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Teleschool Health Assignment Week 3, April 3, 2020: Body System Project

Coach Garrett:

Coach Pierce:
Coach Winfrey:

There are 11 major organ systems located in the human body. For your assignment you are to choose and research
one of the eleven systems of the human body, then create a power point to display your discoveries about the
body system you chose. To guide you along, we have attached a rubric for you to follow that identifies what each
section of your presentation is worth. This rubric can be found at the end of this document.

Your presentation should include slides (in order) of the following:

1. The title of your power point should be your body system, name and class period (Example: Digestive
System, John Doe, 7A) and it should be emailed to your teacher or completed in Microsoft Teams with the
title: Body System Project by April 24, 2020.
2. The main function(s) of the body system
3. The main organs (or cell types) of this system and the function of each part
4. At least one example of how this system helps to maintain homeostasis in the body
5. Explanation of how the system works with other systems (some specified below)
6. A description of at least 2 disorders/diseases that can affect this system
7. Explain how you care for the body system you researched
8. Bibliography to include websites used to do your research

Cardiovascular System Digestive System Endocrine System Immune system

Integumentary System Lymphatic System Muscular System Nervous System
Respiratory System Skeletal System Urinary/Excretory System

Body Systems Project Rubric


Clear explanation of the following:

_____Overview of system function (10pts)

_____Parts of the system and their function (25pts)
_____Role of homeostasis (10pts)
_____How the system interacts with other body parts (10pts)
_____Description of two disorders or diseases (10pts)
_____Explanation of how you care for the body system (15pts)
_____Bibliography (5pts)

Power Point Presentation

______ PowerPoint includes interesting visuals and useful diagrams. All diagrams are appropriate. (10)
______ PowerPoint font is large enough to be easily read (5)