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Faculty Seminar
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Faculty Seminars 2007
Area wise
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Seema Khanvilkar Building Research Capabilities Aprl 6-7, 2006 Mumbai
Dr. Aneeta Madhok International Conference on Global Leadership April 6-
7, 2006 Mumbai Conference Board in India
Khalid Sheikh Information on Demand (DB2) April 25, 2006 Mumbai IBM
Dr. N. M. Kondap National Management Forum 2006, Seminar on Distinctivenes
s Through Innovation The Leadership Challenge May 11, 2006 Mumbai AIMS & B
Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy Talk on Competition law May 15, 2006
A. S. Chaubal Challenges for Indian Multinationals May 17, 2006 Mumbai
VPM s Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Research & Management Studies
Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy Meeting of Members to discuss the Questionnaire
sent by High Powered Committee on Co-operatives June 1, 2006 Mumbai
The Maharashtra State Co-operative Banks Association Ltd.
Dr.Meena Galliara Meeting on Global Human Chain to Combat Change in Climate
June 2, 2006 Mumbai Institute of Directors
Nafisa H Kattarwala ASAC Conference, Banff June 3-6, 2006 Banff, Canada
Dr. Hemalata Santhanam
Symposium on Optimisation & Applications
June 29, 2006. Hong Kong Operations Research Group, University of
Dr. M. C. Agarwal Spirituality in Management by Ravi Shankar June 30,
2006 Mumbai NCPA
Vrushali Rane E-Publishing & Global Promotion of Indian Journals July 1,
2006 Mumbai NITIE
Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy Meeting of Environment, Safety & Health (ESH) Co
mmittee July 18 & September 12, 2006 Mumbai Bombay Chamber of Commer
ce and Industry
Dr. Mrinalini Shah, Dr. Neeta Inamdar, Preeti Khanna, Dr. Shweta Dixit, S. Racha
ppa, Sumi Jha, Hufrish Homavazir Case Writing Workshop August 5-7, 2006
Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. N. M. Kondap, C. M. Srivastava AIMS Annual Convention August 25-27, 20
06 Lucknow IIM
Preeti Khanna Workshop cum Course Module on Artificial Intelligence 10 weeke
nds from August 27, 2006 Mumbai CDAC
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi, Sudershan Kuntluru AGM of the Indo German Chamber o
f Commerce August 30, 2006 Mumbai Indo German Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi Centenary Celebrations of IMC September 7, 2006
Mumbai Indian Merchant's Chambers
Dr. Aneeta Madhok East West Meets September 11-12, 2006 Istanbul
Eisenhower Fellowships
Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) Seminar on Project Management Septembe
r 15, 2006 Mumbai CSI-PMI
Dr. Aneeta Madhok ICMCI Working Meeting September 15-17, 2006 Moscow
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
Debashish Ghosh, Dr. Bindi Mehta Case Writing & Case Method of Teaching
September 18-22, 2006 Ahmedabad IIM
Dr. Mrinalini Shah, Dr. Neeta Inamdar, Sumi Jha, Pradeep Owalekar, Dr. Shweta Di
xit, Hufrish Homavazir Research Methodology Workshop September 19-24, 2006
Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi Conference on Global Banking Paradigm Shift Septembe
r 26-28, 2006 Mumbai FICCI & BMA
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi, Debashish Ghosh, Sudershan Kuntluru, Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By
Invitation), Soumya Mukherjee SAS Asia Pacific Academic User Group Conference
2006 October 5, 2006 Mumbai SAS India Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi FICCI Round Table with Global Business of Australia
October 6, 2006 Mumbai FICCI
Joy Chowdhury Developing Consulting Skills October 6 - 7, 2006 Mumbai
The Institute of Management Consultants of India
Dr. Aneeta Madhok Private meeting with HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York
November 1, 2006 Mumbai British Deputy High Commisioners office
Dr. Aneeta Madhok India China Economic Review 3, 2006 Mumbai
Board Dr. Bart Van Ark
Pradeeep Owalekar, Dr. Mrinalini Shah, Preeti Khanna, Hufrish Homavazir
SPSS 14 Workshop November 3, 2006 Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. Mrinalini Shah, Dr. Shweta Dixit Case Study Workshop November 6-8, 20
06 Ahmedabad ECCH & MICA
Dr. A. Aparna Innovations in Management November 11, 2006 Mumbai
Bombay Management Association
Rutu Mody-Kamdar AIMS Conference November 17-18, 2006 Bangalor
Dr. P. N. Mukherjee, Pradeep Owalekar Two day Workshop on Lean Management Syst
em November 20-21, 2006 Mumbai American Society for Quality (ASQ) and F
Dr. Vidya Naik International Conference of the Indian Distance Education Associ
ation November 24, 2006 Mumbai Mumbai University - Indian Distance Educ
ation Association
Dr. Neeta Inamdar, Dr. Shweta Dixit Two day Workshop on How to Mentor
December 8-9, 2006 Mumbai Samaroh Event Management P. Ltd., Training Divis
Dr. Gita Kumta MS Projects December 9, 2006 Mumbai Project Manageme
nt Institute
Dr. Sangita Kamdar Strengthening States Plan for Human Development
December 12, 2006 Mumbai Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
(IGIDR), UNDP and Government of India
Hufrish Homavazir, Deepti Adukia Business Simulation Game December
14 -15, 2006 Mumbai Samaroh Event Management P. Ltd., Training Division
Veena Vohra BMA Conference January 2007 Mumbai BMA
Veena Vohra Musings of a Researcher : Prof. Pradip Khandwala January
2007 Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. Mrinalini Shah Pre-Conference Workshop on Fuzzy Logic January 3-4, 200
7 Kharagpur ORSI & IIT, Kharagpur
Pradeep Owalekar, Preeti Khanna, Veena Vohra, Dr. M. C. Agarwal Perspect
ives in Research January 5-6, 2007 Mumbai SVKM s NMIMS University
Preeti Khanna 12th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence a
nd its Benefits to the Society January 6-12, 2007 Hyderabad Hyderaba
d International Convention Centre (HICC)
K. Sudershan Stuttgart Meets Mumbai A Meeting Point for Partners in Business
January 27-29, 2007 Mumbai Indo German Chamber of Commerce
Dr. N. M. Kondap Seminar on Challenging the Status Quo February 2-3, 20
07 Mumbai 3rd Young Indians National Summit
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi, Sudershan Kuntluru Catastrophe Management Seminar
February 8-9, 2007 Mumbai Nagindas Khandwala College
Veena Vohra International Indology Conference February 8-10, 2007
Goa Committee of Eminent Personalities in the area of Indology like Dr. Pand
urang Phaldesai, Dr. Manjeri Sundaram, N. Chandrasekharan etc.
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi, Chandan Dasgupta, Debashish Ghosh, S. Rachappa SIGMA Se
minar on Actuarial Science February 11, 2007 Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. Shweta Dixit 9th Global Conference of Actuaries February 12-13,
2007 Mumbai Actuarial Society of India (ASI)
Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy FICCI Environment Conclave 2007 on Creating Marke
ts for Sustainable Waste Management February 20-21, 2007 New Delhi
Dr. N. M. Kondap AIMA Golden Jubilee & Management Day Celebration
February 21, 2007 New Delhi AIMA
Dr. N. M. Kondap, Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi INBUSH Conference February
22, 2007 Noida Amity University
Vrushali Rane Seminar on Innovative Services for Special Libraries February
27, 2007 Mumbai Central Library, IIT-Mumbai, Max Muller Bhavan
Hufrish Homavazir Research Methodology Workshop (Doing Research An Interna
tional Perspective) February 28 - March 1, 2007 Mumbai Welingkar Instit
ute of Mgmt Dev and Research
Dr. M. C. Agarwal India Inc goes Global : Challenges and Opportunities Ahe
ad March 24, 2007 Mumbai NMIMS
Speaker Prof Sujata Jhambekar
Subject Japan's Liquidity Trap & Learnings for India
Date Monday, August 21, 2006
Speaker Dr. T. T. Kachwala
Subject Service Quality in Hotels
Date Monday, September 18, 2006
Speaker Dr. Sangeeta Kamdar
Subject Human Development Index A Tool for Policy Analysis
Speaker Prof Mukul G. Asher, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singa
Enhancing India's Deepening Integration with Rest of Asia
Date Monday, December 18, 2006
Speaker Prof. Debashish Ghosh
Subject Entertainment Business & Business of Entertainment
Date Monday, January 15, 2007
Speaker Deepti Adukia
Subject Counseling and its relevance at NMIMS
Date Monday, February 26, 2007
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy, Dr. Neeta Inamdar Seminar on Successful Communicati
on in Classrooms : Teaching Communication Skills September 15, 2006
Mumbai British Council Library
Dr. Nilay Yajnik 5th International Conference on Communications Convergen
ce March 16-17, 2007 Mumbai Indian Merchants Chambers
Speaker Prof. Nafisa Kattarwala
Subject A Gandhian Perspective to Entrepreneurship : Social Responsibili
ty Paradigm
Date Monday, November 27, 2006
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Sudershan Kuntkuru 43rd Econometric Conference January 5-7, 2007
Mumbai IIT, Mumbai
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi / Abhishek Mattoo Annual EXIM Bank Foundation Day
May 2, 2006 Mumbai EXIM Bank
Dr. Mrinalini Shah Quantitatives for Finance May 26-27, 2006
Apeejay School of Management
New Delhi
Sudershan Kuntluru Lecture by S. P. Kothari, MIT-USA July 25, 2006
Mumbai SJSOM
Debashish Ghosh, C. D. Sreedharan Foreign Exchange, Derivatives and Risk M
anagement August 21-23, 2006 Mumbai BMA
Debashish Ghosh Portfolio Credit Risk August 24-25, 2006 Hyderaba
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi Program on International Banking August 26-28, 20
06 Mumbai FICCI
Debashish Ghosh Credit Risk August 28, 2006 Chennai
Institute of Financial Management & Research
Sudershan Kuntluru Mergers & Acquisitions September 23, 2006 Mumbai
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Sudershan Kuntluru Mergers & Acquisitions September 30, 2006 Mumbai
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Sudershan Kuntluru, Dr G. K Sharma National Symposium on Mergers and Acquis
itions : Emerging Trends October 11, 2006 Mumbai IIFT & BCCI
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi & S. Rachappa Risk Summit October 12, 2006
Mumbai National Insurance Academy and Asia Insurance Post
Dr. Mrinalini Shah, Shailaja Rego Statistical Data Analysis for Managerial
Decisions November 24-25, 2006 Mumbai NMIMS
Dr. K. Sunder Ram, Debashish Ghosh FICCI Annual Conference on Capital Marke
ts January 15-16, 2007 Mumbai FICCI
Dr. K. Sunder Ram, Sudershan Kuntluru
Seminar on Banking and Capital Markets January 24, 2007 Mumbai
Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
Debashish Ghosh International Seminar by Association of NSE Members of I
ndia February 10, 2007 Mumbai ANMI
Dr. Gita Kumta, Dr. Rakesh Singh Seminar on Banking in the Hinterland
February 14, 2007 Mumbai Indian Banks Association and Rural Marketing Agen
cies Association of India (RMAAI) (RMAAI)
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi IMC Seminar on IT and Investments February 23, 200
7 Mumbai Indian Merchants Chambers
C. D. Sreedharan, S. Rachappa National Seminar on Financial Sector March 15
-16, 2007 Coimbatore Bharatiar University
Speaker Dr. R. H. Patil, Noted Economist, Former Chairman, National Stoc
k Exchange, Currently, Chairman, Clearing Corporation of India
Journey of Indian Capital Markets & Road Ahead
Date Monday, July 17, 2006
Dr. Bindi Mehta Opening Remarks & Budget Processes
Dr. Rakesh Singh Macro Economic Impact
Prof Debashish Ghosh Impact on Capital Markets
Dr. Sangita Kamdar Impact on the Social Sector
Prof Ghabhawala Taxation Proposals
Subject Central Budget 2007 - 08
Date Monday, March 5, 2007
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Sumi Jha Training the Trainer September 26-28, 2006 Mumbai Grey Cel
Dr. M. C. Agarwal Seminar on Talent Retention and Management October
7, 2006 Mumbai MTHR, Mumbai
Dr. Vidya Naik Symposium on Critical HCM Challenges Facing India & The West : Sh
aping Talent for the Future 2006 Mumbai IIT-Mumbai
Dr. M. C. Agarwal National HR Convention on The Winning Strategies January
11, 2007 Mumbai BMA
Dr. M. C. Agarwal XXXVII ISTD National Convention on Unprecedented Results
by Design The HR Value Add January 19-20, 2007 Chennai ISTD
Dr. Sunder Ram Korivi, Chandan Dasgupta, Debashish Ghosh, Sudershan Kuntluru, S.
Rachappa CIMA faculty Training Workshop February 5, 2007 Chennai
Ram Peng of Malaysia, MM Clancy Pieris of Sri Lanka
Speaker Prof. Sumi Jha
Subject Employee Empowerment in Indian Hotel Industry
October 16, 2006
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Dr. Gita Kumta ECCH Case Method Workshop April 3-5, 2006 Lucknow
Khalid Sheikh Security and Identity Solutions (India Secure IT Tour) April 21
, 2006 Mumbai Novell
Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) CSI CIO Club Meeting on Aligning IT Best
Practices with Business Objectives April 24, 2006 Mumbai CSI CIO
Dr. Nilay Yajnik IT in Banking - CTO Summit 2006 May 10, 2006
Mumbai Bank Net India
Dr. Nilay Yajnik Creative New Growth Through Disruptive Innovation
May 17, 2006 Mumbai India Times
Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) CSI AC Nielsen Seminar IT Roadmap for SME
Sector June 13, 2006 Mumbai CSI AC Nielsen
Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) CSI CIO Club Meeting on Intelligent Busin
ess Solutions July 14, 2006 Mumbai CSI CIO
Dr. Gita Kumta Seminar on SAP for SMEs July 28, 2006 Mumbai Wipro, S
Preeti Khanna Trends in Software Quality Management September 8-9, 2007
Mumbai D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering
Dr. Gita Kumta, Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) CSI CIO Club Seminar on
Corporate Preparedness for Information Security September 22, 2006
Mumbai CSI-CIO Club
Dr. Gita Kumta Info Vision 2006 September 28-29, 2006 Bangalore
CII Bangalore & International School of Information Management
Dr. Nilay Yajnik (By Invitation) NASSCOM Seminar on Critical Factors in Te
chnology Business October 4, 2006 Mumbai NASSCOM
Vrushali Rane eBooks The Changing Dimensions in e-learning November 1, 2006
Mumbai Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Gita Kumta, Dr. Nilay Yajnik, Preeti Khanna BMA s IT Conference 2006-
Aligning IT with Business Strategy December 15-16, 2006 Mumbai BMA
Preeti Khanna Neural Network & Fuzzy Systems February 24, 2007 Mumbai
Thadomal Engineering College
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Dr. Mala Srivastava Marketing in the New Global Order November 27, 200
6 Indore IIM Indore
Dr. Rakesh Singh RMAAI Awards 2006 Function on Success in Rural Markets
November 29, 2006 Mumbai Rural Marketing Agencies Association of India
Sumi Jha National Retail Summit 2006 November 29-30, 2006 Mumbai
Confederation of Indian Industries
Dr. Mala Srivastava Second IIM-A Conference on Research in Marketing
January 3-5, 2007 IIM Ahmedabad Indian Institute of Management
Dr. B. M. Kacholia, Dr. V. N. Patankar, Sumi Jha, Neeta Acharya, Dr. Mala Srivas
tava, Vijay Bhandari BMA National marketing and Media Convention on Strategies
Marketing best Practice to Next Practice January 19-20, 2007 Mumbai
Dr. Aneeta Madhok Meeting on Strategy for Services Sector January 23, 2007
Mumbai EXIM Bank in association with the Ministry of Finance, GoI
Dr. Mala Srivastava Annual Convention on Retail in India FOOTFALLS February
9-10, 2007 New Delhi FICCI
Name of the Faculty Member
Name of the Conference Date Place Organising Body / Inst.
Pradeep Owalekar 10th Annual Conference Society of Operations Management
December 21-23, 2006 Ahmedabad IIM
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