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Famous Native American potter

Maria Martinez, known for
1600s black ware pottery is born.
575 BCE Baked-clay bricks and tiles
The glazed brick are made in colonial Virginia
Ishtar Gate is created and Pennsylvania.
as a gate to the inner
city of Babylon.
Tin-glazed pottery
originates in Iraq.
620-480 BCE 1800s
Greece’s black-figure pottery is The Arts & Crafts
10,000-7,000 BCE produced. Red-figure pottery movement spurs
Jomon pottery is created follows after. handcrafted pottery in
with hand-building both the US and the UK.
techniques in Japan. 1500s
Delftware begins to
be produced in the

14,000 BCE
First clay tiles are made 6,000-4,000 BCE 1723
in Mesopotamia Early form of the potter’s Rococo figurine sculptor, 1960s
and India. wheel is invented in Franz Anton Bustelli, is A surge of US ceramic
Mesopotamia. born. studios open with artist
like Beatrice Wood and
618–907 Robert Arneson at the
Porcelain is invented forefront.
during the Chinese
Josiah Wedgwood
T’ang dynasty.
opened his first pottery
factory in central 1925
England. Nigerian potter Ladi
221–207 BCE Kwali, known for her
The Terra Cotta Army is hybrid of traditional
created during the reign African with western
of Shihuangdi, the founder studio pottery is born.
of China’s Qin dynasty.

2700 BCE
Egyptians discover glaze.
29,000–25,000 BCE
By 1500 BCE, vibrant blue and
The oldest known ceramic
green glazes were being used.
article in the world, Venus of
Dolní Věstonice, is created. A Brief History of Ceramics