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Training and development refers to the practice training, workshops, coaching , mentoring or
other learning opportunities to employees to inspire , challenge and motivate them to perform
the functions of their position to the best of their ability. Infact training has become a mandatory
tool for textile industry to survive in the hard facing workforce. Hence in order to accelerate the
overall human resource management achievement, training works as major part of its
However for textile industry to survive in the competition and become a successful pillar in the
market, training is a tool that can help in gaining competitive advantages. In this case, the focus
of the Human Resource is on developing the most superior workforce which will help the
industry for successive growth. Since in the view of HR training and development programs are
the basic structural and functional foundations for the development of the employees.

Objective of this assignment:

 To examine the current training and development program for specific department.
 To measure the attitude of employees toward training.
 To evaluate the employee performance after getting training session.
 To provide some recommendation that may be necessary to redesign the training
 To measure the differential changes in output due to training.


CIEL Textile has developed into a regional one-stop shop for textiles, with vertically integrated
business units, from yarn spinning to finish garments. As part of Ciel Textile, Tropic Knits
Group is one of the largest Fine Knits manufacturers in the Indian Ocean. Integrated Research &
Development and Product Designing have, over the years, projected Tropic Knits Group as a full
solution provider to international market leaders in a variety of product segments such as T-Shirt,
Polos, Sweatshirts and Joggers. Tropic Knits Group is vertically integrated with CDL Knits Ltd,
a fine knits mill. The mill has grown in a mature and independent regional market and now sells
more than 20% of its capacities independently. The mill comprise of actually 480 workers
including expat and Mauritian staff.
The factory has set up clear mission, vision and values in which it offers its clients a holistic
fabric manufacturing from raw material to delivery. They believe in building long term, trust
based partnerships with their client. The fabric mill consist of different department such as
knitting, dyeing, finishing. Quality check and so on through which finished fabric is obtained.
Literature review:
Training and development is at the heart of an organization that seeks continual growth and
improvement. It is a process of learning provided to new and existing employees acquiring
knowledge and technical skills and developing attitudes of behavior in order to be more effective
in their jobs. In the world of competitive economies, the globalization of markets and the techno-
logical frenzy, are not enough for the enterprises to be productive. Their survival and growth
depend not only on the speed of their adaptation to new technological, economic and consuming
conditions but on the level of their human resource development as well.

One of the contributing factors to increasing interest in workplace training is that the workplace
is considered a multimillion-dollar enterprise in which employees learn new skills designed to
help them keep their organizations competitive in an increasingly global economic environment.
In a study published in Workforce Economy (2001), it was reported that more than 90% of the
companies provided a variety of management, leadership and communication training to
employees. This included such training topics as «time management, problem solving and
decision making, public speaking and presentation skills, management change, and strategic
planning» (Corporate Training Delivery, 2001, p. 7)