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Guest House Policy

1. Objective

The objective is to have a guideline on the utilization of company guest house

during the hour of need at COMPANY.

2. Scope

It applies to all the employees of COMPANY.

3. Applicability

a. For employee on Official tour:

 During official visit, employee must stay at company guest house wherever

 No cost is chargeable for the guest house accommodation.

 Boarding expense shall not be claimed by the employee wherever guest

house facility is available.

 Employee during official trip to the location must inform the location admin
for blocking the guest house well in advance along with the time period of
his official visit. In case of no availability, he / she may go as per the travel

b. For candidates attending interview:

 Outstation candidates called for interview above assistant manager level

shall be accommodated at the guest house based on availability.

 Concerned HR responsible shall inform the location admin responsible for

guest house administration to block the guest house for the candidate and
shall be allotted subject to availability.

 No cost will be charged from the candidate for the guest house
c. For newly joined employee:

 All outstation employees joined newly shall be provided guest house facility
free of cost up to a maximum of 10 days subject to approval of Head

 In any specific case, if the newly joined employee needs to extend his stay,
he/she shall extend the stay for additional of 5 days with a nominal rate of
Rs.XXXX per day subject to approval of Head HR/Director.

 Concerned HR shall liaise with the admin team responsible for the guest
house administration for above requirement.

d. Other than employee:

 Consultants, Trainers, Customers, Vendors, Dealers, etc. can use company

guest house facility free of cost upon approval from concern HOD.

 Functional representative upon approval from HOD must inform the admin
responsible for blocking the guest house along with the details of persons
and period of their stay.

 Admin responsible for guest house administration must take approval from
concerned HR before allotting the guest house.

4. Guest House Guidelines

 Guest house booking and confirmation shall be taken from the admin
responsible at least 5 days in advance.
 Information like Name, designation, purpose and extend of stay must be
provided while booking the guest house.
 Confirmation of guest house booking shall be done only upon availability and
the same shall be informed by the admin responsible while raising the
 Any cancellation of the booking must be informed to the admin
 Guest house will be given on sharing basis (same gender) for employee on
official tour, interview candidate and newly joined up to senior manager
 During non-availability of guest house, booking shall be made in service
apartments/hotels as per the eligibility by admin subject to approval of
Head HR.
 Guest house admin shall ensure the neatness and regular cleaning of guest
 Guest house will be provided to employees and guests only upon proper
 Guest house admin must inform the guest and employee the rules and
regulations of the guest house.
 Disciplinary action shall be taken on employees for non-adherence and
misconduct during the period of stay.
 Use of alcohol and illegal activities at the guest house premises is not
permitted and strict action will be taken against offender.
 Employees are requested to adhere to the rules and regulations displayed at
the guest house.
 Guest house kitchen shall be open from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm only.
 Any visitor accompanying the guest for lunch or dinner must be informed to
the guest house kitchen 1 day in advance.
 Details of the guest must be entered in the Guest House register and the
same has to be informed to Admin well in advance.

5. Feedback
 Any complaint related to guest house has to be made to Head HR.
 Guests can drop their suggestion in the suggestion box provided at the guest
house facility.
 Suggestion received shall be reviewed regularly by the Head of HR and
necessary actions will be taken accordingly for improvement.