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Culinary tourism 1

Culinary tourism
Culinary tourism or food tourism is experiencing the food of the country, region or area, and is now considered a
vital component of the tourism experience.[1] Dining out is common among tourists and "food is believed to rank
alongside climate, accommodation, and scenery" in importance to tourists.[1]

Culinary tourism is defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences.[2] Culinary
tourism differs from agritourism in that culinary tourism is considered a subset of cultural tourism (cuisine is a
manifestation of culture) whereas agritourism is considered a subset of rural tourism,[3] but culinary tourism and
agritourism are inextricably linked, as the seeds of cuisine can be found in agriculture.
Culinary tourism is not limited to gourmet food. This is perhaps best illustrated by the notion that culinary tourism is
about what is "unique and memorable, not what is necessarily pretentious and exclusive". Similarly, wine tourism
and beer tourism are also regarded as subsets of culinary tourism.

The International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) is considered the world's leading authority on culinary
travel with resources and information for food, beverage and tourism industry professionals around the world. The
ICTA has four main organizations:[4]
• International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA)
Non-profit trade association, founded in 2003, that works as a resource center for the media and offers benefits to the
• International Culinary Tourism Institute (ICTI), founded in 2006, is a non-profit education organization for
training and education for its members and the public[4]
• International Culinary Tourism Development: consulting, research, strategy and product development solutions to
businesses of all culinary tourism businesses[4]
• FoodTrekker Publishing delivers promotional assistance and help to culinary tourism businesses[4]

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