teacher must be unbiased. Though this concept may be repeated often that doesn’t make it
any less true. Teachers must represent several points of view and understand that every student is

different and often come from all walks of life. I know that not every student that walks into my

classroom have been given the same opportunities and that needs to be taken into consideration

when I am teaching. Some students may require extra help when coming from situations

different from the average such as students with language barriers. Overall, diversity in the

classroom is rising continually no going down so it most definitely needs to be taken into

consideration in every classroom.

Students are not the only one with something to learn in the education field however.

Teachers must always have an open mind and be willing to learn more and increase their

teaching toolbox. A good example of this is renewal and reform. From both experience in the

classroom and separate classes taken teachers can always learn more. I know that myself as a

teacher will try my hardest to find a balance between the two. I want to find that balance so that I

can give myself as a teacher as many opportunities as possible to in turn give my students their

very best shot at success because in the end they’re what really matters to me.

When it comes to graduation time it should be obvious that all students should graduate

with basic knowledge about the subject matter that was taught. However, I believe that there is

more to it. I want my students to graduate with knowledge about how to apply the skills they

have learned to the real world. My students will learn more than what is on their schedules, I

want them to leave my classroom with a plethora of skills to take with them into their new lives.

I want them to move on with a feeling of preparedness for what is to come, to fill their arsenal

with all that they need to survive and thrive in the harsh world we live in. That is all I can ask for

as a teacher. It is my only hope as an educator that I will be able to grant the same kindness

which my teachers gave to me and that they will value the education I plan to provide for them.
Teaching is more than just a job, teaching is a responsibility and a privilege which I hold in

extremely high regard.

My entire philosophy of students putting forth effort and me the teacher being unbiased

and giving them their best shot at success is all focused on me believing in them and them in turn

believing in themselves. I want to help students believe in themselves and to believe that their

own learning is possible and that they have what it takes to succeed. Believing in their own

education and success is the key to my philosophy and it's so important in their day to day lives

as well.