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2. Read the text. Which of these sentences are T (true) or F (false)? Give reason.

1. The film is based on a novel. True.

The Hobbit was written by the British author J.R.R.Tolkien
2. The Hobbit was the inspiration for another film. False
The hobbit is the prequel to The Lord of the Rings.
3. Special Technology was used in the production of the film. True
Special technology was used to create the scenes of the movie to look more realistic.
4. In the future all films will have 48 frames per second. False
Only 24 frames per second captured.
5. 3D films look unreal. False
In 3D you can see the realism of the movie

The Hobbit. From bestseller to the big screen.

As the hobbit: An unexpected journey is released in cinemas, ¡people all across the world are
queuing up to see it! with the use of a new technology, this classic novel has been brought to life.
The hobbit was written by the British author J.R.R. Tolkien. It is one of the best – selling books of
all time and the prequel to the popular Lord of the Rings series. It tells the story of Bilbo Baggins, a
Young hero who goes to battle a dragon. However, on his journey he finds a ring that changes his
life forever.
Now, with the help of award – winning director Peter Jackson, the hobbit has hit the big screen. The
plot will thrill you, and the photography will amaze you! It was filmed using special cameras that
captured each scene at twice the rate of standard films. This means that instead of seeing 24 frames
every second, viewers see 48.
The result is a far smoother and clearer picture. What’s more, every tiny detail is captured, making
the film much more realistic. With the added bonus of 3D, the film is incredibly life-like and very
impressive to watch.
Thanks to the success of film like The Hobbit it looks like high frame – rate technology is here to
stay. So welcome to a new age of film. One that will take you on a journey so realistic it’s like
stepping into another world!
3. Read again and complete the sentences.
1. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit.
2. The hobbit is about a battle between elves, men, dwarves against orcs, goblins and packs of
wolves and wargs.
3. Peter Jackson is the director of the film.
4. What makes the film realistic is the use of special cameras that captured each scene at twice
the speed.
5. High frame – rate technology is gaining popularity for 3D movie creation.

4. Answer the questions in your own words.

What special technology was used in the film?
Projection of images on a green screen.
What makes the film impressive according to the writer?
Captured every little detail in the scenes of the movie
How do you think the new technology will affect the future of cinema?
They will become technology dependent.
5. Complete the sentences. Use released, queuing captured, battle, stepping, hit.
1. Peter Jackson's new film has finally hit the big screen!
2. The film was released in cinemas last Friday.
3. People have been queuing up outside cinemas to buy a ticket.
4. In the film, the main character journeys to battle a scary creature.
5. Each scene was captured using special high frame-rate cameras.
6. Watching the film is like stepping into another world.

6. Replace the words in bold with the following words: amazing, added, popular, unexpected,
bestseller, classic.
1. The hobbit is a traditional British novel. (The hobbit is a bestseller British novel)
2. The Lords of the Rings was a well – like series. (The Lords of the Rings was a popular
3. The hobbit was based on a successful book. (The hobbit was based on a classic book)
4. The film has great special effects. (The film has amazing special effects.)
5. The hero makes a rather sudden discovery. (The hero makes a rather unexpected
6. Watching the film is an extra bonus. (Watching the film is an added bonus)
7. Match the underline words in the text to their opposites. Watch of speech is each?
More blurred Clearer
Leave Welcome
Old New
Bore Thrill
Unknown Popular
Rougher smoother
Reject Stay.
Unnatural Realistic
Sequel Prequel