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Year of saying ‘Your’ 26-05-2013

Week dedicated to Murli

Self Respect: I am the real Lover (Gopi) of the Beloved (Gopiballav).

It is sung in the scriptures that Gopis used to forget everything else on listening to the tune of the Flute
(Murli) and used to go to listen to it from the Beloved by abandoning all other work. On listening to
the tune of the flute they used to forget their body consciousness and used to swing in the swing of
Super-sensuous joy and used to start dancing. Those Gopis described in the scriptures are none but us.
Yoga Practice:
 On the path of Devotion, the devotees who always keep hearing the Divine music in their ears are
considered as Great Devotees. Let in our ears too the lovely versions of Murli keep resounding
throughout the day and we Gopis keep swinging in Super Sensual joy by churning Godly versions.
 “I am Godly Student… GOD Himself descends from the Supreme Abode to teach me. I am such a
fortunate one who is being taught by GOD Himself. Wah me… Wah my elevated fortune… ”.
Listen to the Murli while being in this intoxication and retain this stage throughout the day.
 Right before Murli class invoke Baba the narrator of Murli with lot of love. Emerge Him in front of
you while listening to the Murli. Once the Murli gets over, “Thank” Him from heart and bid “Good
Point of Inculcation: Daily listening and reading Murli
- “Those who miss Murli should realize that they can never be the Master of three thrones. Their
Mastery on 2 thrones also will be number wise. That is why Murli is essential. Murli has directions
for daily life. It has Godly direction on all the four subjects. You must take the daily directions…
isn’t it? Hence those who are missing the Murli classes must ensure listening to it by any means”.
- “What you listen in the daily Murli is your daily Homework. Read the Murli and you will know what
to do at what situation” – Narrator of Murli
Point of Churning:
- What are the benefits of listening to Murli / Write 108 benefits of listening to Murli.
- How to make Murli more interesting for yourself? How to maximize your benefit from Murli?
- What are the differences between listening to the Murli at the Center and reading it yourself at
home? Which one is more elevated?
- How to extract Homework from daily Murli and make it practical?
For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, dearest Baba said, “When the children immediately bring into action
whatever Baba says in the daily Murli, such children are called ‘Long Lost Now Found Children,
Obedient Children’. Daily Murli consists of Homework in all the four subjects. The Homework has
instructions on your desirable thoughts, words, actions and divine qualities. When you are busy in
doing the Homework, then there is no time and space for waste”. Hence, let us take at least one
Homework from daily Murli, implement it throughout the day, practice it, experience it and inculcate
in life.