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Jurnal katalis logam terimpregnasi pada zeolit, clay, karbon, MCM-41, dan gamma-alumina

1. Glucose isomerisation into fructose over magnesium-impregnated NaY zeolite catalysts
2. Partial Hydrogenation of Jatropha Oil Biodiesel Catalyzed by Nickel/ Bentonite Catalyst
3. Hydrothermal gasification of poplar wood chips with alkali, mineral, and metal impregnated
activated carbon catalysts
4. Preparation of MCM-41-supported Pd–Pt catalysts with enhanced activity and sulfur resistance
for partial hydrogenation of soybean oil-derived biodiesel fuel
5. Catalytic reduction of nitro-phenolic compounds over Ag, Ni and Co nanoparticles catalysts
supported on γ-Al2O3

1. Ni/zeolite X derived from fly ash as catalysts for CO2 methanation
2. Preparation and characterization of Ni catalysts supported on pillared nanoporous bentonite
powders for dry reforming reaction
3. Biodiesel production through transesterification of a mixture of non-edible oils over lithium
supported on activated carbon derived from scrap tires
4. Selective oxidation of ethanol on V-MCM-41 catalysts
5. The effect of metal loading over Ni/γ-Al2O3 and Mo/γ-Al2O3 catalysts on reaction routes of
hydrodeoxygenation of rubber seed oil for green diesel production

1. Desilicated NaY zeolites impregnated with magnesium as catalysts for glucose isomerisation into
2. Co(II) impregnated Al(III)- pillared montmorillonite– Synthesis, characterization and catalytic
properties in Oxone® activation for dye degradation
3. A hierarchical porous Fe-N impregnated carbon-graphene hybrid for highperformance oxygen
reduction reaction
4. Effect of La-Fe/Si-MCM-41 catalysts and CaO additive on catalytic cracking of soybean oil for
biofuel with low aromatics
5. Parameters controlling the scale- up of CoMoP/γ-Al2O3 and NiMoP/γ-Al2O3 catalysts for the
hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking of heavy gasoil

1. Effect of dealumination on the catalytic performance of Cr-containing Beta zeolite in carbon
dioxide assisted propane dehydrogenation (Michorczyk, P. et al, 2020)
2. Montmorillonite-catalyzed conversions of carbon dioxide to formic acid: Active site, competitive
mechanisms, influence factors and origin of high catalytic efficiency (Yang, G., and Zhou, L., 2020)
3. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performances of activated carbon-doped transition
metals during biofuel production from waste cooking oils (Sadeek, S.A. et al, 2020)
4. Sono-enhanced dispersion of CaO over Zr-Doped MCM-41 bifunctional nanocatalyst with various
Si/Zr ratios for conversion of waste cooking oil to biodiesel (Dehghani, S., and Haghighi, M., 2020)
5. Chromium-Ruthenium Oxides Supported on Gamma-Alumina as an Alternative Catalyst for Partial
Combustion of Methane (Chomboon, T. et al, 2019)
1. Catalytic hydroconversion of soluble portion in the extraction from Hecaogou subbituminous coal
to clean liquid fuel over a Y/ZSM-5 composite zeolite-supported nickel catalyst
2. Synthesis of bentonite-based nickel catalyst using [Ni(NH 3 ) 6 ](NO 3 ) 2 as precursor for
enhanced hydrogenation of biodiesel
3. Efficient removal and recovery of copper by liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation using highly
active and stable carbon-coated Pt catalyst supported on carbon nanotube
4. Catalytic performance and debromination of Fe-Ni bimetallic MCM-41 catalyst for the two-stage
pyrolysis of waste computer casing plastic
5. Green diesel production via continuous hydrotreatment of triglycerides over mesostructured γ-
alumina supported NiMo/CoMo catalysts

1. Aromatic Fuel Oils Produced from the pyroliss-catalysis of polyethylene plastic with metal-
impregnated zeolite catalyst (2019)
2. Sustainable Production of Bioenergy From Novel non-edible seed oil (Prunus cerasoides) using
bimetallic impregnated monmorillonite clay catalyst (2019)
3. Actvated carbon surface chemistry: Changes upon impregnation with Al (III), Fe (III) and Zn (II)-
metal oxide catalyst precursor from No3-aqueous solution
4. Selective oxidation of CO in the presence of propylene over Ag/MCM-41 catalyst (2019)
5. Efficient catalyst recovery system based on Pd-Coated alumina particles (2018)

1. Effect of Fe-Mo promoters on HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst for 1-hexene aromatization (Kostyniuk,A.,
Key,D. and Mdleleni, M., 2019).
2. Chrome impregnated on Bentonite (Cr-Bentonite) as Hydrocracking catalyst of used cooking oil
(Mandey,et al., 2016).
3. Low temperature reduction of NO by activated carbons impregnated with Fe based catalysts (Li,
et al., 2019).
4. Catalytic performances of Ni and Cu impregnated MCM-41 and Zr-MCM-41 for hydrogen
production through steam reforming of acetic acid (Cakiryilmaz,et al., 2019).
5. Effect of Ɣ-Al2O3 characteristics on hydrogen production of Cu/Ɣ-Al2O3 catalyst for steam
reforming of dimethyl ether (Kim,et al., 2020).