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Yuhao Chen www.chenyuhao.

Aspiring Leader in Photonics Singapore Citizen

My career in Photonics is characterized by strong engineering roots with elements of
business-development (BD), epitomized in Product Management(PM). While I
specialize in lasers & photonics, I also acquired senior management techniques like
policy formulation & systemic thinking throughout my work. Industry knowledge
allows a discourse with end users for tech support and to identify gaps in product
specs; BD skills facilitates solution implementation & life-cycle planning. It is PM
that synergizes these skills, making products successful.
 Active evangelizing of lasers and optical products to end users which requires
technical knowledge
 Continuous sourcing of products & suppliers to offer customized solutions to
match customers’ needs
 Provide technical support and training for all laser optical products including
AOMs, fiber, lens, lasers etc.
 Drive internal training sessions; Brief sales managers in technical specs; Brief
engineers in market trends
 Develop pricing strategy to differentiate from competitors; Market research on
competitor’s pricing
 Created competitive differentiation by sourcing cheaper suppliers & materials to
reduce price
 Go through product life cycle: requirements, design & development, production,
QA, logistics, tech support
 Technology road mapping according to market trends and aim to keep products
“ahead of the curve”
 Drive highly customized projects for customers; Keep track of requirements,
documentation & progress
 Design technical marketing materials for sales team, and propose sales strategy &
direction of market growth
Singapore Industry PhD Research – Nanyang Technological University/Sintec Optronics
Aug ’16 - Present  Developing ultrafast fiber laser with novel micro-structured optical
fiber design
 Authored and published papers, and give conference & seminar
 New product development @ NTU concurrently with PM
responsibilities @ Sintec
Singapore Product Manager - Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd
Sept ’13 - Present  Plan road map to offer laser components like ultrafast lasers
according to market trends
 Connect ultrafast laser products to market entry/expansion taking
10% of market share
 Implement production cost savings of 10-20% for each customised
laser system,
 Improve assembly and ergonomics of scanheads and reduce
product cost by 33%
 Provide pre- and post- sales technical support on laser optical
systems worth >$250k
 Reduce cost of exhibits like at Laser World of Photonics: Shanghai
& India & Munich
 Some general management and operations responsibilities like
submitting ACRA forms, apply for grants & funding, HR policy & S-
PASS/EP & career track, delivery logistics
Boston, USA Researcher - Nanostructured Fiber and Nonlinear Optics Lab, Boston University
Jan ’11 – July ‘13  Lead research projects: Design & characterization of multi-mode
optical fibers, simulation of nonlinear-pulse propagation,
demonstration and characterization of bottle beams, fabrication of
fiber gratings, fiber mode conversion via SLM
 Investigation of higher order modes and nonlinearities in high
power optical fiber lasers
 Co-authored and published papers, and gave CLEO conference
Singapore Electro-optics Engineer - ERL, DSO National Labs
Jan ’10 – July ‘10  Study missile seeker tracking algorithms and characterization of
IR sensors
Singapore Asst. Manager (Systems Policy & Capability Development) - DISO, MINDEF
May ’08 – Jan ‘10  Performed project assignments and policy writing; Lead on several
industry research
 Involved in mapping out the Defence Technology Ecosystem for
systemic planning
 DISO Excellence Awards for project contributions like SG Airshow,
Singapore NS Section Leader - Singapore Armed Forces
Jan ’08 – Apr ‘08  Placed in-charge of several responsibilities including arms squad
and logistics planning
Singapore Information Technology (IT) Administrator - Crimson Logic
July ’07 – Dec ‘07  Testing of software modules to track audit trail and quality
Ottawa, Canada Junior Technician (Intern) - University of Ottawa
Sep ’06 – May ‘07  Ran optical experiments and maintained lab equipment
Singapore Industrial Ph.D student – Nanyang Technological University
Aug ’16 – present  EDP IPP scholarship; Develop ultrafast fiber laser at non-
standard wavelength
Boston, USA M.Sc Electrical Engineering (GPA 3.65) - Boston University
Sept ’10 –May ‘13  ECE Fellowship (scholarship); Concentration in
Electromagnetics and Photonics
Ottawa, Canada B.A.Sc (Honors) Electrical Engineering, cum laude - University of Ottawa
Sep ’03 –May ‘07  Concentration in Microwaves & Photonics, Minor in Business

PUBLICATIONS (see full publications list on my website

Photonics and  Familiar with standard optical lab equipment including Optical
Fiber Optics Spectrum Analyzers(OSA), IR cameras, free space optical
components, microscopes, etc.
 Optical fiber handling: cleaving, splicing, polishing, inspecting
facet with fiber scope
 Used Spatial Light Modulator to convert modes in freespace and
couple back into fiber.
 Designed, fabricated, tested, characterized custom
microstructured fibers & gratings
 RSoft beam prop to simulate free space propagation of non-
standard beam shapes
 Understand optical nonlinearities & applications of higher order
modes in fiber optics
Lasers  Operation and maintenance of Coherent Ar-Ion laser; calibrated
for second harmonic
 Usage and characterization of DPSS, HeNe, CO2, fiber, Ultrafast,
SLM lasers
 Laser beam collimation, P-I curve and Knife-edge beam diameter
 Involved in high power fiber laser build; Characterized
components; optimized output
 Build CW and pulsed fiber lasers, including research into
ultrafast fiber lasers
Industrial  Laser marking/engraving machine assembly, testing, deployment
Laser at industrial factories
Applications  Tuning scanheads, galvanometers, control cards, other
components for laser machines
 Applications testing of laser processing quality of different lasers
on different materials
 Deployment of visible fiber lasers and alignment into microscope

Chemical  Class 100 clean room training and experience

handling and  Trained to handle hazardous materials (eg. Hydroflouric, Nitric,
Clean Room and Sulphuric Acid)
 Trained to handle compressed and liquefied gases (eg. Nitrogen,
Programming  Past experience in C, C++ & Java; Understand basic Object
and Hardware Oriented Programming
interface  Used LabVIEW and MATLAB to interface with lab equipment
such as laser shutter, motorized translation stages, custom fusion
splicer unit, InGaAs camera , OSA etc.
 Familiar with GPIB interfaced by MATLAB
Matlab and  Implemented digital filters and DSP techniques for audio and
Simulations images
 Coded a finite difference solver for optical fiber modes and solved
for parameters (propagation constants, dispersion, mode profile,
petermann spotsize, power etc.)
 Coded a split-step differential equation solver for nonlinear pulse
Electronics  Operate oscilloscope, volt-amp-ohm meter, power meter;
soldering on circuit boards
 Fluent in English & Spoken Mandarin; Learnt technical jargon in Mandarin to
train Chinese engineers
 Interaction with people from different cultures; Liaise with Chinese suppliers and
Indian customers
 Able to adapt quickly to complement teammates and work alone to analyze and
solve problems
 Translate customer requirements to technical specifications that engineering
team can understand
 Negotiate prices, coordinate lead times and mediate between US/UK suppliers
and China/India customers
 Open to take up responsibilities even outside of job scope
• Class 3B driver’s licence • Swimming, Gym • Like to tinker with
technology and assemble computers • Volunteer at grassroots Meet-the-People
session • Youth Executive Committee member at BuonaVista Community Club
• Read up on international news and politics • Love to travel whenever I can