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Nama : Maria Natalia Ponga

Prodi : S1 Tingkat 3
Tugas Individu Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris

Manuscript of Nursing Soul

A patient is so impulsive to hit people, so the family takes him to the Mental Hospital, when he
arrives at the Mental Hospital the patient goes on a rampage and wants to hit the people around
him because he feels not crazy.

Patient: Why was I brought here? (While reading the inscription that reads Mental Hospital, am I
not crazy, mom?
Patient's mother: Just follow whatever words, so you are cured.
Patient: You think I'm crazy?
Patient's mother: I just want you to see the doctor with the nurse for a moment

Arriving at the Emergency Room, a nurse who saw their arrival immediately invited them to sit
Nurse 1: Good morning, Please sit down
Patient's mother : (While holding the patient's hand the family explains the purpose of his arrival)
Look, nurses, my son has been in a breakup since 1 month ago and since then, my child
has often become angry and hit people until they are unsettled, so the RT instructed me
to brought him here, sometimes he likes to bang his own head
Nurse 1: Introduce, my name is Nurse Fitri. What is your name? (Reaching out with a smile)
Patient: Sumanto (cynical answer)
Nurse 1: What's happen at home ?? What made Mr. Sumanto angry and often hit people?
Patient: I only defend myself, (looking at my family) I want to go home, I don't want to be here.
(Trying to leave)
Patient mother: Hey, where are you going?
Patient: Want to go home !!!! (in a high-pitched and glaring tone, hitting his mother) Seeing that,
the nurse began to prepare the restrain tool
Nurse 1: Nurse, please prepare restain tools. Call other nurses too.
Nurse 1: Mr., Mrs. (to the family) I will do security to Mr. Sumanto, by using this shirt, Mr.
Sumanto's hands will be tied back so that Mr. Sumanto does not hit people again.
When later you don't hit people again, I'll let go. This method is not painful and safe.
Patient: No !!!!!! Watch out, if you dare I'll beat you !!!!!

The nurse starts holding the patient so that the patient does not run away. As soon as other nurses
and security guards came to provide assistance.
Nurse 2: For you, come with me to the nurse's office
Nurse 2 and the family walk to the nurse's room
Nurse 2: Mother, nurse 1 has explained the actions we will take to secure Mr. Sumanto, if you
agree that the action is done, please sign on the Consent Information sheet.
Patient's mother: Yes, I agree that what matters is that my child is cured
Nurse 2: Alright mom, then we will take a restrain action for your mother's child
On the other hand the patient rages aggressively.
Patient: "I'm not crazy, all of you are crazy", (constantly screaming)
Security: May I help Sus?
Nurse 1: yes please

Other nurses and security guards begin the restainment of the patient in several ways such as:
Start the activity in a good way
• Choosing the right restrain tool
• Installing restrain on clients quickly and precisely
• Hold the patient's shoulders and aggressive hands, walk behind the patient and stay alert
• Open shirt in "swarm" position
• Wear clothes quickly
• Hold the patient's hand back, like someone is handcuffed.
• Secure restrain out of reach of patients
• Provides security and comfort as needed
• Change position every 60 minutes
• Check vital signs every 60 minutes
• Check the rest of the body
• Collaboration with doctors by providing anti-anxiety drugs
• After the patient can be controlled, restain is removed
• Evaluation: record TTV, always record the reasons for restainment, pay attention to the
patient's response to therapy while in restain.

Nurse 1: Mother. This is a restrain method, this is our method as a health worker to calm Mr.
Sumanto so as not to hit people again.
Patient mother: oh yes yes,
Nurse 2: Later this restrain will be released, if Mr. Sumanto doesn't hit anyone again. (Talking to
Mr. Sumanto)
Nurse 2: Mom, for a moment I will invite the mother to complete the data of Mr. Sumanto that
has not been completed earlier.
Nurse 3: greetings, please sit down please ma'am.
Patient's mother: yes ...
Nurse 3: I saw in the history it was said that Mr. Sumanto often threw tantrums on his own to
disturb residents, after raging, did Mr. Sumanto feel guilty / humble?
Patient's mother: yes, sister, my child, when he runs amok, likes to demean himself. Sometimes
he says this "I'm not useful, I can not be happy for my girlfriend and others".
Anyway he likes to talk like that himself Sister
Nurse 3: Besides that, does he like to hallucinate?
Patient's mother: oh no sus, he just rages, is alone, feels himself useless.
Nurse 3: Hmmm, yes, ma'am. We recommend that your child be here first to undergo treatment
until your child's recovery. How is it mom? Are you willing?
Mother patient: thank you sister, for helping me with my child.
Nurse 2: Yes ma'am, because that is indeed our duty, thank you also for your trust in us.
Next the nurse begins to take action to document the actions taken by the patient and record the
patient's response.
1 month later Mr. Sumanto began to be able to control himself, he was able to interact normally
with other people and also did not run amok like before. His face was very bright, visible from
his face that had escaped adversity.
Nurse 2: how is Mr. Sumanto ... do you feel better ...? (smiling)
Patient: Yes Sister, now I am excited again.
Nurse 2: thank God, then. It is very likely that Mr. Sumanto can go home ...
Patient: Alhamdulillah ...
Nurse 2: well then ... I'll stay a little ... I will coordinate with other health workers.

Then Nurse 2 coordinates with other health workers. Finally all decided to send Sumanto home
because the situation was normal. One of the nurses called the patient's family,
Nurse 1: hello, greetings ...
Patient's father: yes wa'alaikumsalam .. who is this?
Nurse 2: We are from the Mental Hospital, sir ... we are telling you that Mr. Sumanto's son is
now cured ... your family can take him home.
Patient's father: thank God ... really mom!
Nurse 2: yes sir ... congratulations ...
Patient's father: Thank you, mom, for your notice ... greetings

Data Analysis (Analisa Data) :

Main complain : Stress mental disorders
Subjective Data : Patient’s mother said that her son has been in a stress
breakup since 1 month ago and since then, my child has often become angry
and hit people until they are unsettled
Objective data : The patient looked appear to be raging when they will be treated, talk roughly,
disorientation of time, less able to control emotions
Nursing Diagnosis : Thought process disorders