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Individual Sketchboards | Andrea Ausmus

Individual Sketchboards | Andrea Ausmus

Individual Sketchboards | Andrea Ausmus

Individual Sketchboards | Andrea Ausmus

The strengths of this redesign are:

• Scope
• Open-ended
• Connectivity
• Social
• Mindful

Scope – The scope is not based on the ability to reach only one user group. This is a tool that anyone including those that are food secure would
feel appropriate using.

Open-Ended – The tool does not have to stay with the options that are initially provided. As it is it’s own entity it can grow and add on sections
like a nutritionist blog, requests for donations (for the website or individual banks across the nation), recipes, budget assistance, etc. Nothing is
set in stone with the exception that this is a tool to help college students provide a stable home for themselves and their families.

Connectivity – by using tools already used by ASU to connect to the website more students would be able to access it. This includes class
syllabuses, emails from the school, health services, Sun Devil Dining, etc. The idea is that this website would be a place that students feel safe to
access like the Library OneSearch, or the course catalogue. Beyond the connection to the webpage by including contact information for the
different useful services students will not have to search for the information on outside sources encouraging more stay time on the site.

Social – Most of the user research mention the “shame” of asking for assistance. Through the forums and anonymous postings, the site hopefully
will be able to release some of the stigma of requesting help if the users realize they are not alone. The goal of the social interaction will be a
coming together of ideas on how to make paychecks stretch, great budget recipes, and other solutions for those that are on a tight budget.
Beyond that though there will be the option for the users to commiserate and relate issues at work, home, and school. The hope is that it
promotes a “We are not alone” feeling.

Mindful – In all of the tools and extensions the success will only be found if we are able to help a user. In the user research there was many times
that fear was mentioned. Fear of letting others know that they need help, fear of the unknown, and so on. As a product it is necessary that we
are mindful of these issues and provide the information with out judgement and especially without any tracking. The user will have to put out
some work to request help from some sources but as long as there is no reason to fear retaliation they should be able to fearlessly. This is also
why there should be discount options available through ASU partnerships, like home chef. This will allow those that still feel ashamed of their
situation an option that helps relieve them of some of the budgetary stress.