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The length of a spring is α when a force of 4 N is applied on it, the length is β when 5 N
forces is applied then the length of spring when 9N force is applied is
a. 5β - 4α
b. β - α
c. 5α -4β
d. 9(β – α)
2. The various features of wave phenomenon can be very conveniently studies by an apparatus
a. Sono meter
b. Ripple tank
c. hydrometer
d. barometer
3. Laplace formula is derived from
a. Isothermal; change
b. Adiabatic change
c. Isobaric change
d. Isochoric change
4. Progressive waves of frequency 300 Hz are superimposed to produce a system of stationary
waves in which adjacent nodes are 1.5m apart. What is the speed of the progressive waves?

a. 100m/s b. 200m/s c. 450 m/s d. 900 m/s

5. Which one is not a produced by sound wave in air

a. Polarization b. Diffraction c. Refraction d. Reflection

6. At what place the motion of the bob of simple pendulum will be slowest
a. At poles of earth
b. At equator of earth
c. Anywhere on the surface of earth
d. None of these
7. The period of simple pendulum double when:
a. Its length is double
b. The mass of the bob is double
c. Its length is made four times
d. The mass and length of the pendulum is made two times
8. The 3m long string resonates in 3 loops. The frequency of stationary wave having velocity of
30m/s mainly:

(a) 5H₂ (b) 30H₂ (c) 15H₂ (d) 10H₂

9. Those waves in which the particle of medium have displacement along the direction of
propagation of waves are known as :

a) Longitudinal waves b) Transverse waves

c) Simple waves d) Electromagnetic waves

10. A mass is attached to the end of a fixed spring. The spring is compressed upward
and then released immediately after the spring is released, which of the following
(A) kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy
(B) kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy
(C) kinetic energy only
(D) gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy
(E) elastic potential energy only
11. Sound has the highest speed in which of the following?
(A) steel (B) wood (C) water
(D) air (E) helium
12. A periodic wave is sent through a tight spring. If the tension in the spring is
reduced, the wavelength of the wave will
(A) decrease. (B) increase.
(C) remain the same. (D) become zero.
(E) equal the length of the spring.
13. If the length of a pendulum is increased from 2 m to 8 m, how will the period of
oscillation be affected?

A. It will double. B. It will be halved.

C. It will quadruple. D. It will decrease by one-fourth.

14. If the speed of a wave is 3 m/s and its wavelength is 10 cm, what is the period?

A. 0.01 s B. 0.03 s C. 0.1 s D. 0.3 s

15. If two waves are 180° out of phase, what is the amplitude of the resultant wave if
the amplitudes of the original waves are 5 cm and 3 cm?

A. 2 cm B. 3 cm C. 5 cm D. 8 cm

16. A mass on a pendulum oscillates under simple harmonic motion. A student wants to

double the period of the system. She can do this by which of the following?

I. Increasing the mass

II. Dropping the mass from a higher height

III. Increasing the mass length of the string

A. I only B. III only C. II and III only D. I and III only

17. As an officer approaches a student who is studying with his radio playing loudly

beside him, he experiences the Doppler effect. Which of the following statements

remains true as the officer moves closer to the student?

I. The apparent frequency of the music increases.

II. The same effect will be produced if the officer is stationary and the student approaches him.

III. The apparent velocity of the wave increases.

A. I only B. II only C. I and III only D. I, II, and III
18. If the frequency of a pendulum is four times greater on an unknown planet than it
is on earth, then the gravitational constant on that planet is

A. 16 times greater.

B. 4 times greater.

C. 4 times lower.

D. 16 times lower.

19. Which of the properties change when a wave is refracted?
I. speed II wavelength III. frequency
(A) I only (B) II only (C) I and II only (D) II and III only (E) I, II, and III
20. A pendulum is dropped from a height of 4 m . The speed of the pendulum at the lowest point in
the swing is most nearly
(A) 6 m/s (B) 7 m/s. (C) 8 m/s.
(D) 9 m/s. (E) 10 m/s.

21. Choose the region of the spectrum which would be used to determine the structure of
crystalline solids:
A. Visible
B. infrared
C. X-rays

D. Ultraviolet

22. Newton’s rings are formed due to

a. Reflection of light
b. Interference of light
c. Diffraction of light
d. Polarization of light
23. Using monochromatic light interference fringes are produced on a screen placed at a distance
D from a pair of slits of separation a, the separation of fringes is x, both a &D are now
doubled. What is the new fringe separation?

(a) 2x

(b) x

(c) 3x

(d) 4x
24. The property of bending of light around obstacles and spreading of light waves into
geometrical shadow of an obstacle is known as:

a) Diffraction

b) Interference

c) Polarization

d) Optical rotation

25. When a spring is stretched by 10 cm the potential energy stored is E. when spring stretched by 10
cm more the potential energy stored in spring becomes
a. 2E
b. 4E
c. 6E
d. 10E
26. The quantity which specifies the displacement as well as direction of motion in simple
harmonic motion is the
a. Phase angle
b. Angular frequency
c. Path difference
d. None

27. An observer moves towards a stationary source of a sound with a velocity one fifth of the
velocity of sound. What is the percentage increase in the apparent frequency?
A. Zero
B. 0.5%
C. 5%
D. 20%
28. The ratio of volumetric strain to volumetric stress is called:
A. Compressibility
B. Young's modulus
C. Bulk's modulus
D. Shear's modulus
29. A spring of a spring constant 5 × 103 N/m is stretched initially by 5 cm from the upstretched
position. Then the work required to stretch is further by another 5 cm is
A. 12.50 N-m
B. 18.75 N-m
C. 25.00 N-m
D. 6.25 N-m
30. A tuning fork of known frequency 256Hz makes 5 beats per second with the vibrating string of
a piano. The beat frequency decreases to 2 beats per second when the tension in the piano
string is slightly increased. The frequency of the piano string before increasing the tension was
A. (256+2)Hz
B. (256-2)Hz
C. (256-5)Hz
D. (256+5)Hz
31. A simple harmonic oscillator has a period T and energy E. the amplitude of the oscillator is
doubled choose the correct answer
a. Period and energy get double
b. Period gets doubled while energy remain same
c. Energy gets doubled while Period remain same
d. Period remain same and Energy becomes 4 times
32. Monochromatic light with a wavelength of 6.0 x I 0- meter is incident upon two slits that are

2.0 x 10-5 meter apart. As a result, an-interference pattern appears on a screen 2.0 meters
away from the slits and parallel to the slits. what is the expected distance between the
central maximum and the next bright line on the screen?
(A) 1.0 x 10- m

(B) 3.0 x 10- m 2

(C) 1.7 x 10- m


(D) 6.0 x 10- m


(E) 1.2 x 10-1 m

33. Colors in a soap bubble are caused
(A) solely by pigments
(B) solely by reflection
(C) solely by absorption
(D) by polarization
(E) by interference
34. If the wavelength of the rays of light passing through the slits is doubled, the distance from
the central maximum to the first maximum
(A) is halved
(B) is doubled
( C) remains the same
(D) is quadrupled
(E) is tripled
35. When we place an opaque object between appoint source of light and a screen, we will
observe: I. A shadow of the obstacle is formed on the screen
II. No light reaches within the geometrical shadow of the obstacle at the screen.
III. Outside the geometrical shadow the screen is uniformly illuminated
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I and III only

e) I, II and III
36. In electromagnetic spectrum of radiations, the wavelength spectrum that is visible to human
lies in the range of :
A. 100 – 400 nm
B. 400 – 700 nm
C. 700 – 1000 nm
D. 1000 – 1500 nm
37. ______________ is defined as the sensation that sound produces in the ear of a listener and is
clearly related to the frequency of sound. Frequency and _________ are both measured in
Hertz (Hz). Thus greater the frequency the greater the _______________ and lower the
frequency lower the _______
A. Quality … Pitch … Loudness…. Pitch
B. Pitch …. Pitch … Pitch … Pitch
C. Loudness … Quality … Pitch … Quality
D. Quality … Quality … Quality … Quality
E. Loudness … Loudness … Loudness … Loudness
38. Light can be polarized by :
I. Reflection
II. Double refraction
III. Scattering of light
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I & II only
E. I, II & III
39. Incident rays of light parallel to the principal axis of a convex lens, after refraction by the
lens , will :
A. Converge at the principle focus
B. Converge inside the principle focus
C. Converge outside the principal focus
D. Converge at the center of curvature
E. Diverge as long as they are close to the lens
40. Two sound have the same wavelength in air at the same temperature, what other property
must they also have in common ?
I. intensity
II. Amplitude
III. Frequency
A. I only
B. III only
C. I & II only
D. II & III only