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Active for Life!

Badminton Commercial:

Our class has been chosen to create a series of commercials as part of an

Active for Life promotional video! Our commercials will be played on a loop on
our school TV to show opportunities within the sport of Badminton and
demonstrate skills that can lead to activity for life! Students will form groups
and create a five to ten minute commercial that compiles of all the skills we
have done throughout our Badminton Unit. Groups will demonstrate skills,
rules/tactics and a connection to activity for life. As part of the video,
students will need to find a group of three or four and ensure every member
has time in front of the screen for the commercial!

Each group will be sure to include these three components in their Active for
Life commercial:

1) Demonstration of skills: Students will demonstrate the use of five basic

movement skills and give a rationale for when/why they are used.

2) Rules/Safety/Tactics: Students will explain three rules and/or safety

considerations, as well as demonstrate effective strategies to increase

3) Active for Life: Students will discuss three benefits of this sport for active
for life, and what changes/modifications can be made to allow anyone to play.

Let’s have some fun and promote an active lifestyle!

Rubric: Active Lifestyle! Badminton Commercial

Student _________________________________________________________

Excellent Proficient Adequate Limited * Insufficient/Blank*

Level (8) (6) (4) (2) (0)


Creates a Creates a Creates a Creates

No score is awarded
Demonstration commercial that commercial that commercial that commercial that because there is
of skills systematically effectively and partially shows little insufficient evidence
(A9-1, A9-3, A9-5, and consistently substantially demonstrates adherence to of student
A9-13) reflects activity reflects activity activity skills. activity skills. performance based
skills. skills. on the requirements of
the assessment task.

Student Student Student Student

Rules/Safety demonstrates demonstrates incompletely demonstrate
(C9-1, C9-3, D9- precise and well- accurate and demonstrate minimal rules or
3, D9-5) defined rules or satisfactory rules or safety safety
safety components rules or safety components of components of
of their activity. components of their activity. their activity.
their activity.

Active for life Provides a Provides a Provides a Provides an

benefits comprehensive thorough and superficial and unsupported
(A9-11, B9-3, C9- and persuasive convincing predictable justification for
5, D9-7, D9-8) commercial justification for justification for benefits of this
attending to benefits of this benefits of this activity.
benefits of the activity. activity.

* When work is judged to be limited or insufficient, the teacher makes decisions about appropriate intervention to help the /24
student improve.

Formative Assessments

1) Peer Evaluation
Peer evaluation will take place halfway through the unit and students will be provided a rubric to conduct

peer evaluation on all members of the group (self-assessment included). The rubric will be attached as part of the

group handout, providing students with criteria relevant to their participation in this assignment. Peer evaluation

will aim to engage all students and provide a fair critique from other members of the group. The opportunity to self-

assess is also important as this will allow for students to not only critique others but allow for self-reflection on

various elements of the group work. Questions within the rubric will be focused on evaluating engagement,

cooperation, staying on task, and completion of designated tasks. Students will conduct the peer assessment

halfway through the unit to allow for changes or corrections to the final submission, and will be required to submit

their final video during the last three days of the unit.

2) Video Checklist

Prior to submitting the final product, students will be provided a checklist in addition to the rubric and

performance task to help guide the creation of the video. This decreases the chance of missed elements that are

integral to students' success. This also ensures that as an educator, you have an idea about where students are

progressing well or needing areas of help. Due to the group nature of this final project, we made it mandatory to

have each member in front of the camera at least once to help demonstrate their chosen activity. This checklist

will be filled out by each group as they work through the video creation, and when they feel they have completed

all elements (or at any point where they want additional support) they will show me before submitting. This

checklist creates great opportunities to offer formative feedback and observations for students. Examples of items

on the checklist would be in line with the performance task sheet, just in an easy to follow layout for students to

physically check off as they work through it.