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San Pedro Relocation Center National High School

Landayan Campus

Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna

“Social Media: Beneficial or Toxic”

A Research Paper

Presented to: Mrs. Marecel A. Saez

In Partial fulfillment to the Requirement in English 10


Alcaraz, Christine L.

Bravo, John Carlo D.

Burgos, Lea Jane O.

Gamboa, Mariel S.

Guimoc, Rowell R.

Limos, Josh Daniel T.

Ramos, Dur P.

Remoquillo, Deanille Francee M.

Tolentino, Lizbeth P.

(March 9, 2020)

The research “Social Media: Beneficial or Toxic” was filled with efforts, time, and
hardwork of the researchers but this things only were not enough to accomplish this
task. There are some people that the researchers want to acknowledge for sharing their
resources and giving their full support. First of all, the researchers wanted to
acknowledge the effort, money and support given by their parent and Mrs. Tapas who
shared her resources to the researcher. The researchers also wanted to show their
gratitude to the respondents that kindly gave their opinions. Lastly, the researchers
wanted to acknowledge Mrs. Marecel A. Saez, their subject teacher for giving them the
opportunity to try and excel their best in this kind of task. The researchers made this
task possible because she gave the researchers accurate and enough knowledge to put
in and enough time to complete the task. This study will not be completed without her
Efficient - capable of producing desired results with little or no waste (as of time or

Imperative - not to be avoided or evaded: necessary

Perceived - used to say how something or someone is seen or thought of

Society - a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions,

institutions, and collective activities and interests

Toxic - extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful


This part of the research will present appropriate information collected by the
researchers when they conducted a survey. The data gathered in the survey will be
used in this part to prove the assumptions of the researchers and answer the guide
questions stated in the objectives. Most of all, this part will help in determining whether
Social Media are beneficial or toxic to the society.

The researchers conducted a survey in 15 selected students of San Pedro

Relocation Center National High School. The question will be stated followed by the
answers of the respondents.

Table 1

Question Name of the Grade &Section Age Answers

Is Calaycay, 9-Shakespeare 15 years old Bad, because it is a
Social Darwin R. thing that make people
Media depressed.
Cabas, 9-Shakespeare 15 years old Sometimes it is bad and
Jeremy M. sometimes it is good
or bad
Mancilla, 7-Gabriel 12 years old Sometimes it is bad and
to us?
James M. sometimes it is good
Remoquillo, 10-Wisdom 15 years old Undecided
Allen Troy M.
Medallo, Laiza 9-Shakespeare 14 years old It sometimes good and
Venice DC. bad to us.
Nortes, Ahyla 8-St.John 13 years old Sometimes it is bad and
Angelan S. sometimes it is good
Gabejan, 8-St.John 14 years old Sometimes it is bad and
Jeanelle sometimes it is good.
Andrea R.
Arnaez, Philip 12-HUMSS 17 years old Good
Anthony V.
Fuentes, 12-HUMSS 18 years old Good
Meann Angela
Payumo, 7-Gabriel 12 years old Good
Andrei G.
Manalaysay, 8-St.John 14 years old Good
Reniza P.
Francisquete, 9-Shakespeare 14 years old Good
Grace Marie
Gauay, 12-Humss 17 years old Good
Patricia Jean
Mendez, 10-Wisdom 16 years old Good
Jericho E.
Nares, 10-Wisdom 15 years old Good
Francine G.
Table 1 show that the respondents have different point of views to the question
“Is Social Media good or bad to us?” 8 out of 15 or 53.33% of the respondents
answered that Social Media is good to us while 1 out of 15 or 6.67% of the respondents
stated that Social Media is bad to us. 5 out of 15 or 33.33% of the respondents
answered either good or bad and 1 student or 6.67% of the respondents that he is

Table 2
Question Name of the Grade &Section Age Answers
What are Calaycay, 9-Shakespeare 15 We can get some news and
the Darwin R. years some needed information.
benefits old
Cabas, 9-Shakespeare 15 It can spread news, especially
that we
Jeremy M. years on what was happening in our
can get
old country.
Mancilla, 7-Gabriel 12 By the use of social media it is
James M. years easy to study and communicate
old to other people.
Explain Remoquillo, 10-Wisdom 15 It can help us to be more
briefly. Allen Troy years efficient, we can do our things
M. old easily.
Medallo, 9-Shakespeare 14 We can communicate with other
Laiza years people through social media.
Venice DC. old
Nortes, 8-St.John 13 It is useful when researching
Ahyla years and communicating.
Angelan S. old
Gabejan, 8-St.John 14 Social media helps us to
Jeanelle years communicate with our relatives
Andrea R. old and friends.
Arnaez, 12-HUMSS 17 School works is easy to get in
Philip years social media and we will be
Anthony V. old aware on what is happening to
the society
Fuentes, 12-HUMSS 18 We might get updated on the
Meann years news and other happenings
Angela V. old inside and out of the country.
Payumo, 7-Gabriel 12 We can met some new friends,
Andrei G. years and be updated in the news
Manalaysay 8-St.John 14 We can get some information
, Reniza P. years about our surroundings.
Francisquet 9-Shakespeare 14 We can get some information,
e, Grace years news and can help in terms of
Marie S. old communicating.
Gauay, 12-HUMSS 17 It is easy to communicate and
Patricia years access information like news to
Jean Mae old be updated.
Mendez, 10-Wisdom 16 We can be updated on the latest
Jericho E. years news, happenings, and trends
old around the world.
Nares, 10-Wisdom 15 We can use social media for
Francine G. years communication. Just like for
old example is having a family
member that is working abroad,
by social media we can use it to
communicate with them.
Table 2 shows the answers of the respondents to the question “What are the
benefits of Social Media?” The answer of the respondents varies from the use of Social
Media for better communication, updates on latest news, and trends, research and
gathering of information for studies, and socialization and making new friends. Among
these variations the one that is frequently stated is the use of Social Media for news
updates and for better way of communication. Social media used for new updates and
awareness were mentioned 8 times or 53% of the respondents answered it along with
Social Media for better communication which is stated 9 times or 60% of the
respondents mentioned it.

Table 3

Question Name of the Grade Age Answers

Respondent &Section
Is there Calaycay, 9-Shakespeare 15 Yes. Bullying, because some of
any Darwin R. years students are bullied in social
harmful old media.
effect of Cabas, 9-Shakespeare 15 Yes. Bullying, because some
social Jeremy M. years people especially students are
media? old bullying their opponents
Give at through social media.
Mancilla, 7-Gabriel 12 Yes, sometimes we can see
least one
James M. years malicious pictures that can
old harm our mental health and
sexual education .We can be
addicted easily.
Remoquillo, 10-Wisdom 15 Yes. If it’s not used responsibly,
Allen Troy years it can be a waste of time.
M. old
Medallo, 9-Shakespeare 14 Yes. Some teenagers got
Laiza Venice years addicted to social media for no
DC. old good reason and some causes
cyber bullying.
Nortes, 8-St.John 13 Yes, addiction, because they
Ahyla years use it overly that can lead to
Angelan S. old other stuff.
Gabejan, 8-St.John 14 Yes, it affects the study of
Jeanelle years someone and sometimes it also
Andrea R. old changes someone’s behavior.
Arnaez, 12-HUMSS 17 Yes. Blackmailing, because
Philip years some people have dummy
Anthony V. old accounts used in crimes.
Fuentes, 12-HUMSS 18 Yes. Cyber bullying or fake
Meann years news, because social media
Angela V. old has an access or fast access to
generate information.
Payumo, 7-Gabriel 12 Yes, because it exposes the
Andrei G. years youth to much in sexual and
old malicious things
Manalaysay, 8-St.John 14 Yes, it can corrupt someone’s
Reniza P. years mind. It can also affect
old someone’s social behavior.
Francisquete 9-Shakespeare 14 Yes, getting scammed or
, Grace years getting fake news.
Marie S. old
Gauay, 12-HUMSS 17 Yes, social bullying and
Patricia Jean years spreading of fake news.
Mae old
Mendez, 10-Wisdom 16 Yes. Social media sometimes
Jericho E. years becomes a medium for bullying
old (cyberbullying) that causes
trauma and stress to the victim.
Nares, 10-Wisdom 15 Yes, social media can be use
Francine G. years by syndicates to do their crime,
old for example is “BUGAW” or
selling girls for sex.
All of the respondents answered yes and stated that using Social Media have
harmful effects. The respondents answers varies from Social Media used in
Cyberbullying, crimes, spreading of wrong information and fake news, malicious
contents, addiction and change of behavior. Cyberbullying was mentioned by 40% of
the respondents and the usage of Social Media in spreading of fake news is answered
by 26.67% of the respondents. 33.33% of the respondents stated that using Social
Media can lead to addiction and change of behavior and 20% of the respondents
mentioned that Social Media can be used in committing crimes.


After the researchers conducted further analysis, the researchers have

concluded that Social Media is believed by 53% or more than half of the students as a
good or beneficial. Like what is stated by the founder of Verma Media, AJ Agrawal,
“Social Media does more good than harm in retrospect.” The researchers also found out
that 60% of the respondents benefits in Social Media because it offers better
communication. According to Audrey Willis an entrepreneur, “Social Media changed the
way how we communicate.” Social Media enabled us to communicate from our friends
to distant relatives, share our knowledge, thoughts and stories to world. However, all of
them also know that it has harmful effects. The Pew Research center found out that
instead of relieving stress it appears that using Social Media induces more stress.
However, the harmful effects can be still prevented.

The researchers recommend to the users of Social Media to use it properly and
restrain yourself from too much usage because it can also cause harm to yourself.
Always check if the information if it is true and do not give personal data to untrusted
sites and people. Lastly, the researchers recommend to the users to schedule their use
of Social Media because according to Pew Research Center, one of the dangers of
using Social Media is it can lead to addiction. Restrain yourself, do not use Social Media
too much and just like what the American writer, humorist, and entrepreneur, Mark
Twain said, “Too much of anything is bad.”


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