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- Competent, committed and motivated - Establish and continuously implement employee performance planning and evaluation
employees; system;
- Establish and implement a system by which employees can understand and appreciate
- Policy & System Enforcement; the operation of PAGRO, the role and importance of the organization and values,
attitudes and behavior required of them;
- Personnel development; - Conduct training needs analysis;
- Plan, design and implement training programs for employees;
- Design and institutionalize a reward and merit system;
- Conflict Resolution - Foster interpersonal and good working relations among employees;
- Provide counselling services related to work and professional growth in the organization;

- Funds Availability - Prepare annual budget for the entire PAGRO operation;
- Prepare and review all financial documents/ requisitions submitted for payments and
cashing of checks;
- Prompt payment of obligations; - Improve and rationalize the system on the acquisition and disbursement of funds;
- Perform cashiering function;
- Monitor and account cash, receivables and disbursement;
- Timely cCollection and remittance of - Collect income and receivables on time;
- Promptly submit all collections to the PTO ;
Cash Remittance
- Prepare schedule and disbursement for payment of payables;

- Conduct Inventory control for office supplies and equipment;

- Property records and data; - Maintain records of properties and equipment;

- Procurement Plan; - Plan for procurement;

- Availability and usage of supplies and - Schedule the use and maintenance of transport and farm equipment;
transport facility and farm equipment;

- Proper dDisposal of non-functional - Plan and implement the acquisition and disposal of equipment and properties;
retired equipment and facilities