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College of Liberal Arts and Communication Studies

Second Semester SY 2019-2020

Thesis Writing and Defense Adjustments

1. Same policy for matrices

Student will email the matrices to Student will write in the section “add a subject”
matrices of (student’s full name and program). In the email, student will also suggest three names of faculty
member who will review the matrices.

Student will receive the feedback thru email by director of CLAC-GS in a week.

2. Policy for Title presentation

Following the guidelines in the GS manual for thesis writers, student will prepare “title” and submit  to my e-mail,
Student will write in the section “add a subject” title of (student’s full name and program). Ideally, the same
faculty members who reviewed the matrices will also review the title.
Student will receive the feedback thru email by director of CLAC-GS in a week.
There will be no title presentation.
 Student will respond to the e-mail and suggest an adviser from the pool of GS faculty. Upon approval by the
faculty, the student will then be officially endorsed as advisee. Scheduling of consultation will be upon the
agreement of both. Preparation of proposal then follows.  

3. Policy for Proposal presentation

 Panelists will be identified with the help of adviser and will be e-mailed by CLAC-GS director for approval. There
will be no oral defense. Student will get comments and suggestions from panelists and revises accordingly. The soft
copy of the approved proposal will be submitted to CLAC-director.

4. Policy for Final Defense

Through e-mail, student will submit to the CLAC-GS director a copy of his/her final paper, after having been
endorsed by adviser. The panelists will then receive a soft copy of the final paper. If the panel requests for an oral
defense, then a Microsoft Teams will be formed for this purpose and date of presentation will be agreed upon.
However, if panelists do not request for presentation, student will prepare final copy according to the comments
and suggestions of the panelists.

5. Post defense activities will be done online. 

Let us be mindful of the deadline for grades for the second semester which is June 13, 2020