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North South University

Course No: MIS107 (Computer Information System)

Time: 30 Minutes Full Marks: 20
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Group A (MCQ/True/False) 1×14=14
Question No.1
_______ is the main software package that supports a database management approach.
(a) Database Management System                          (b) Database Maintenance System
(c) Database                                                                       (d) Data Warehouse
Question No.2
“An integrated collection of all of the data about customers’ is an example of ________.
(a) Character                      (b) Field                 (c) Database                        (d) File

Question No.3
“A customer’s name, addresses, and account balance” is an example of ________.
(a)  Character                      (b) Field                 (c) Record                            (d) File
Question No.4
_______________ are the databases that support the major business processes of an
(a)  Distributed                   (b) Operational                  (c) Hypermedia                  (d) Oracle
Question No.5
Today's business enterprises can survive and succeed without data about their internal operations and
external environment.                                                                   
(a) True                 (b) False
Question No.6
Objectives of CIM system are:

(a) Increase complexity, automate and better customer service (b) Increase complexity,
interconnectivity and better customer service (c) Simplify, automate and integrate (d) Simplify,
automate and better customer service
Question No.7
CRM part of the business helps in targeted marketing
(a)     True      (b) False
Question No.8
The information on purchasing items from a supplier goes into the Accounts Payable component
of Accounting Information Systems.
                             (a) True           (b) False

Question No.9
CRM is a component of 
(a) Accounting Information systems. (b) Human Resource Information System (c) Supply
Chain Management Systems.         (d) Marketing Information Systems
Question No. 10
The meaning of CAM is Computer Aiding Manufacturing
(a) True (b) False
Question No. 11
The use of a computer to control the actions of a machine is known as machine control
(a) True (b) False
Question No. 12
The meaning of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning.
(a) True (b) False.
Question No. 13
The meaning of MRP is Material Requirement Planning
(a) True (b) False
Question No. 14
EDI means electronic distributing processing
(a) True (b) False

Group B

Question No.15
If you are the head of human resource department of a business organization, how can HRIS
(Human Resource Information System) be helpful for your decision making?
Question No.16

If you are the financial manager of a business organization, how can financial information system be
helpful for your decision making?

Question No.17