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Act No. 157- Creation of Board of Health of the Philippine (BON)

Act No. 1407- Abolish BOH to DILG

1919 Mrs. Carmen Del Rosario – 1st Filipino Nurse Supervisor

1990-1992 – Local Revolutionary Code of 1991, RA 7160 Revolution Code National to local


Health – (WHO) state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity

Public health – (Dr. C.E. Winslow) the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life,
promoting health and efficiency through organized community effeort.

Community Health Nursing (Jacobson)- is a learned practice discipline with the ultimate goal of
contributing as individual and in collaboration with others to the promotion of clients optimum level
of function through teaching and delivery of care.

Factors affecting Optimum Level of Function (OLOF)

1. Political
2. Behavioral
3. hereditary
4. Health Care Delivery System
5. Environmental Influences
6. Socio economic Influences


1. The primary focus of community health nursing practice is on health promotion.

2. Community health nurses are generalist in term of their practice through life but the whole
3. Community health nurses are generalist in terms of their practice through life continuity in
its full range of health problems and needs.
4. The nature of CHN practice requires that current knowledge derived from the biological,
social science, ecology, clinical nursing and community health organizations be utilized
5. Contact with the client and or family may continue over a long period of time which includes
all ages and all types of health care.
6. The dynamic process of assessing, planning, implementing and intervening provide
measurements of progress, evaluation and a continuum of the cycle until the termination of
nursing is implicit in the practice of community health nursing.


1. CHN is based on recognized needs of communities, families, groups and individuals.

2. The community health nurse must understand fully the objectives and policies of the
agency she represents.
3. In CHN, the family is the Unit of services.
4. CHN must be available to all regardless of race, creed and socioeconomic status
5. Health teaching is a primary responsibility of the CHN.
6. The community health nurse works as a member of the health team.
7. There must be a provision for period’s evaluation of community health team.
8. Opportunities for continuation staff education programs nurses must be provided by the
CHN agency. The community health nurse also has a responsibility for his/her own
professional growth.
9. The community health nurse makes use of available community health resources.
10. The community health nurse utilizes the already existing active organized groups in the
11. There must be provision for educative supervision CHN
12. There should be accurate recording and reporting in CHN.

Public Health Nurse

1. Planner/programmer
2. Provide of Nursing Care/Caregiver
3. Manager/Supervisor
4. Community Organizer
5. Coordinator of Service
6. Trainer/ Health Educator/ Counselor
7. Health monitor
8. Role Model
9. Change Agent
10. Recorder/ Reporter/ Statistician
11. Researcher

Community Health Process


Collection of data, collected from family, groups and community.

Examples: Demographic Data

Vital Health Statistics

Community Dynamics

Health Status


Methods: Community Survey



Epidemiological studies

Common indicators of health status

Ø Morbidity

Ø Mortality

Categories of Health Problems

Ø Health Deficit (HD)

Ø Health Treat (HT)

Ø Foreseeable Crisis (FC)

Ex: Active TB- HD

45 yr, old male smoke- HT

Sedimentary health style- Ht

Early pregnancy- FC

Father of family losses his job FC

Death in the family- FC

Patient is sick due to pneumonia- HD

Children who are not immunized- HT

Lack of prenatal check – up- HT

Eclampsia- HD

Working hazard- HT

Hypertensive- HD

With measles “child”- HD

Family members has liprosy (microbactria liporea)- HD

Marriage- FC

Community diagnosis

A. Physical Characteristics
B. Population Characteristics
C. Environmental factors
D. Knowledge, attitude, practices of the people
E. Community resources and facilities

Planning: Based on the actual and potential problems that were identified and prioritized

Goal: Declaration of purpose or intent, gives essential direction to action

Specific objectives: Made in terms of activities of daily living


Ø Carries out nursing procedures which are consistent with nursing with nursing care plans.
Ø Involve the patient with his/her family

Ø Utilized support system


Frame works

a. Structural elements
b. Process elements
c. Outcome elements

Nursing Procedures

Clinic Visit

1. Pre-consultation conference
2. Medical examination
3. Nursing intervention
4. Post consultation conference

Home Visit- face to face contact with the client


1. A home visit should have a purpose or objective

2. Planning for a home visit should use every available information about the family, and
3. Planning should revolve around the essential needs of the individual
4. Planning of a continuing care involve the individual or family
5. Planning should be flexible and practical

Bag technique- Tool

Public health bag- is an indispensable equipment of the public health nurse


1. Prevent the spread of infection

2. Save time and effort
3. should not shadow the concern for the patient
4. Can be performer in a variety of ways

• Zippiram solution- disinfectant