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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Year 1

By J.K. Rowling

Grades 4-6; Genre - Fantasy; GRL V

Become a part of Harry’s magical world as Harry and his friends are in their first year
of school at Hogwarts and solve the riddle to the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Comprehension Questions without Answers

Chapter 1

1. How did Mrs. Dursley feel about her sister Mrs. Potter?
2. On the day Harry’s parents died, what were some of the strange things happening
that Mr. Dursley noticed?
3. Who killed Mr. and Mrs. Potter?
4. Who was going to take care of Harry Potter?
Chapter 2

1. How did the Dursley’s treat Harry?

2. What was the only thing Harry liked about his appearance?
3. What is Dudley like?
4. What happened in the reptile house when Harry was looking at the snake? 
Chapter 3

1. Why didn’t the Dursley’s want Harry to read the letters coming to him?
2. What happened to the letters when Mr. Dursley tried to board up the cracks in the
3. Where did Mr. Dursley take his family and Harry to get away from the letters?
4. After everyone went to bed, what was Harry counting down to?
Chapter 4

1. Who came to deliver a letter to the shack?

2. Tell me about Hagrid.
3. What were a couple of things Harry could remember about the night Voldemort killed
his parents and tried to kill him?
Chapter 5

1. Who ran Gringott’s, the Wizards’ bank?

2. What were some of the things on Harry’s list for school?
3. What is Quidditch?
4. What did Hagrid get Harry for his birthday?
Chapter 6

1. Who helped Harry find the right platform for the train?
2. Who did Harry sit by on the train?
3. What happens to wizards and witches in photographs?
Chapter 7

1. What assigns the first year students to their house?

2. What happened when Harry put on the Sorting Hat?
3. What house did the hat want to assign him to first?
4. What house was Harry assigned to?
Chapter 8

1. Tell me about Hermione.

2. How is the mail delivered at Hogwarts?
3. How does Professor Snape feel about Harry?
4. What day had Gringott’s, the bank been robbed?   
Chapter 9

1. How did Harry do flying on the broom for the first time?
2. Who caught Harry flying on the broom when he wasn’t supposed to be?
3. What position in Quidditch did Professor McGonagall want Harry to play?
4. What was in the forbidden corridor on the third floor?
Chapter 10

1. What creature interrupted the Halloween feast?

2. Who did Ron and Harry accidently lock in the bathroom with the troll?
3. How did Harry, Ron and Hermione become friends?
Chapter 11

1. How did Snape’s leg get hurt?

2. During the Quidditch game, who did Hermione think was cursing Harry’s broom?
3. Who ended up catching the snitch and winning the game?
4. What does Hagrid call the three headed dog?
Chapter 12

1. Fluffy is guarding something.  Who do the children think is trying to steal it?
2. Who owned the invisibility cloak before Harry?
3. Who did Harry see in his reflection of the magic mirror?
4. What did Ron see in the mirror?
Chapter 13

1. Who refereed the Quidditch game and made the Gryffindor team nervous?
2. Who is Nicolas Famel?
3. What does the Sorcerer’s Stone do?
4. What is Fluffy guarding?
Chapter 14

1. What did Hagrid win at playing cards?

2. Who was looking in the window of Hagrid’s hut when the dragon hatched?
3. Tell me about Malfoy.
4. Why couldn’t Hagrid keep the dragon?
Chapter 15

1. Why did Harry, Hermione, and Neville get detention?

2. Where did Harry, Hermione, Neville, and Malfoy go for detention?
3. What did Hagrid want them to find?
4. Who was drinking the unicorn’s blood?
Chapter 16

1. What did Hagrid say to do to calm Fluffy down?

2. After the children went through the trap door, what bound their legs?
3. What game did Harry, Hermione, and Ron have to play to get across the room?
Chapter 17

1. What man was trying to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone?

2. What had Professor Snape really been doing for Harry?
3. Who was under Professor Quirrell’s turban?
4. What dropped in Harry’s pocket as he looked in the magic mirror?
5. Who saved Harry from Voldemort and Professor Quirrell?