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4 Grammar Worksheet 1

The future with will

1. Match the questions with the answers. 3. Look at the underlined words. Write the
1. How will you get to school? f questions.
2. Will your mom cook dinner? 1.  How will you get to the game?
3. What will John wear tonight? I’ll get to the game by taxi.

4. Will the children get up early? 2. ?

5. When will the game start? I’ll meet Rebecca there.

6. Who will be team captain? 3. ?

7. Will you go to the movies this weekend? We’ll meet at 1:30.

8. Where will we meet? 4. ?

We’ll have lunch in the café.
a. At 10:30.
5. ?
b. At the sports ground.
We’ll eat pizza.
c. No, she won’t.
6. ?
d. Yes, they will.
We’ll go home by bus.
e. Stephanie.
7. ?
f. I’ll walk.
We’ll have dinner at my house.
g. Yes, I will.
8. ?
h. Jeans and a T-shirt.
We’ll go out again at eight o’clock.
2. Write questions and short answers.
1. your parents / go out tonight? (No)
 Will your parents go out tonight?
 No, they won’t.
2. you / do your homework tomorrow? (Yes)

3. I / see you again? (No)

4. Dan / try harder next time? (Yes)

5. we / go to the mall on Saturday? (No)

6. Molly / come to our party? (Yes)

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