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New Delhi Institute of Management

PGDM (G) / PGDM (M) / PGDM (F)

PGDM 2018-20, 2nd Semester

End Term Examination, April, 2019
Sec – M4 (Set-A)

Sub. : BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Practical Paper Code: C-204

M. Marks: 20 Duration: 1 .5 Hours

Important Note: Student is advised to read the following caselet carefully and then
import the data in SPSS file. Save the SPSS file and output file with name_rollno_Set
(e.g. with first name is amit, roll number is 514 and Set A, then save SPSS file as
amit_514_A.sav and output sheet as amit_514_A.spv). Send these two files to email
id within 90 minutes from the start of examination.
Only the files sent in the first attempt from each student shall be considered for
Answer the questions given at the end of the following caselet. Criterion of evaluation
and distribution of marks are given at the end.

Investment of PSU Employees:

In the year 2017, a study was conducted to understand and analyze the investment
behavioiur of the employees of public sector units (PSUs) and Government. A sample of
80 respondents was drawn from the PSU and Government employees in the vicinity of
Delhi. The respondents were asked to state their level of agreement or disagreement on
the following parameters on a 5-point scale, where 1 = strongly disagree, 2=disagree,
3=neutral, 4=agree and 5=strongly agree. The parameters in question were the
importance given to risk averseness, returns, insurance cover, tax rebate, maturity time,
credibility of the financial institutions, and easy accessibility while making an investment.
Data is available in the MS Excel sheet m4DataA.xls.
Criterion of Evaluation:
a) Import the data from excel sheet to SPSS. Set Scale, label and values wherever
needed. (3 marks)
b) Generate the output file based on Factor Analysis. (2 marks)
c) Validate the strength of factor analysis solution while justifying its use for this
problem and check the sample adequecy. (3 marks)
d) Considering eigen-value more than one, how many factors are extracted? Also
write down the computation equations for the factor scores for all the extracted
factors.(4 marks)
New Delhi Institute of Management
PGDM (G) / PGDM (M) / PGDM (F)

e) Check and justify if the extracted factors are statistically independent.Comment

with proper justificaion. (2 mark)
f) Taking cut-off score = 0.7, identify the variables encapsulated within each of the
extracted factors.(3 marks)
g) How is each variable under study accounted by the extracted factors taken
together (i.e. what is the percentage of variable’s variation explained by the
factors taken together)?(3 mark)