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1. Creating trusts through education

Importance of hair care is not getting the right amount of attention from everyone,
thus Deluvo is trying its best by advertising their hair products through educating their
customers. This can help consumers to understand the benefits they will get from using
Deluvo’s hair products and in result attract more customers in the future. Most consumers
love getting free information of the products they use in their daily routine because those
products impacted their lives.

Deluvo hair products are made from organic ingredients that has its own benefits to
all types of hair and to aware these to their consumers, Deluvo has its own Youtube channel
and Instagram account to share beneficial information and also ways on how to take care of
the hair according to its type. Customers can simply visit Deluvo’s social media accounts to
gain information and study more about their own hair and how Deluvo can help them to
achieve their desired hair condition with the hair products they produce.

2. Social media advertisement

Social media is the most effective platform for advertisement of products as everyone
now has their own mobile phones to browse the internet or any applications. Deluvo
advertises their hair products on Instagram and Facebook. With these ads, Deluvo will be
able to reach a higher number of customers and also drive awareness on the hair products.
Social media ads work by paying to post content on any mobile applications to reach a larger
number of audience. Social media advertisement allows Deluvo to check their insights such
as tracking how many people are seeing and interacting with the promoted post.

Advertising on social media is not just posting content but Deluvo also interacts with
their customers on social media by replying to the comments. By this, Deluvo’s customers
will be able to get a fast reply regarding of the hair products without having to email and
contact the office about it. Furthermore, Deluvo also run competitions or promotions to gain
the customers’ interest and share articles and images on the social media.

3. Specialized shampoo for each consumer

Deluvo does not only own their own social media accounts, but they also own their
own website for customers to go through and purchase their products directly from Deluvo’s
HQ online. On this website, the customers are required to answer a few questions regarding
their current hair condition and also their desired hair condition. The customer can also
personalise their shampoo with their favourite scent such as jasmine, rose, berries and etc.

This special feature of Deluvo hair products are distinct from normal shampoos and
conditioners that can be found in the supermarket. Customers being able to customize their
own shampoo are the most effective way for Deluvo to attract customers because some
people have trouble finding the right shampoo for their hair. Thus, this can help them a lot to
make their hair healthier.