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Pokémon FireRed Throwback Documentation

By RichterSnipes

Purple: GB Player
Green: Catch ‘em All
Red: Extras


New/Longer Strings
These replace untranslated leftovers from the Japanese ROM:
17552A-175548: Lady Luck's not with me today.
17642B-176442: A [buffer2] was in the rubble!
1767FC-17681E: That prize is no longer available.
179DA2-179DD0: [player] obtained a [buffer1]\nfrom the TRAINER TOWER owner!
17A797-17A81D: Wait, you seriously don't have room\nfor that POKéMON?{…}
18849E-1884D3: [buffer1] became more friendly.\pHowever, its base [buffer2] fell! {press}
18A9A9-18A9BF: Space Shuttle Columbia
18AB73-18AB8B: ​REPEL's effect wore off!
18C384-18C3BB: I'm a rambling, gambling dude!\nI'm on a winning streak!
19B4C7-19B4E0: [player] received a [buffer1]\nfrom [rival]!
192987-1929AC: REPEL's effect wore off!\nUse another?
19AF1A-19AF3E: Turned on the power for GB Sounds! {press}
19AF3F-19AF64: Turned off the power for GB Sounds! {press}
19AF65-19B02E: Ah!\nI can tell just by looking at you\lthat you're full of energy.{…}
19B4C7-19B4E0: An [buffer2] was in the rubble!
1A3C71-1A3CAB: It’s BILL’s TELEPORTER!\nWant to send a POKéMON through it?
1A5C79-1A5CD9: A music player that allows you to\nlisten to nostalgic songs.{...}
1A5E05-1A5E30: [buffer1] adores you!\pHowever, its base [buffer2] fell! {press}
1BD274-1BD28B:​ ​[buffer1] got teleported.\nCool!
1BFC9D-1BFD3D: By the way, I saw someone we both\nknow on this island.{…}
1BFD3E-1BFE40: That ticket will take you to a\nplace far away from society.{…}
1BFE41-1BFE77: [buffer1] became more friendly.\pIts base [buffer2] can't go lower. {press}
1BFECC-1BFF0C: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base HP.
1BFF0D-1BFF51: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base ATTACK.
1BFF52-1BFF97: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base DEFENSE.
1BFF98-1BFFDD: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base SP. ATK.
1BFFDE-1C0023: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base SP. DEF.
1C0024-1C0067: Using it on a POKéMON makes it more\nfriendly but lowers base SPEED.
1C0068-1C008C: CELADON CONDOMINIUMS|Manager's Suite

Edited Strings:
Poké Dude on Poisoning; string starts at 41BD10
Help Menu entries for TMs and HMs; strings start at 1B9497 and 1B9560
Name strings for Green and Charine; strings start at 1C5758 and 1B1279
Name string for the Gamer Trainer class; string starts at 23E900
Whited out/blacked out battle text; not standard strings
Vermilion City Gym Guide; string starts at 1950B4

Map Banks

739C00: (30.0) Bill's Cottage

739C94: (2.10) Trainer Tower


New Scripts
Start at 0x73A000. Non-events are labeled:

73A000: (Map Script) ​Player's Room in Pallet Town

73A028: (Map Script) Bill's Cottage
73A03B: Bill's Teleporter at Bill's Cottage
73A24F: Breakable rock, for finding items; main script still starts at 1BE00C
Rocks in Cerulean Cave now start at 16E793 for a different item pool (fossils)
73A28E: (Map Script) Rival on Four Island; main script still starts at 167CEC
73A353: (Map Script) Champion Battle; main script still starts at 162B76
73A38A: (Map Script) Hall of Fame
73A403: Trainer Tower Owner; main script still starts at 1646E0
Item reward table at 47A2B4; pointer at 15E444 blanked out
Edited script also runs through newly-made free space in Receptionist script
73A41F: Mystery Gift Battle Old Woman; main script still starts at 170958
73A440: (ASM Call) Trainer facing hack
73A499: Trainer Tower battle, for player facing
73A4D0: Super Nerd Miguel (tile script), for player facing; main script still starts at 1606B0
73A4DF: (ASM Call) Revised Repel system
73A517: (Signpost) Route 15 Binoculars, left side; checks if Articuno has been dealt with
73A526: Jigglypuff in Pewter City Pokémon Center; main script still starts at 16A781

73A59E: Insert future scripts here

Altered Events:

Trainer Tower Receptionist; event starts at 1649CE

Pokémon Prizes at the Rocket Game Corner; event starts at 16CB88
Fossil Doctor at the Pokémon Lab; event starts at 16E47D
(Map Script) Pallet Town girl handler; event starts at 165465
Rival's movements to pick Squirtle as his starter if you take Charmander from side or above
Old Man; events start at 1659F6, 165B10, and 165B2E
Guy with Poisoned Pokémon; event starts at 16B43C
Lostelle's Father; event starts at 17155F
TM Prizes at the Game Corner; event starts at 16CE1D
Gamers/Gamblers on Routes 8 and 11; events start at 1AA30B, 1AA2CD, and 1A9C81
Player Blacked Out; event starts at 1A8E11
All Move Tutors
Brock; event starts at 16A593
Pamphlet in room with Eevee; event starts at 16C519
Bird Keeper Beck; event starts at 1AAAEB
Pewter Museum space shuttle; event starts at 16A580
Old Man watching TV in Cerulean City; event starts at 16ACEF
Selphy;​ script unchanged, but list items at 3F5B30 have been changed
Pokémon Center 2F Attendant (Teala); used for save compatibility

These overwrite unused sprites elsewhere:

369F68: (Item) GB Sounds; overwrites unused R/S leftover OW sprites for Brawly
36A088: palette

The following assembly code is in THUMB format:

36A0AC​-​36A16B: Continuous playback on return to overworld hack for dual soundbanks

Overwrites unused R/S leftover OW sprites for Brawly; necessary for branch instruction
73C000: Music bank handling code
73C038: GB Sounds Item function
73C0F4: Check held item of selected Pokémon
73C15C: Force evolution
73C188: Espeon's RTC check
73C1A4: Umbreon's RTC check
73C1C0: Real-time clock; day/night and seasons have been stripped out
73C4F8: Trainer facing hack
73C538: Store info hack
73C558: Missing "Presents" on Game Freak screen (BPRE v1.0)
73C5DC: Colored stats based on nature
73C5DC: Attack
73C654: Defense
73C6CC: Special Attack
73C744: Special Defense
73C7BC: Speed
73C834: Font color
73C84C: EV-reducing Berry function

73CC70: Insert future ASM code here

New Flags:
200-22F: Events
204: Blocks Entei from roaming again
205: Blocks Raikou from roaming again
206: Blocks Suicune from roaming again
207: Checks if var 4031 has been copied to var 4032
Special routine part that handles which one roams is at 0x141C94
22E: Fixes save for compatibility with the current release; alternates every other version
22F: Fixes save for compatibility with the current release; alternates every other version
300-3FF:​ ​Objects
300-330 are used by various trees.
332: Poké Balls in Bill's Cottage
8F0: Checks soundbank for GB Sounds

New/Altered Variables:
4031: Original starter choice; dedicated to selecting a roamer after beating the Champion again
4032: Clone of starter choice; scripts will check this instead after beating the game
4033: Trainer Tower mode chosen

I use these two areas for flags because of the amount of apparent unused flags between them. If
anyone notices any problems with these flags or variables, please let me know!