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Article is meant to interact with their audiences, so it should be tailored accordingly for an audience.

Articles are usually published in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. Therefore, it has to attract the
readers’ attentions and retain them into reading it until the end. Articles can be formal or informal
depending on their audiences, but it is usually less formal compared to reports. It usually contains a lot
of the writer’s opinions supported by facts and evidences. It can describe events, occurrences, person,
places, experiences, etc.

What are the contents of articles?

 Title – to grab readers’ attentions

 Introduction – talks more about topic concerned, should be brief and not boring
 Body – contains 2 to 5 paragraphs, further discuss the topic and explain the idea, use terms that
fits the audience
 Conclusion – should be out of the box, leaving readers thinking

Promotional texts are the texts used to promote something such as programs, events, activities,
products, etc. This type of text is often used for businesses. There are some things to consider when you
write a promotional text. Promotional texts can be written in brochures or sent in mails. One example is
to provide your customers with some solutions. Here is one example: “Stop wasting money on gym
membership that you will not use. Get activate with this affordable in-home stair climber instead.”
These 2 sentences could be used as a part of promotional texts. It uses words that are inviting and
persuasive to customers to attract their attentions. To let customers be interested in your offer, you can
also include some phrases that set a deadline or time limit to which your discount or best offer will last.
This may include “Limited time offer.”, or “Do not be late to own this.” Using the right tone in this type
of text us also very important. What’s your average customer like? How do they want, or expect, to be
treated? By answering these questions, you should be able to make a decision about your text’s tone.

Firstly, include a good headline, it has to be interesting and brief to catch attention of readers. In the
first part, ask a question about what was the problem you are going to talk about and give out its
answers you are going to further discuss in the text. Next, you are going to explain more about the main
point you are writing the promotional text. Give some background to explain why the activity is being
carried out or what is the specialties of the products. Usually, journalists also include the use of photos
and some quotes to end the text.