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John Hall Hindmarsh – 1786-1856

John Hall Hindmarsh, the noted elocutionist and author of related texts, waxed lyrical with the
epitaph on his wife’s headstone, a plain one. She was evidently so admired by her grieving
husband for her saintly character that he was moved to have this tribute inscribed on her
headstone – is it the longest one in history. I think it must be close.

John Hall Hindmarsh, late of Perth. – Interred here are the mortal remains of Sarah
Hindmarsh, devoted, admirable wife of John Hall Hindmarsh, Teacher of Elocution
(some advertising here?) who departed this life at Coupar Angus on Monday 7th Feby
1853, aged 67 years. “the loss of a friend upon whom the heart was fixed, to whom
every wish and endeavour tended, is a state of dreary desolation in which the mind …
abroad, impatient of itself, and finds nothing but emptiness and horror. Theblameless
life, the artless tenderness, the pious simplicity, the modest resignation, the patient
sickness and pious death are remembered only to add value to the loss, to aggravate
regret for what cannot be recalled.” We know little of the state of departed souls
because such knowledge is not necessary to a good life. Reason deserts us at the brink
of the grave, and can give no further intelligence. Revelation is not wholly silenced.
There is the joy in the angels of heaven in the souls of one sinner that repenteth; and
surely this joy is not communicable to souls disentangled from the body, and made like
angels. Let hope dictate (what revelation does not confute!) that the union of souls may
still remain and that we who are struggling with sin, sorrow and infirmities, may have
our part in the attention and kindness of her who has finished her course and is now
receiving her reward!”

Also interred Antionette Nesbitt, dau of Abercrombie Nesbitt, late of Alnwick and grandchild
of Sarah and John Hall Hindmarsh, an amiable and interesting girl, who died suddenly
at the Manse of Kettlins, Monday 4th April 1853, aged 13yrs.

“She was one of those who came,

With pledged promise not to stay
Long, ere the angels let them stray
To nestle down in earthly home.”

On the west side of the same stone

Also to the memory of John Hall Hindmarsh, late of Perth, died 24th July 1856 aged 70years
And Charles Julius, infant son of Principal Tulloch of St Andrews, died 17th May 1858, aged
4 months.

Mr and Mrs Hindmarsh were father and mother-in-law of Principal Tulloch, who was
ministerof Kettins some years before he went to St Andrews. Kettins is believed to have vbeen
the seat of a Celtic monastery. The Charter 1292-3 wherein the overlord Hugh of Over, granted
“his well in his lands to the Abthenage of Ketines called Bradwell…
Hence -.(Brides Well – St Bridgets)
I found this by putting in Andrew Jervis. Full text of Epitaphs, inscriptions cout of Perth. Ref to
Kettins is on pages 90-100, 110-117, 419-422 one of those e-books that involve heaps of
scrolling and I couldn’t print it out.