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A CRITICAL STUDY OF MUJADDID ALF-E THANI’S PHILOSOPHY Abdul Qadeer Saleem Supervisor Prof, Dr. S.A. Rahim Department of Philosophy University of Karachi (Thesis Submitted fo the University of Karachi as Fulfillment for degree of Doctor of Philosopls) Contents Acknowledgement Abstract 1 THE SOURCES. ny THE MAN CONCEPT OF GOD. eo GOD AND THE UNIVERSE a PROPHETHOOD AND SAINTHOOD ~1 > PROPHETHOOD AND SAINTHOOD — It THE SUNNAH: SHARIAT AND TARIGAT 2 EPISTEMOLOGY ~1 © EPISTEMOLOGY - I! 10. CONCLUSION Bibliography 47 69 89 116 147 170 183, 188 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasant duty to express my heart felt gratitude to all thse who helped me in shaping the prosent work. Prof. Dr. 8.A. Rahim my guide and friend, who helped me in planning, the book, went throngh the entire script and made valuable suggestions. deserves special thanks, 1 iso thank my brother Muhammad Yaseen who rend the first typed version of the script and made necessary corrections. 1 fect indebted to my father late Muhammad Saleem Abdullah who ji Hy aroused my intcrest_ in Mujaddid Aife Thani and also to Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan the greatest living authority on Mujaddid, who encouraged me to carry om research on this great Suficthinker-activist, T should also thank Haji Muhammad A'la Mujaddidi who provided me some rae material on Mojaddid. My thanks are also duc to Prof Dr. Arifa Farid, Head of the Department of Philogophy. who very Kindly helped me in submission of this thesis, Tam also tudebted to my friend Abdul Mugtadir Siddiqui. my pupil Zia-ur-Rehman and my daughter Sufia avo helped me in printing and correstions of the final copy of the script This thesis perhaps would have been teft “un friend Prof Dr $.M.A. Sayeed, Prof. Zahid Musa submitted” if I were not coayed by my Siddiqi and Prof, Dr. Kazi A. Kadir to, proceed and do the needfil, Dr. Mazoor Ahmed also encouraged me during my teaching assignments at the University of Karachi, 10 proceed in my academic endeavors. T express my ks Lo all of my friends. Prof, A.Q. Saleem