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Staunton News Leader - 04/21/2020 Copy Reduced to 77% from original to fit letter page Page : B02


Below is a rerun of the Monday, April 20th Crossword puzzle.

5 Bilko’s rank
Today’s Crossword 6 Garland
7 Warren and
8 Modern-day
9 — chi ch’uan
10 Hikes
11 Nerve network
12 Poet’s black
13 Barbecue site
19 Claws or talons
21 Trifling amount
25 Collapsing
26 Nightclub
(2 wds.)
27 Rancher’s wear
28 Divvy up
29 Put into law
30 Corn crib
31 Whirls around
32 Steal the scene
33 Dangerous gas
35 Misery
39 Co.
40 Bullring hero
Mia Kivlighan takes part in the nightly howling session on Sherwood Avenue in
42 Kind of lily
44 Betrayers
46 Wyoming range
47 Slice of veal
Relief And it has been. For the past four
nights, he and about 25 of his neighbors
49 Bandleader
Count —
go out of their houses at 7 p.m. to howl. 50 Holland export
Continued from Page 1A Talley starts it off and it usually lasts a 51 Feel warmly
few minutes. toward
lighan. Wednesday night’s howling session 52 Oodles (2 wds.)
Then, exactly at 7 p.m., the howling lasted 2 minutes, 40 seconds. 53 Lamp insert
1 Orange peel 41 Plastic used in 1 Holds up the
began. “I get it started and people get on 55 Winemaking
5 Blood, — and rainwear stage
“I think this is just a great neighbor- their porches to start howling,” he said. valley
tears 42 Automotive 2 Pancake
hood thing to do, a great release,” said “Everybody starts laughing and clap- 56 Tot of whiskey
10 Playing card purchase place
Faye Cooper. ping and then it’s all over.” 57 Dog complaint
14 Toledo locale 43 In nothing flat 3 Ms. Foch
“And it’s goofy,” added her husband, It’s cathartic, Geren said. After the 59 All — —
15 Persona non — 45 Firming up 4 Mushers’
Peter Cooper. nightly howl she comes inside and im- 16 “Fancy” singer 47 Make rough vehicles
60 Cen. fractions
They’re calling it the Sherwood Ave- mediate feels better. 17 Bell sound 48 Quiche base
nue Pack. “It’s fun,” she said. “I feel better. I 18 Schwarzenegger 49 Flat-topped hill
“You shed your adult inhibitions and know a lot of people who could benefit role 50 Gladden
you pretend to be a wolf or dog or some- from a group howl.” 20 Muscle cramp 53 Dracula,
thing,” Geren said. The neighbors are even starting to 22 Hirt and Pacino at times
23 Change a bill 54 Orphan Annie’s Previous Puzzle Solved
Geren has been living on Sherwood rate each others’ howls. Geren doesn’t
for seven years and she lucked into the know where she stands just yet. But, 24 Hitchhikers’ pooch
needs 58 In a mournful
neighborhood. she and Talley hope that other neigh-
26 With-it manner
The Sherwood Avenue neighborhood borhoods start in on the howls.
27 Jungle cat 61 Challenge
is the perfect place to do such a crazy “Could you imagine all of Staunton 30 Pillow 62 Bard’s river
thing, Talley said. Neighbors are visiting doing this?” Geren said. 34 Bach 63 Airlines patron
one another — at least 10 feet apart — Talley also joined the Facebook group contemporary 64 Fiery gem
and kids are running around. The neigh- called “Go Howl at 8 p.m.,” which has 35 Repartee pros 65 Onetime Shea
borhood is thriving during this. People over 500,000 members and was started 36 Ms. Thurman team
are waving from their porches, hanging March 27. The group has members from 37 Sorrowful wail 66 Helps a hoodlum
outside, walking, talking and more. But, all over the country posting about their 38 Lake birds 67 Stadium walkway
Talley prefaces this, they are all main- neighborhood howls. The origins of the
taining proper social distance. nightly howl ritual are said to have start-
“It’s like it was in the 1960s and 1970s ed in Colorado, then it went viral. Talley posted on the SAW Mutual Aid Talley said of the neighborhood. “It’s a
when I grew up around here,” he said. “We do our howlings at 7 p.m. to ac- Infrastructure Facebook group to get little bit of a community.”
“The neighborhoods are kind of vibrant commodate Sherwood’s children,” Tal- more people involved in the nightly Reporter Patrick Hite contributed to
places now, and at least ours is ...” he ley said. “They are the best howlers. howls. this story.
said. “There’s a vigor there that I haven’t They go at it with glee and enthusiasm. But the Sherwood Avenue neighbor- Have a news tip?
seen for a long time. So I just got in my My friends on Sherwood are really en- hood is embracing the howls. It allows You can reach reporter Laura Peters
mind, since I don’t mind making a fool of joying this simple expression of unity them to be together while being apart. at Follow her
myself, that this howling thing might be and happiness, despite the horrid situa- “Most people know one another and @peterslaura.
fun.” tion in which we find ourselves.” we make an effort to help one another,”

Payment new applications for the Paycheck Pro-

tection Program based on available ap-
The SBA reports that banks across
Virginia have processed 26,880 applica-
than 500 per location
❚ Sole proprietors, independent con-
propriations funding, according to its tions totaling more than $6.6 billion as tractors and self-employed persons
Continued from Page 1A website. Applicants who have already of April 13, according to release from the The Economic Injury Disaster Loan
submitted their applications will con- Virginia Bankers Association. hasn’t been depleted yet, according to
propriated. tinue to be processed on a first-come, “The high demand we have seen un- Debbie Irwin, executive director of the
“Most of our processed loans have ei- first-served basis, the website said. derscores the need for hardworking Staunton Creative Community Fund.
ther closed or are in line to close under “In less than 14 days, the SBA has Americans to have access to relief as That loan allows for an advance of up to
original� $349
Stauntonhe said.
News “We 04/21/2020
Leader processed more than 14 years’ worth of soon as possible,” the statement said. $10,000 and provides economic relief to
had a few
April that 12:44
21, 2020 camepmin(GMT
the SBA loans,” a joint release from U.S. Secre- “We want every eligible small business businesses that are by
Powered currently
Portal shut down.” tary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and to participate and get the resources they encing a temporary loss of revenue.
Now, he and many other banks, have SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza. need.” The SBA is currently unable to accept