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I am a recruiter with experience in

recruitment stuff, start from
screening CV until do psychological
test. Good at handling HR


Collection Staf
PT Surya Bumi Megah Sejahtera | May 2017 - Jan 2018

Constantly updated the company’s customer and

the payment
Monitored customer's payment
Input all the payment from customer to system
Monitored payment's bank account

ARINE Recruitment Staff

FRANSISCA PT Sopanusa Tissue & Packaging Saranasukses| Feb 2018 - Present

Handled all employee request stat from find CV,

SIHOMBING interviewing untill psychological test
Handled all the HR documents such as approval
AS A RECRUITER letter for new employee, employee transfer and
promotion letter etc
ABOUT ME Monitored employee monthly attendance
I am a recruiter. My passion is looking for Scoring psychological test
the best candidates for the company
Handled all administration staff needed
where i work. I usually use psychological
test to support me in finding the best
candidates. I want to continue to learn
new things that related to human
resources. I want to develop my career in ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
the field of people development.
Surabaya University
KEY COMPETENCIES Bachelor degree in Psychologist | July 2013 - March 2017

Using psychological test such as IST, GPA. 3.44

Kraeplin, Baum, DAP, DISC, Papikostick,
Army Alpha, Cfit
Screening and interviewing
Target oriented WORK REFERENCES
Good at administration
Josefine ayu kinanti
HR Manager at PT Sopanusa Tissue & Packaging
CONTACT ME AT: Saranasukses
Phone: 0813-6500-0416 Vinny Damayanti
LinkedIn: HR Manager (recruiter specialist) at PT Sopanusa Tissue
Address: Jl Kenjeran no 86, surabaya & Packaging Saranasukses