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12 dialogues to
report Dialogue #1
-Let's go to the cinema. There is
Dialogue #2
- Mike! Do you hear the
a new movie there tonight. alarm-clock? Wake up!
-Oh, very good! I haven't been - Oh, I am so sleepy!
to the cinema for a long time. -Well, that's what you always say.
Get out of bed quickly!

Dialogue #3 Dialogue #4
-Have you ever been to Japan? -Please, help me to cook the soup.
-No, I’ve never been there but -Mum, I can’t. I’m doing
I know it’s a very safe and my homework. I’m having
beautiful country to travel. an important test tomorrow.
-Oh, I think, I’ll visit it one day.

Dialogue #5 Dialogue #6
-Where did you go yesterday? -Hi! How are you? I haven’t seen
-I went to the book store and you for ages!
bought a very interesting book. -I’m fine. My boyfriend
-Do you like it? has proposed to me and
-Yes, I was reading it all evening. we’re getting married soon!

Dialogue #7 Dialogue #8
-This dog looks angry. I’m scared. -Let’s go to the Zoo next week!
-Don’t be afraid! -I don’t want. I was there last
It’s my friend’s dog. It’s very Sunday and saw all the animals.
kind and it won’t bite you. -That’s a pity. I think I’ll go
with my brother then.

Dialogue #9 Dialogue #10

-Did you run a race yesterday? -Can we play here, mum?
-Yes, I did. I was the 1st -No, please be quiet. The father
to come to the finish. is sleeping. He has worked a lot
-That’s great! I’m so today and is very tired.
proud of you! -Ok! We’ll play outside.

Dialogue #11 Dialogue #12

-Alice, hurry up! And don’t forget to -Don’t be late for dinner!
take your umbrella. It’s The granny is waiting for us.
raining outside. -Don’t worry, I won’t be late. I will buy
-Ok, mum. I won’t forget. I will call a cake and flowers
a taxi to get to the station. on my way to her.