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CM & MLA's of Guj

CM & MLA Of Gujarat

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4/15/2020 2/22
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email of MLA of Gujarat

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About CM of Gujarat

Name Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi

Party Bharatiya Janata Party
Constituency 77-Maninagar
District Ahmedabad 15/22
Date of Birth & Place 17th September, 1950, Vadnagar, Mehsana.
Education M.A. in PoliticaL Science.
Activities In 1967 he arrived in Ahmedabad at the age of 17 years and joined R.S.S. In 1974 he joined the “Nav Nirman” movement
and thereafter actively participated in the political activities. He had planned the underground activities during emergency in
1977. In 1988-89 became the General Secretary of the State Unit of Bharatiya Janata Party. Joined the Somnath –
Ayodhiya Yatra of Shri L.K. Advani and Kanyakumari-Kashmir Ekta Yatra of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. He worked as incharge
of the election compaign from 1989-95 and with 2/3rd majority, Bharatiya Janata Party Government came into power in the
State. In the beginning of 1995 he held the reins of the party at national level and was the National Secretary of different
States. From 1998 he is the General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party at national level. He is a successful organizer,
progressive orator, master strategist and a thinker.

Current Address C.M. Residence,

Bungalow No. 26, Nr. Raj Bhavan,

Residence Tel. No.: 23243721 to 23, 23259510, 23259554,Fax. 23222020

Office Tel No. : 232 32 611 to 19, 23221421, 23220971, 23250001 to 4, Fax. 23222101

Email :
Literary Activities Wrote many articles in News Papers and periodicals. Wrote books like “Sangharsh ma Gujarat”, “Setubandh” and
“Patraroop Guruji”.

Office... Chief Minister's Office
Chief Minister's Office
Block No. 1, 5th Floor 16/22
Chief Minister's Office New Sachivalay Block No. 1, 5th Floor, New Sachivalaya,
Block No. 1, 5th Floor Gandhinagar - 382 010 Gandhinagar 382010, Gujarat, INDIA.
New Sachivalay
Gandhinagar - 382 010 Phone: +91-79-23232611 to 23232619
Phone : +91-79-23232611 to 18(O)
Phone: +91-79-23232611 to 23232619 Fax: +91-79-23222101 Fax : +91-79-23222101
Fax: +91-79-23222101
E-mail of Hon'ble Chief Minister :
26, Chief Minister's House
26, Chief Minister's House
Sector 20
Sector 20 For Appointment
Gandhinagar - 382 020
Gandhinagar - 382 020 Please mail to
Phone: +91-79-23243721 to 23243723
Phone: +91-79-23243721 to 23243723
Fax: +91-79-23222020
Fax: +91-79-23222020


Name Designation Block/ Phone [O] Intercom Email
Folder (079) No
Dr. Manjula Chief Secretary 1/3 23220372 50301-3 csguj
Shri S.K. Shelat Advisor to Hon. CM 1/5 23227303 50033 advtocm
Shri B.N. Navalawala Advisor to Hon. CM 1/2 23250149 50148 advtocm2
Shri K. Kailashnathan Principal Secretary to 1/5 23220652 50016 pstocm
Hon. CM
Shri G C Murmu Add. Principal Secretary to 1/5 23250077 50079 apstocm
Hon. CM
Shri A.K. Sharma Secretary to Hon. CM 1/5 23226349 50021-3 sectocm
Shri Jagdish Thakkar PRO to Hon. CM 1/5 23250076 50057 protocm
Shri Dhiren Avasia Director to Electronics Media 2/6 56417 direlemedia
Shri Hitesh Pandya Assistant PRO to Hon. CM 1/5 54508 aprotocm
Shri Amrutbhai Patel PS to Hon. CM 1/5 50061 prstocm
Shri O.P. Singh PA to Hon. CM 1/5 50059 pa1tocm
Shri Tanmay Mehta PA to Hon. CM 1/5 50049 pa3tocm
Shri Dinesh Thakur PA to Hon. CM 1/5 50053 pa2tocm
Shri Sanjay Bhavsar OSD to Hon. CM 1/5 50005 osd2tocm
Shri Hiren Joshi OSD IT to Hon. CM 1/5 50037 osdittocm
Shri J.P. Modha Dy. Secretary to Hon. CM 1/4 50068 dysec-cmo
Shri J. M. Zala Dy. Secretary, C.M. Office 1/4 50065 dstoadmin
Shri Narendra Gamit Deputy Secretary 1/0 50051 ustojs
Shri Parimal Shah Deputy Secretary 1/5 50036 dstosec
Shri Chetan Shukla Deputy Secretary 1/5 50066 dstops
Smt. Hetalben Desai Deputy Director to Hon. CM 1/5 50039 dydir-cmo
Shri Ramesh Karia Under Secretary 1/5 50299 ustoaps
Shri P.S. Patel Section Officer 1/4 50065 sotoadm
Shri Dilip Thakar Section Officer 1/4 50068 dysotoadmin
Shri Paresh Pandya PA to Advisor to Hon. CM 1/5 23227303 50022 pa2toadv
Shri Sankabhai Patel PPS to Princ. Secy. 1/5 23220652 50018 ppstopstocm
Shri P. Murlidharan PA to Princ. Secy. 1/5 23220652 54539 pa2tops
Shri N P Prajapati PA to Add. Princ. Secy. 1/5 50020 pa2toaps
Shri C.N.K. Pillai PA to Add. Princ. Secy. 1/5 50078
Shri J.K. Jani PA to Secy. To Hon. CM 1/5 23226349 50023 pa1tosec
Shri M.V. Umeshbabu PA to Secy. To Hon. CM 1/5 23226349 50025 pa1toaps
Shri Uday Vaishnav Sr. Editor 1/5 54444
Shri Gopinath PA to OSD to Hon.CM 1/5 23226335 54533 patoosd2
Shri Mukesh Maru Dy. Section Officer 1/5 23243765 50069 ps2osd-cmo
Shri Satish Oza Stenographer to 1/4 54610
Dy. Secretary
Shri Jitendra Trivedi Computer Programmer - 1/4 54610
Comp. Cell
Shri Sanjay Prajapati File Section 1/4 50064 clfiles
Shri Pravin Panchal Telephone Operator 1/5 50015
CM Residence No. 1 23232601- 59528-31
CM Office - Telephone 1/4 50073-74 17/22

Names of members representing Gujarat in the Parliament at present Lok Sabha

Sr.No Names of Member District

1 Shri Pushpadan Sabhudan Gadhavi Kachchh
2 Shri Somabhai Gandabhai Patel Surendranagar
3 Shri Vikrambhai Arjanbhai Ahir Jamnagar
4 Dr. Vallabhbhai Ramjibhai Kathiriya Rajkot
5 Shri Harilal Madhavjibhai Patel Porbandar
6 Shri Jashubhai Dhanabhai Barad Junagadh
7 Shri Virjibhai Thummar Amreli
8 Shri Rajendrasinh Ghanashyamsinh Rana Bhavnagar
9 Shri Ratilal KalidasVarma Dhandhuka
10 Shri Harin Pathak Ahmedabad
11 Shri Lal Krishana Advani Gandhinagar
12 Shri Jivabhai Atmaram Patel Mehsana
13 Shri Maheshkumar Mithabhai Kanodia Patan
14 Shri Haribhai Pratapsinhaji Chacda Banaskantha
15 Shri Madhusudhan Mistry Sabarkantha
16 Shri Bhupendra Prabhatsinh Solanki Godhara
17 Shri Babubhai Khimabhai Katara Dahod
18 Shri Shankarsinh Laxmansinh Vaghela Kapadvanj
19 Shri Dinasha Patel Kheda
20 Shri Bharatsinh Madhavsinh Solanki Anand
21 Shri Naranbhai Rathwa Choota Udepur
22 Smt. Jayabahen Thakkar Vadodara
23 Shri Kashiram Rana Surat
24 Shri Mansukhbhai Vasava Bharuch
25 Shri Tusharbhai Amarsinhbhai Chaudhary Mandavi
26 Shri Kishanbhai Vestabhai Patel Valsad

Costituency Name of Member Party

S.No. Costituency Name of Member Party

1 Ahmedabad Pathak,Shri Harin BJP
2 Amreli Thummar,Shri Virjibhai INC
3 Anand Solanki,Shri Bharatsinh Madhavsinh INC
4 Banaskantha Chavda,Shri Harisinh Pratapsinh INC
5 Baroda Thakkar,Smt. Jayaben B. BJP
6 Bhavnagar Rana (Raju Rana),Shri Rajendrasinh Ghanshyamsinh BJP
7 Broach Vasava,Shri Mansukhbhai D. BJP
8 Bulsar-ST Patel,Shri Kishanbhai Vestabhai INC
9 Chhota Udaipur-ST Rathwa,Shri Naranbhai J. INC
10 Dhandhuka-SC Varma,Shri Ratilal Kalidas BJP
11 Dohad-ST Katara,Shri Babubhai Khimabhai BJP
12 Gandhinagar Advani,Shri Lal Krishna BJP
13 Godhra Solanki,Shri Bhupendrasinh Prabhatsinh BJP
14 Jamnagar Maadam,Shri Vikrambhai Arjanbhai INC
15 Junagadh Barad,Shri Jashubhai Dhanabhai INC
16 Kaira Patel,Shri Dinsha J. INC
17 Kapadvanj Vaghela,Shri Shankersinh INC
18 Kutch Gadhavi,Shri Pushpdan Shambhudan BJP
19 Mandvi-ST Chaudhary,Dr. Tushar Amarsinh INC
20 Mehsana Patel,Shri Jivabhai Ambalal INC
21 Patan-SC Kanodia,Shri Mahesh Kumar BJP
22 Porbandar Patel,Shri Harilal Madhavjibhai BJP
23 Rajkot Kathiria,Dr. Vallabhbhai BJP
24 Sabarkantha Mistry,Shri Madhusudan Devram INC
25 Surat Rana,Shri Kashi Ram BJP
26 Surendranagar Patel,Shri Somabhai Gandalal Koli BJP 18/22

Gujarat’s Council of Ministers

Sr.No Names of Member Protfolio
1 Hon.Chief MHon.Chief Minist. Shri Narendra General Administration, Planning,
Damodardas Modiinist. Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi Administrative Reforms and Training
Division, Home, Industries, Mines,
Minerals, Energy, Petro- Chemicals.
Ports, Information and Broadcasting.
Narmada, Kalpsar, Science and
Technology, All polices and subjects
and matter not allotted to other
2 Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala Finance, Labour and Employment

3 Panchayat, Rural Housing, Rural

Shri Narottambhai Trikamdas Patel Development, Food, Civil Supplies
and Consumer Affairs.
4 Revenue, Disaster Management,
Smt. Anandiben Mafatbhai Patel Roads and Buildings, Capital Project,
Women and Child Welfare
5 Water Supply, Water Resources,
Shri Nitinbhai Ratibhai Patel (Excluding Kalpsar Division). Urban
Development and Urban Housing
6 Shri Dileep Nanubhai Sanghani
Agriculture, Co-operation. Animal
Husbandary, Fisheries and Cow

7 Shri Fakirbhai Raghabhai Vaghela Social Justice and Empowerment

(including Welfare of Schedule Castes.
Welfare of Socially and Educationally
Backward Classes), Sports, Youth,
Cultural Activities
8 Health & Family Welfare, Tourism,
Shri Jay Narayan Narmadashankar Vyas Devsthan ,Pilgrimage Development,
Co- ordination of Voluntary
organisations, Non- Resident Gujarati
9 Shri Ramanlal Vora Education (Primary, Secondary,
Adult), Higher and Technical
10 Tribal Welfare, Forest and
Shri Mangubhai Chhanganbhai Patel Environment

Ministers of State

Sr.No Names of Member Protfolio

1 Transport, Police Housing, Border
Security, Civil Defence, Home Guards,
Gram Rakshak Dal, Prison, Prohibition,
Shri Amitbhai Anilchandra Shah Excise, Law and Justice, Legislative and
Parliamentary Affairs(Independent
Charge), Home
2 Shri Saurabhbhai Patel
Civil Aviation, Cottage Industries, Salt
Industries, Printing and Stationary
(Independent Charge),
Finance, Energy and Petrochemicals

Shri Jasvantsinh Sumanbhai Bhabhor Tribal Development, Rural Development,
Labour and Employment

4 Forest and Environment

Shri Kiritsinh Jeetubha Rana

Shri Parshottambhai Odhavjibhai Solanki Animal Husbandry, Fisheries,
Cow Breeding

6 Shri Parbatbhai Savabhai Patel Water Supply, Co- operation, Health and
Family Welfare
7 19/22
Dr. Mayaben Surendrakumar Kodnani Women and Child Welfare,
Higher Education

8 Education (Primary, Secondary, Adult),

Shri Jaysinh Mansinh Chauhan Protocol.

9 Shri Vasanbhai Gopalbhai Ahir Welfare of Socially and Educationally

Backward Classes.

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Gadhavi,Shri Pushpdan Shambhudan

Constituency : Kutch(Gujarat )

Party Name : Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)

Email Address :

Father's Name Shri Shambhudan Ishwerdan Gadhavi

Mother's Name Smt. Parvatibahen Gadhavi
Date of Birth 13.12.1940
Place of Birth Bhuj, Distt. Kutch (Gujarat)
Marital Status Married
Date of Marriage 20 Feb 1965
Spouse's Name Smt. Savitri Pushpdan Gadhavi
No. of Sons 3
No.of Daughters 1
Educational Qualifications B.A., B.Com., LL.B.
Educated at Gujarat University, Bhuj and Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
profession Advocate
Social Worker

Permanent Address 10-B, Himatnagar Colony, Near Revenue Colony

Bhuj, Kutch-370 001 (Gujarat)
(02832) 251177 (R),
256177 (O)

Present Address 77, South Avenue,

New Delhi - 110 011
Tels. (011) 23794965, 9868180477(M)

Position Held
1977-82 Municipal Councillor, Bhuj
Chairman, Public Works Committee, Municipality, Bhuj
1990-95 Member, Gujarat Legislative Assembly
Member, Public Accounts Committee and Estimates Committee
1990-96 Member, Executive Committee, Bharatiya Janata Party (B.J.P.), Gujarat
1996 Elected to 11th Lok Sabha
1996-97 Member, Committee on Transport and Tourism
1998 Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1998-99 Member, Committee on Home Affairs and its Sub-Committee on
Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Surface Transport
1999 Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
1999-2000 Member, Committee on Absence of Members from the sittings of the
2004 Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha (4th term)
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Rural Development
Member, Committee on Information Technology
5 Aug. 2007 onwards Member, Standing Committee on Finance
1 May 2008 Member, Committee on Public Accounts

Social And Cultural Activities

Actively participated in social and educational activities in Distt. Kutch; Trustee, Shiv Shakti Study
Circle, Kutch
Special Interests
Rural sports and infrastructure development; worked for water recharging activities in drought-prone 20/22
areas of Kutch district; upliftment of the poor and development of backward areas and innovation in
Agricultural activities
Favourite Pastime and Recreation
Folk Songs and Sports (Indoor)
Sports and Clubs
Foot Ball and Swimming
Countries Visited
Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S.A.
Other Information
Staff Officer, Legal Wing, Home Guards, Gujarat, 1967-89; Trustee, Shiv Shakti Study Circle, Kutch
since 1971; Member, National Shipping Board; obtained Kovid (Hindi) and B Certificate in National
Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

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Patel,Shri Kishanbhai Vestabhai

Constituency : Bulsar-ST(Gujarat )

Party Name : Indian National Congress(INC)

Father's Name Shri Vestabhai

Mother's Name Smt. Manjulaben
Date of Birth 02.06.1964
Place of Birth Kangvi, Distt. Bulsar (Gujarat)
Marital Status Married
Date of Marriage 20 May 1991
Spouse's Name Smt. Gitaben Kishanbhai
No. of Sons 1
No.of Daughters 2
Educational Qualifications Intermediate
profession Agriculturist

Permanent Address At & P.O. Kangvi,Teh.Dharampur,

Distt. Valsad (Gujarat)
241124 (O)

Present Address 144-146, South Avenue,

New Delhi-110 011
Tels. (011) 23795062, 23795040, 9868180324(M)

Position Held
2002-2004 Member, Gujarat Legislative Assembly
2004 Elected to 14th Lok Sabha
Member, Committee on Industry
5 Aug. 2007 onwards Member, Committee on Industy

Social And Cultural Activities

Member, Dhodiya Samaj
Special Interests
Social Work

Sports and Clubs

Kho-Kho and Cricket 21/22
4/15/2020 22/22