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21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of

World Technology.

PHILIPPINES LITARATURE  He had his M.A. in English Studies (Major in

Creative Writing) from UP Diliman, where he is
December 2011, Chief Justice Renato Corona was
currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative
impeached by the Philippine senate, with 16 senators
voting to impeach him and 3 senators voting for
acquittal.  His works both creative and critical, have been
published in numerous national and
 He was impeached because he did not declare
international anthologies and literary journals.
183 million pesos in the SALN, a public
document required for all government officials.  His poems in English and Filipino have won
prizes in the Philippine Panorama (1993)
Delsa Flores
and Home Life Magazine (1998) poetry
a court interpreter was fired after she had failed
to declare a market stall in her SALN.

accoutrement- a piece of clothing or equipment that is

used in a particular place or for a particular activity.
by Ralph Semino Galan
Culpability- deserving blame; guilty of doing something
1 These are the accoutrements of her office:
2 the blindfold symbolizing impartiality;
Derision- the use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt;
3 a golden pair of scales measuring the validity a state of being laughed at or ridiculed; the feeling that
people express when they criticize and laugh at
4 of evidence given, both pro and con; someone or something in an insulting way.
5 the double-edged sword that pierces through Meaning of Symbol
6 the thick fabric of lies; Thoth’s feather Blindfold- impartiality of justice; justice has no
favorites, it is objective.
7 of truth which ultimately determines whether
Thot’s feather of truth- in order to find out whether the
8 the defendant’s life is worth saving. defendant is guilty or not, one must find out the truth
9 In J. Elizalde Navarro’s oil painting titled and give the right verdict.

10 Is this Philippine Justice? The figure ON SYMBOLISM as a LITERARY DEVICE

11 of the Roman goddess Justitia slowly fades  an artistic and poetic movement or style using
symbolic images and indirect suggestion to
12 into thin air, swallowed by pigments express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of
mind. It originated in late 19th century France
13 cloudy as doubts. In my uncertain country
and Belgium, with important figures including
14 where right and wrong are cards Mallarme, Maeterlinck, Verlaine, Rimbaud, and
15 that can be shuffled like a pile of money bills,
16 even the land’s Chief Magistrate
 is the central idea that the poet wants to
17 is not immune from culpability; found guilty
18 he has to face the music of derision.
Ralph Semino Galan
Six ways in which a work can be approached from a
 Ralph Semino Galán is a poet, literary critic and sociological standpoint:
1) humanistic historic approach,
 He is an Associate Professor of Literature, the
2) Marxist social theory,
Humanities, and Creative Writing at the UST
Faculty of Arts and Letters and the UST 3) cultural studies,
Graduate School.
4) theory of art in analytical philosophy,
 He has an A.B. in English (Major in
5) anthropological studies of art, and
Literature) magna cum laude from the
6) empirical studies of contemporary art institutions May mga gusto akong ihapot, tay
(Harrington, 15). by ADRIAN REMODO


AUREA may mga bagay na gusto ako ihapot.

bako naman
Marissa reorizo-redburn
itong kung ano
• Born and raised in a remote town of a sub-
ta an bulan
island of an island province at the margins of a
peripheral region, San Pascual, Burias, Masbate, nagiba-iba nin porma
and Bicol, respectively
o tano ta an mga bitoon
• Formerly a teacher and now an entrepreneur
nadadaog kan mga panganuron
• Writes poems and short fiction in Bikol
sa banging madiklomon?
• Resides in Naga City
bako man itong mga hapot
na pakalagapas sa langit,
• At the center of the Philippines as the
southernmost island of Luzon ano na an masunod,

• It has three islands: Burias, Ticao, and Masbate. o kun kaluton ta an daga,

• It has magnificent beaches and rich natural dai daw malabot an kinaban?
resources that have attracted tourists and travel bako na an mga hapot
bloggers such as Journeying James, Ironwulf,
and Lakwatsero. kun isay an nagibo

• It is known for its Isla Rancho festival (rodeo kan saldang,

festival every May) and for Montreal Stones in o kun tano may uran?
• Its income sources are agriculture, fishing,
livestock raising, and trade. pano an pag gibo kan

• It is high in statistical indices for poverty. surat para sa babayi?

• In 2009, 36 of every 100 families or about 45 in ito po kayang sinurat ko,

every 100 individuals were poor, but Masbate
sabi ni nanay,
had the highest poverty incidence at 42.5.
dai daa dapat sinasabi sa babayi.
• Several languages are spoken: Masbateno
(Bisakol), Hiligaynon, Bikol, Waray-Waray, ano baga an dapat
Cebuano, Romblomanon, and Tagalog.
na sabihon kan lalaki sa babayi?
Overseas Filipino worker (ofw)
ano ta an lalaki kaipuhan
• In 2015, there were 2.4 million overseas
na para sa babayi?
Filipinos, 97.1 percent whom had work
contracts while the rest worked without ano po an turi?
contracts. There were slightly more female
supog kuta ako na
OFWs at 51.1% over male OFWs at 47.9% and
one-third of the OFWs are laborers and haputon ka kaini
unskilled workers.
alagad dai na ako

The story is told from the first person point of view
by Aurea’s friend, her classmate in Grade 5. pakatapos kong

magklase o pakatapos

kun magkawat o dawa

pakatapos kung mag ihi.

ano po ta kun pag kaaga, • Adrian Remodo is currently pursuing his
doctorate in Philosophy at the De La Salle
niririsa ko na iba man
University in Manila. He teaches at the Ateneo
an pagkatagas de Naga University. His first collection of poetry
entitled Ini An Sakuyang Hawak asin Iba Pang
kan sakong pikoy, Berso sa Bikol was published by the National
na garo baga may buot Commission on Culture and the Arts in 2011 as
part of the Ubod New Authors Series. His areas
magluwas alagad dai sa oras? of research include Political Philosophy,
ano po ang salsal? Hermeneutics, Postmodernism, and Philosophy
of Culture (Bikol Studies 1)
sasampalingon kuta

ako ni nanay
“Coming of age” is another term that refers to older
kan hinapot ko siya kaini. children, going through a transition phase from
childhood to adulthood in the characteristically
pano po an tama
stormy period of adolescence. This time, the child
na pagdribol? may, or sometimes is afraid to ask, vital questions
which disturb him or her.
dai ko kaya makua an
The three types of parenting styles, according to
tamang pagpauntol.
kun inaarog ASSERTIVE. The permissive parent is consultative,
nonpunitive, and affirmative to the child. The
ko an sakong kakawat, authoritarian parent is the oppositive, non-
minadulag sako consultative, restrictive, and punitive. The assertive
maintains his/her role as an adult who enforces
an bola asin kun ako man discipline but through reason rather that punishment,
sana an minadribol, and affirms the child actions and special qualities
garo mayo nin gana

an tanog.

ano ta an mga lalaki dapat na

tataong magkakan dawa

mayo nin plato?

ano ta kaipuhan apelyido

mo an isusurat ko sa papel?

o kaipuhan na dai

nagsusurat an lalaki?

tay, ano baga an buhay?

ano baga buhay sa mata mo

na magigi ko man na mata

bilang sarong lalaki.

dai ko aram ngunyan

kun kaipuhan ko ngani

na iharapot an mga bagay na ini.

baka dai dapat naghahapot

an lalaki?